Sublimo Syncro Sphere


Sublimo Syncro Sphere was a blog about esoteric (masonic and Kabbalistic) movie symbolism with a focus on the work of David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick made by a British man with pseudonym Horselover Phat (reference to Philip K Dick).

Unfortunately he quit blogging in 2021 out of disillusion and his blog was deleted in 2022 (by himself or censored by Blogger of Google). To honour his often brilliant work and years of effort, most of it is uploaded here. Basic knowledge of Kabbalism and Tarot is convenient to understand all this.

2012 2001-2010 Contact - CERN

2012 Mulholland Drive

2013 Videodrome

2014 True Detective Matthew McConaughey Keanu Reeves

2015 Charlie Hebdo hoax

2016 Bowie From Malkuth to Kether

2017 Rendezvous with Oumuamua