Stewart Swerdlow

Stewart Swerdlow is a controlled opposition disinfo agent used in the CIA psyop Project Montauk, about a fictional government project that supposedly took place from 1977 to 1980 in Camp Hero on Long Island NY to spread disinfo about mind control, dimensional portals and extraterrestials (reptilians and greys). It was spread through Youtube disinfo with agents Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron (like Marjorie Cameron and Ewen Cameron), Peter Moon and David Wilcock.

He claimed his great-uncle was Yakov Swerdlow (jewish communist of Vladimir Lenin's Bolshevik Party), first president of the Soviet Union. He claimed he was blind for 29 years.

He was used in the Free Your Mind conferences and worked with Coast to Coast, Project Camelot, Bases Project, Jeff Berwick (Anarchopulco), Richie Allen (David Icke), Ufology World Congress, Red Ice Creations, Freeman Fly, Michael Salla and Max Spears (Project Camelot).

In 2002 he wrote Blue Blood, True Blood, in which he claimed Sean Connery, JFK Jr, Henry Kissinger took part in child sacrifice rituals at Montauk.

He wrote Montauk the Alien Connection (with Monarch butterfly cover), the White Owl Legends: an Archetypal Story of Creation, The True Reality of Sexuality.

In 2015 he participated in The Montauk Chronicles of Christopher Garetano with a poster of a Grey making the sign of silence (sign of Horus). It was promoted by the Philip K Dick Film Festival and Coast to Coast.

Stranger Things, based on Montauk Project featured Russian communists.

His wife Janet Diane claims to be a descendant of Mary Magdalene (Holy Grail Stuart bloodline).

Project Montauk

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