Surrealism was a movement in the the art scene, founded by André Breton, a French writer and communist, used in research on trauma based mind control, who published the Surrealist Manifesto in 1924, based on the psychoanalist theories of Freud and Marx, 4 days after the Bureau of Surrealist Research of Antonin Artaud. Like modern advertising it was a first step in programming and controlling the subconscious. They were closely associated with Dadaism (Tristan Tzara, Paul Klee, Francis Picabia, linked to OTO center Monte Verità in Switzerland), aimed at breakdown of society.

Breton  studied medicine and during the WW1 ritual he worked at a neurological ward in Nantes and under Joseph Babinski, a student of JM Charcot who also trained Sigmund Freud, Alfred Binet and William James, at La Pitié in Paris, near La Salpêtrière. Charcot did research on hypnosis and developed the automatic writing technique.

Breton led the group of surrealists Louis Aragon, Paul Eluard (partner of Gala, later partner of Dali), Robert Desnos (automatic writing), Jacques-André Boffard (also worked at a hospital), Man Ray,.. He published Litterature in 1919 with Louis Aragon (Dadaism, Communist Party) and Philip Soupault.

Artaud influenced Salvador Dali (Un Chien Andolou with Luis Bunuel, famous scene with cutting of an eye). Like JM Charcot he was a member of the Legion of Honour.

Dali's patron was Edward James (Forbes, educated at Le Rosey), who had mason Eward VII Saxe-Coburg as godfather, and also financed Kurt Weill (friend of Elia Kazan CCF), Picasso, Magritte and Bertolt Brecht (schooled in marxism by Karl Krosch of the Fabian Society and Frankfurt School). He funded surrealist magazine Minotaure and collaborated with Dali on the Mae West lips sofa.

Louis Aragon published in Horizon of MI6 agent Stephen Spender. In 1977 he pushed the pedophilia agenda with JP Sartre, Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, Jean-François Lyotard, Gilles Deleuze, Roland Barthes, with a petition to decriminalize underage sexual relationships

The madness theme was used to create a cult of Dionysus in Paris. Surrealism was aimed at uniting the Freudian Pleasure Principle and Reality Principle in one superreality, the Surreal.

William James (TS, SPR), fellow student of Babinski, trained Gertrude Stein, patron of Pablo Picasso.

The surrealists worked with Georges Bataille (secret society Acéphale with André Masson) and considered Marquis de Sade, Lewis Carroll (SPR, Alice in Wonderland) and Arthur Rimbaud as surrealists.

They published La Révolution Surréaliste which glorified death, murder, suicide and violence and attacked Christianity (death of God, announced by Nietzsche).

In 1934 Breton married Jacqueline Lamba, a friend of Dora Maar (partner of Pablo Picasso) and Frida Kahlo, with Peggy Guggenheim as patron. She later married David Hare of surrealist magazine VVV (vav: 6, 666).

In 1938 Breton organized an exhibition with Marcel Duchamp and Salvador Dali and in 1942 an exhibition at Yale University (S&B), founded by the Russells. In Mexico he met communist Leon Trotsky. He organized the first exhibitions of Frida Kahlo in NY and Paris.

The London International Surrealist Exhibition was organized by Herbert Read (Eranos) and Roland Penrose (brother of psychoanalist eugenicist Lionel Penrose, cousin of Roger Penrose).

In NY Breton was a friend of Claude Lévi-Strauss (structuralism) and organized an exhibition of Frida Kahlo. In Haiti, he promoted Vodou.

Breton, Claude Lévi-Strauss, André Masson, Marcel Duchamps, Jacqueline Lamba, Benjamin Péret, Jacques Hérold were all transferred to Varian Fry's Emergency Rescue Committee.

In the 60's  Breton became a member of the New Left (the Left Wing Church) in France with jesuit JP Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.

RCA Victor released the Jefferson Airplane (Haight-Ashbury) album Surrealistic Pillow (single White Rabbit =Alice in Wonderland mind control).

Philippe de Rothschild organized surrealist theme parties with Dali.

Surrealist Jacques Prévert supported Angela Davis (Black Panther Party, student of Herbert Marcuse). His poems were used by Joan Baez (Greenwich Village, Civil Rights Movement).

Stephen Fry played Breton in Surrealismo: the Trial of Salvador Dali.

Federico Fellini introduced surrealism in Italian cinema.

David Lynch introduced surrealism in Hollywood cinema.


- Alberto Giacometti

- André Breton

- Benjamin Péret

- David Gascoygne (Cecil)

- Girgio De Chirico

- Guillaume Apollinaire

- Hans Bellmer

- Jacques Hérold

- Jacques Prévert

- Julian Trevelyan (experiments with mescaline, married to Ursula Darwin)

- Louis Aragon

- Man Ray (friend of Florence Meyer, sister of Katharine Graham, daughter of Eugene Meyer of World Bank)

- Paul Elouard

- René Crevel (Dadaism with Tristan Tzara, visited Magnus Hirschfeld's Institute for Sexual Science)

- René Magritte

- Robert Desnos (Auschwitz, Theresienstadt)

- Roberto Matta

- Salvador Dali

- Unica Zürn (nazi propaganda UFA, treated at St Anne Hospital of Jacques Lacan)

André Breton

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