Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is a jewish mind controlled movie director of the Saturn cult, used in the Holywood film industry, to make blockbusters with children as the child Horus of the Aeon of Horus. He promoted political puppets Bill and Hilary Clinton (the Left Wing Church). He was married to actress Amy Irving (Carrie of Brian Da Palma, Deconstructing Harry of Woody Allen, Hide and Seek with Robert de Niro). He is now married to actress Kate Capshaw (William and Kate).

His father Arnold Spielberg was an engineer for General Electric and of Ukrainian descent. His stepdaughter Jessica Capshaw (8/9 like Sharon Tate murders) played in Grey's Anatomy.

He is a member of Theta Chi like Rob Corddry, Lee Iacocca, Lee Bollinger (Columbia University), Crawford Greenewald (CEO of Dupont), Grenville Dodge,..

He lived in Laurel Canyon like Charles Manson and all other CIA assets of the 60's and in jewish elite neighborhood Pacific Palisades in LA like Dan Aykroyd, JJ Abrams, Ben Affleck, Mel Blanc, Kobe Bryant, Tommy Chong, Matt Damon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sidney Pollack, Buckminster Fuller, Nanette Fabray, Lion Feuchtwanger, John Goodman, Steve Guttenberg, Emile Hirsch, Anthony Hopkins, Thomas Mann, Max Horkheimer, Oskar Homolka, Kate Hudson, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, Shelley Long (The Brady Bunch), Poppy Montgomery, Patrick McGoohan, Matthew Perry (Friends), Alexandra Paul (Baywatch), Joan Rivers, Ronald Reagan, Kurt Russell, Bob Saget, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hilary SwankJill St John, Dennis Wilson (The Beach Boys), Evan Spiegel (Snap Inc), Chris O'Donell, Conan O'Brien, Walter Matthau, Leslie Mann, Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, Brad Grey, Geena Davis, Chevy Chase,..

His career was launched by Richard Zanuck (Stanford), the son of Daryl Zanuck of 20th Century Fox.

He founded DreamWorks Pictures on 10/12/1994, bday of Aleister Crowley (novel Moonchild) with David Geffen (Geffen Records) and Jeffrey Katzenberg (Disney).

He worked with Robert Zemeckis.


Astrological chart

born 12/18/1946, date of Brad Pitt, Christina Aguilera, Katie Holmes, Keith Richards, Billie Eilish, Joseph Stalin, Sagittarius (Art), year of Jack Parsons' Babalon Workings, month before Elizabeth Short Black Dahlia ritual, in Phoenix Arizona 33d parallel.

Asc: Cancer mc: Pisces. Dom: water sign Cancer (the Chariot queen of cups), Scorpio (death, secrets, mystery), Sagittarius (art)- Moon (DreamWorks), Neptune (sea, dreams), Mars (war, the child).

5, 6, 2. 2: Saturn and Pluto in Leo, 5: Jupiter, Moon, Venus in Scorpio (moon in scorpio=the moon), 6: Mars in Capricorn. 4: Nept in Libra. Uranus in Gemini.


1968 Amblin (Mojave desert of Parsons Babalon Workings, born in 1946 year of Babalon Workings, book Arthur C Clarke)
1974 The Sugarland Express (cuffs Sherlock jr, Goldie Hawn) teddy bear symbol
1975 Jaws first Hollywood summer blockbuster of Universal Pictures, filmed at Martha's Vineyard connected to the Kennedys, Roy Scheider Robert Shaw Richard Dreyfuss.
1977 Close Encounters of the Third Kind, grail cup, Grey alien as Christ figure, Richard Dreyfuss Francois Truffaut character based on Jacques Vallée (Jack Parsons Death Valley).

1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark Harrison Ford (cancer-mercury), names Diana and grandson Harrison, produced by George Lucas
1982 E.T. (a term coined by Sprague de Camp of Robert Heinlein's Mañana Society, year moon goddes Diana Spencer gives birth to Moonchild William V) touch finger like Michelangelo painting in Rosemary's Baby, room 666

