The Stuart/Stewart family is a Scottish elite family of Catholics that ruled Scotland, Ireland and Britain and played an important role in the history of freemasonry by creating the Scottish Rite. Walter FitzAllen (lion symbol) was given the title Stewart of Scotland under David I. They ruled Scotland with Robert II, Robert III, James I, James II, James III, James IV, Mary. Rosicrucian John Dee orchestrated the alchemical wedding of Bohemian king Frederick V Brunswick-Luneberg and Elizabeth Stewart, to lead the protestants in the Thirty Years' War.

Like the House of Bruce, they claim decsent of Scotta, the daughter of Akhenaten (Moses in Judaism).

They spread Scottish rite masonry with Temple of Solomon symbolism. They founded the Royal African Company (Atlantic slave trade) and the Royal Society

In 1636 the Sinclair -Stuarts were exiled from Britain to France where they were joined by Scottish nobility, to organize restoration of their power under Charles II, under the cover of masonic lodges. The killing of Hiram Abiff symbolism was used by the friends of Charles I to avenge his death and set his son upon the throne.

From 1650 they participated in the Atlantic slave trade and hepled establishing English colonies Plymouth, Virginia, Carolina, Maryland and Massachussets.

In 1745 they organized the Jacobite Rising (White Rose symbol) to restore the power of the Stuarts. There is a monument to the Stuarts in the St Peter's Basilica in Rome.

- James I  was assassinated in 1437.

- James II became King of Scotland at age 6.

- James III worked with freemason Robert Cochrane.

- James V married Marie of Guise-Lorraine, daughter of Antoinette de Bourbon.

- their child Mary Queen of Scots married Francis II of France (House of Valois, son of Catherine de Medici) during the start of the French religious wars between Catholics and Huguenots. Her second husband was Henry Stuart who was murdered in 1567. William Blackadder was hanged and quartered as suspect. She later married James Hepburn, also accused of the murder.
In 1586 she was decapitated for plotting (the Babington plot of the jesuits) against Elizabeth I. The Tudor family was replaced with the House of Stuart and Orange Nassau.

- James VI, son of Mary Queen of Scots, was King of Scotland from 1567 and King of England as James I from 1603. He married Anne of Denmark (House of Oldenburg). The jesuits conspired against him during the Gunpowder plot with Guy Fawkes (inspiration for V for Vendetta and mask of Anonymous). During his reign operative masonry became speculative masonry and Ben Johnson, William Shakespeare, John Donne and Francis Bacon wrote their most important works. He ordered Bacon to translate the Bible into English. George Villiers was his Cup-bearer. In 1597 he wrote the book Daemonologie.

His daughter Elizabeth Stuart married Frederick V of the Bohemian Brunswick-Luneberg bloodline, as a rosicrucian alchemical marriage (supported by the jewish Rosenbergs) on 2/14 (Valentine's day, Valentinus prophecy of gnostic christ). Other candidates for marriage were Gustav of Sweden and Philip III Habsburg of Spain.

Frederick V was the child of Juliana of Orange-Nassau, grandchild of Charlotte Bourbon (Farnese family who founded the jesuits), and descendant of Stephen Simmer-Zweibrucken (House of Wittelsbach). It symbolized a rosicrucian alchemical wedding of Lucifer/Satan and Christ to produce a Magical Christ-like child that would usher in the new Aeon.

After Frederick's death, Elizabeth moved to the Hague, on invitation of the House of Orange and was in contact with the Sabbataen jews of Holland. Their son Edward married Anne Gonzoga.

Their daughter Sophia (goddess in gnosticism, philo-sophia, philosopher's stone) married Ernest Augustus Brunswick-Lüneburg. She was a friend of Wilhelm Leibniz. She ordered the construction of the Herrenhausen Gardens in Hanover, similar to gardens of Versailles of Louis XIV. Their children became the House of Hanover (George I, George II, George III). George became King of England after Anne Stuart died. Sophie Charlotte of Hanover married Frederick I Hohenzollern Duke of Prussia.

- Charles I visited Spain to negotiate a wedding with Maria Anna Habsburg and eventually married Henrietta Maria Bourbon of France. He was beheaded in 1649 (John the Baptist symbolism).

- Charles II was a member of the Order of Garter. He was defeated by Oliver Cromwell and fled to France. His mistress was Barbara Villiers-Palmer. He worked with Jacob Juda Leon Templo of the Sabbatean movement. In 1660 he became King of England and founded the Royal Society with Robert Boyle, Robert Moray, Elias Ashmole ,.. He married Catherine of Braganza (Portugal). Titus Oates spread rumors of a Catholic plot against Charles.

- James Francis Stuart (the Old Pretender) married Maria Sobieski.

- Bonnie Prince Charlie was related to Jacob Frank through the Sobieski family. He was tutored by mason Michael Ramsay, who works with Philippe d'Orléans and John T Desaguliers.

- Rupert of the Rine (Stuart) conquered Canada and the northern US to found the New Atlantis, as announced by Francis Bacon.

- James II posed for a portrait in the Hermetic pose As Above So Below. The city New York was named after him because he was the Duke of York (masonic York Rite). He was defeated by William III of Orange (Battle of the Boyne, Glorious Revolution).

- Mary II married William III of Orange.

- Anne married George of Denmark (Oldenburg) but died childless. She introducing the two-party political system (left wing-right wing puppet show). She was succeeded by George I.

- John Stuart was associated with Frederick North (Lord North), pm of the UK from 1770 to 1782 under king George III and Lord Dartmouth (founder of Dartmouth College).

- Diana Spencer married prince Charles and gave birth to William V. Charles later married Camilla Parker, also a descendant of the Stewarts and Bourbons.

- Kirsten Stewart is used in the Hollywood film industry. She played Diana Spencer and in the Twilight franchise with Robert Pattinson (related to King Charles).

- Patrick Stewart played in Star Trek and X-men and is used to push the gay agenda.

- Ian Stuart Whyte played in Prometheus (2012).

- Mel Stuart directed the pedophile movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (cc=33=sodomy).

- Franz Duke of Bavaria of House of Wittelsbach is a Knight of Malta and member of the Order of the Golden Fleece.

- Leelee Sobieski played in Eyes Wide Shut.

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