Steve Jobs

Steven Paul Jobs was a mind controlled actor, trained to play a successfull, rich, genious entrepreneur and founder of Apple, to market military surveillance technology and Luciferian world religion of sodomy and surrender to A.I (apple of Lucifer who tempted Eve).

He played the role of the child Horus in the Aeon of Horus, like John Lennon and William V.

His father grew up in Homs Syria (Sirius) close to 33d parallel associated with fallen angel Lucifer and the pineal gland. He was educated at Homestead High School, connected to Silicon Valley. The media created a mythology of how Steve Jobs started Apple from his garage with his friend Steve Wozniak, in his house on Crist Drive (Christ) in Palo Alto California (house of the Simpsons).

He had a relationship with Joan Baez.

Like The Beatles he was an actor in the CIA controlled counterculture of the 60's, based on the mind control and drug research in the 50's. Like John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Charles Manson he promoted LSD and eastern spirituality (buddhism popularised by CIA agents like Alan Watts of the Esalen institute).

In 1976 on 4/1 he founded Apple. The 1st Apple computer was released on 4/11 (bday of Anton LaVey, 10 years after founding the Church of Satan, 6 days after death Howard Hughes).

His sister is Mona Simpson (alumni of Beverly Hills High School). She wrote Anything But Here (movie with Susan Sarandon, Natalie Portman on nov 12 date Manson). His wife Crisann Brennan gave birth to his daughter Lisa Brennan (Isis, like Lisa Simpson, Mona Lisa) on 5/17/1978, date Wizard of Oz novel, Dennis Hopper. Manson had a child with Mary Brenner.

In 1978 he worked for the Seva Foundation with CIA agent Richard Alpert (Ram Dass), Larry Brilliant (WHO, Google, Skoll Foundation), Nicole Grasset (also WHO) and Wavy Gravy (Merry Pranksters of Ken Kesey, Hog Farm with Dianne Lake of Manson Family).

In 1983 he presented the Apple Lisa (Isis, Mona Lisa).

In 1984 he presented the Macintosh, with famous commercial based on George Orwell's 1984, year of transhumanist movie The Terminator, birth Mark Zuckerberg and birth Diana's child Harry. 1955 was the year of first MacDonalds on day of birth Diana's partner Dodi Fayed (Mac: child).

In 1985 he founded Next (black box-cube of Saturn). In Back To The Future the genius scientist Emmett Brown working in garage, is based on Wernher von Braun and Jack Parsons.

Tim Berners-Lee is used as PR-agent to play the inventor of the World Wide Web, that used Steve Job's Next computer (Mercury: communication). His 2nd wife was named Laureen Powell like John Lennon's 1st wife Cynthia Powell.

1995 Toy Story with Tom Hanks, co-production of Disney and Pixar, executive produced by Steve Jobs (doll programming Buzz Lightyear based on Apollo =Apple moon landing, carpet of Kubrick's The Shining).

The gnostic demiurge figure Christopher (Ed Harris) in The Truman Show was based on Jobs, Luciferian architect of the matrix. Truman touching the wall of his prison=touching the I-phone.

In 2010 he presented the I-pad (2010 the Year We Make Contact).

He was succeeded by Tim Cook (gay agenda).

He died on 10/5/2011. He was played by Ashton Kutcher (rainbow jacket in garage of Fox sitcom That 70's Show) in Steve Jobs (2013) and Michael Fassbender in Jobs (2015) of Danny Boyle with Kate Winslet, released on 10/9 date birth John Lennon. Boyle's movie was based on Job's biography of Walter Isaacson (Aspen Institute, Time, CNN). Fassbender played an android in Prometheus (Lucifer).

His wife Laureen Powell is member of the World Government (Council on Foreign Relations) and is still connected to Disney.

Astrologican chart

born 2/24/1955 55th day (422 nr of Venus Apple) date Pico della Mirandola (Hermeticism), Nellie Connally, William Todd Field, date announcement Charles and Diana, date wife Mark Zuckerberg, month after Carol Middleton,
year of Dodi Fayed, David Kennedy and Bill Gates, in San Francisco, city of gay movement and Anton LaVey's Church of Satan.

Asc: Virgo, mc: Gemini. Dom: Aries, Virgo, Aquarius (the Star, hope, technology innovation) - Mercury (trade, communication), Mars, Jupiter.

1: Libra, 2: Neptune in Libra, 3: Saturn in Scorpio, 4: Venus in Capricorn, 5: Mercury in Aquarius, 6: Sun in Pisces (ruled by Neptune), 8: Mars in Aries, 12: Pluto in Leo.

died 10/5/2011, date first single The Beatles (Apple Records), first James Bond film, Kate Winslet.

Houses 5, 8, 6. 5: Mercury in Aquarius, 8: Mars in Aries, 6: Sun in Pisces. 2: Neptune in Libra, 3: Saturn in Scorpio, 4: Venus in Capricorn, 7: moon in Aries, 12: Pluto in Leo.

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