Drew Barrymore Dee Wallace Henry Thomas Erika Eleniak later used in Baywatch and Playboy (cancer rules breasts) Peter Coyote Universal Pictures
1984 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (sacrifice to Kali) Harrison Ford Kate (=Catherine) Capshaw, Philip Stone (the Shining)
1985 The Color Purple =dissociation Alice in Wonderland, book of Alice Walker (AKA, the Feminist Church) scorpio Whoopi Goldberg as Celie Harris (Harry's mother Diana) Oprah Winfrey (Harpo)
1985 The Goonies (writer) Sean Astin Richard Donner
1987 Empire of the Sun, young Christian Bale (related to feminist Gloria Steinem) Pearl Harbour, separated from parents, Mars= war, cameo JG Ballard (crash), Joe Pantoliano Ben Stiller Miranda Jane Richardson (name the Tempest John Dee), nuclear bomb nagasaki aug 9
1989 Always (aries libra liber al) Richard Dreyfuss pilot, plane crash, John Goodman as Al, Holly Hunter (crash hh88) Audrey Hepburn neptune: illusionary world
1989 Indiana jones and the Last Crusade (Holy Grail bloodline of Diana) Harrison Ford River Phoenix, Sean Connery (both died 10/31)
1991 Hook (Hebrew letter vav: 6, nail, hook, Peter Pan programming) prod by Dodi Fayed lover of Diana, Robin Williams (leo -pluto, mercury the fool) Julia Roberts Dustin Hoffman Phil Collins Neverland=Wonderland, dissociative state, production designer Nathan Crowley (Aleister Crowley), produced by Diana's lover Dodi Fayed. Universal Pictures
1993 Jurassic Park (Lucifer forbidden knowledge, Rex=king sun antichrist the Beast; devil with reptilian eyes in Rosemarys baby) dreamworld, egg the lovers, Laura Dern Sam Neill (antichrist movie the Omen 3) Samuel Jackson Richard Attenborough Jeff Goldblum (Libra-saturn, Independence Day phallus baal) chaos theory, Nuit daughter of Chaos. filmed at Hawaii at 911, Ariana Richards born 911. sodomy ritual (Samuel Jackson 'hold on to your butts'). Universal Pictures
1993 Schindler's List, hand yod, Liam Neeson the hierophant, Ben Kingsley zionists, Ralph Fiennes as Amon (scorpio hidden past, lady in red)
1997 Jurassic Park the Lost World (lust the beast) Sam Neill Laura Dern Jeff Goldblum Samuel Jackson
1997 Amistad chain=mars Morgan Freeman Anthony Hopkins Djimon Hounsou (Caliban in The Tempest) Matthew McConaughey Pete Postlethwaite
1998 Saving Private Ryan, ram=ryan (the Omen) Matt Damon (scorpio-nept) Damien the shadow, Tom Hanks Barry Pepper Giovanni Ribisi
2001 AI (looking up virgo) script of Stanley Kubrick, clones gemini, Haley Joel Osment Jude Law Robin Williams as holographic Dr Know, based on Google and Albert Einstein (transhumanist agenda, robot programming)
2001 Minority Report Tom Cruise, Neptune omniscience, evolutionary destiny, Colin Farrell Max von Sydow Samantha Morton queen of cups Katrina superdome, story of Philip K Dick
2002 Catch Me If You Can (cc=33, Neptune illusion, hard to catch) arrow Sagitt scene at Alcatraz Island, Tom Hanks chases Shadow Leonardo di Caprio son of Christopher Walken Martin Sheen
2004 The Terminal Tom Hanks Catherina Zeta-Jones (Catherine Middleton) fool adjustment (Hanks 2nd dom mercury air travel) Stanley Tucci JFK airport written by Sasha Gervasi, married to Jessica Rothschild
2005 War of the Worlds (ww=33) mars=war HG Wells (Fabian Society, on the Sgt Pepper's cover) Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, Rosemary's nightmare at the Dakota hotel (psyop of Orson Welles and Hadley Cantril) David Harbour
2005 Munich (Mossad propaganda) Daniel Craig Eric Bana Ayelet Zurer Geoffrey Rush Matthieu Kassovitz Moritz Bleibtreu Lynn Cohen Tony Kushner
2008 Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull mannequin scene produced by George Lucas
2011 War Horse (mars- neptune horses)
2011 Super 8 JJ Abrams (worked with Meghan Markle in Fringe) movie in movie like The Tempest (Nept) Kyle Chandler Elle Fanning as Alice (Alice in Wonderland, Aurora in Maleficient, announcing the rebirth of the Joker, the phoenix in the Aurora James Holmes ritual)
2011 Tintin, the Fool, captain Haddock anchor Neptune Jamie Bell
2012 Lincoln macroprosopus Daniel Day-Lewis (taurus-neptune) as Abraham Lincoln Tommy Lee Jones Joseph Gordon-Levitt
2017 The Post Meryl Streep as Katharine Graham Washington Post Truman Capote ball (=The Tempest, Eyes Wide Shut) Tom Hanks (related to Abraham Lincoln) Watergate media ritual with Richard Nixon
2018 Ready Player One Olivia Cooke as Samantha Simon Pegg Mark Rylance Mckenna Grace


Mind control