Sting (Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner) is a British mind controlled singer, used in the media and the music industry, as singer of The Police from 1977 to 1984. He played in Dune of David Lynch with Kyle MacLachlan. His wife Trudie Styler was trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and is a patron of the Elton John AIDS Foundation. He is signed to CAA.

He was the executive producer of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels of Guy Ritchie, Moon of Duncan Jones (son of David Bowie) and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints with Robert Downey Jr, Rosario Dawson and Eric Roberts.

Stewart Copeland, drummer of The Police, was the son of CIA agent Miles Axe Copeland Jr, involved in coup d'etats in Syria and Iran. Their manager Miles Copeland III worked with R.E.M., Dead Kennedys, The Go-Go's and the brother of Sacha Baron Cohen.

He participated in the Do They Know It's Christmas? publicity stunt with Phil Collins, Bob Geldof, Boy George, Marilyn (transgender agenda), George Michael (gay agenda), Bono and Duran Duran.

He was present at the funeral of Gianni Versace with Diana Spencer and Elton John and at Diana's funeral.

He was the first artist to perform at the Bataclan Club in Paris after the Isis psyop with the Eagles of Death Metal.

Astrological chart

born 10/2/1951, date of Jack Parsons, Mahatma Gandhi.

Asc: Leo, mc: Aries. Dom: Libra (Adjustment), Leo, Aries - Neptune, Sun, Jupiter.

Houses 3, 4, 2. 3: Sun and Saturn in Libra, 4: Neptune and Moon in Libra, 2: Mars in Leo, Venus in Virgo.

Discography and Filmography

1978 Outlandos d'Amour (The Police) A&M Records single Roxanne
1979 Reggata de Blanc single Message in a Bottle
1979 Quadrophenia (album of The Who)
1979 Radio On Devo Kraftwerk
1980 Zenyatta Mondatta (one eye pyramid)
1980 The Great Rock and Roll Swindle Sid Vicious
1981 Ghost in the Machine
1981 Artemis 81 BBC Daniel Day-Lewis
1983 Synchronicity single Every Breath You Take
1984 Dune David Lynch Kyle MacLachlan desert of Parsons' Babalon Workings
1985 The Dream of the Blue Turtles
1985 The Bride Quentin Crisp (gay-transgender agenda) Clancy Brown Verushka von Lehndorff (Swinging London)
1985 Plenty Meryl Streep Ian McKellen Sam Neill
1987...Nothing Like the Sun
1987 Julia and Julia Kathleen Turner Gabriel Byrne
1988 The Adventures of Baron Munchausen Terry Gilliam Robin Williams Uma Thurman
1991 The Soul Cages
1993 Ten Summoner's Tales
1995 The Living Sea Narrator Documentary Meryl Streep
1995 The Grotesque Alan Bates Theresa Russell Lena Heady Trudie Styler
1996 Mercury Falling (one eye)
1998 Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Guy Ritchie Vinnie Jones
1999 Brand New Day
2003 Sacred Love
2006 Songs from the Labyrinth
2007 Bee Movie Oprah Winfrey Ray Liotta Larry King Jerry Seinfeld Chris Rock
2009 If on a Winter's Night...
2009 Brüno (gay agenda) Sacha Baron Cohen Bono
2009 The Musical Brain Daniel Levitin (McGill University, Grateful Dead)
2010 Symphonicities
2013 The Last Ship
2016 57th & 9th
2016 Zoolander 2 Ben Stiller Will Ferrell
2018 44/876 (with Shaggy)
2019 My Songs
2020 Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics Asap Rocky Carrie Fisher Ben Stiller Deepak Chopra Zach Leary (son of jesuit Timothy Leary) jesuit Nick Kroll
2021 Only Murders in the Building Hulu Disney Selena Gomez Cara Delevingne
2021 The Bridge

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