Steve Bannon

Steve Bannnon is a jesuit trained mason, Goldman Sachs banker and political puppet of the Right Wing Church, used in the media as a provocateur agent to promote jesuit Donald Trump. He worked as executive chairman of Breitbart News of Andrew Breitbart (funded by Robert and Rebeca Mercer of The Heritage Foundation and Gatestone Institute), for the Biosphere Project in Arizona and for Cambridge Analytica (Robert Mercer).

He was educated at Harvard, Virginia Tech and jesuit school Georgetown.

He is a member of the Comittee on the Present Danger and the Council for National Policy with jesuit Ed Feulner, Jerome Corsi, Jerry Falwell Sr, jesuit Frank Gaffney, ..

He produced Claws of the Red Dragon. He is influenced by the writings of Julius Evola. During the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, he was supported by David Horowitz. As chairman of Breitbart he worked with Milo Yiannopoulos and Pamela Geller (Rebel News).

In 2017 he appeared on the cover of Time magazine (sign of mark master). He promoted Vladimir Putin and Aleksander Dugin and worked with other political puppets of the Right Wing Church: Alternative for Germany, Brothers of Italy, PVV, Vlaams Belang, Eduardo Bolsonaro (son of Jair Bolsonaro).

In 2020 during the fascist Covid19-ritual, he was used as controlled opposition (along with Li-Meng Yan) against jesuit Anthony Fauci (framing opposition as dangerous and Right Wing).

Astrological chart

born 11/27/1953, date Also Sprach Zarathustra, Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Carolyne Kennedy, William Fichtner, Bill Nye, d John Carradine.

Dom: Scorpio (Death), Leo, Libra - Uranus, Pluto, Neptune.

Uranus in Cancer, Jupiter in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius, Saturn, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, Moon and Pluto in Leo.

Filmography (producer)

1991 The Indian Runner executive producer Sean Penn Patricia Arquette Dennis Hopper Viggo Mortensen Charles Bronson MGM
1999 Titus co-executive producer Anthony Hopkins Jessica Lange Alan Cumming (gay agenda) Angus Macfayden
2004 In the Face of Evil: Reagan's War in Word and Deed (promotion of Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan) director, co-producer, writer based on the 2003 book Reagan's War by Peter Schweizer
2005 Cochise County USA: Cries from the Border executive producer
2006 Border War: The Battle Over Illegal Immigration executive producer
2007 Tradition Never Graduates: A Season Inside Notre Dame Football executive producer
2010 Generation Zero director, producer, writer based on the 1997 book The Fourth Turning by William Strauss and Neil Howe
2010 Battle for America
2010 Fire from the Heartland: The Awakening of the Conservative Woman Ann Coulter (Human Events, VDARE, CNN, Fox News, GOproud, pedophilia agenda with Milo Yiannopoulos), Sara Elizabeth Cupp (CNN, Real Time with Bill Maher), Dana Loesch (TheBlazetv of jesuit Glenn Beck, NRA, Breitbart News, Fox News) Michelle Malkin (Groypers, Identity Evropa, VDARE, Fox News, Nick Fuentes, married to Jesse Malkin of RAND), Deneen Borelli (Fox News, TheBlazetv, CORE), Jenny Beth Martin (the Washington Times) David Bossie (Citizens United, Fox News)
2011 Still Point in a Turning World: Ronald Reagan and His Ranch
2011 The Undefeated documentary on Sarah Palin
2012 Occupy Unmasked (Anonymous mask of jesuit Guy Fawkes) David Horowitz Lee Stranahan (Breitbart News) Magnolia Pictures of Mark Cuban
2012 The Hope & The Change documentary on former Barack Obama supporters
2012 District of Corruption
2013 Sweetwater Ed Harris January Jones Jason Aldean (Las Vegas ritual)
2016 Clinton Cash based on the same-titled Peter Schweizer book Clinton Cash
2016 Torchbearer features Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson
2018 Trump @War Corey Lewandowski (CNN, Fox News), Pete Hegseth, Sebastian Gorka (Fox News, Breitbart News, Gatestone Institute), Raheem Kassam, Sonnie Johnson, Raynard Jackson, Alfredo Ortiz, Sasha Gong, Erik Prince, Joe Concha, Lian Chao Han, Bill Gertz, Michael Caputo, Rob Wasinger, John Zmirak
2019 American Dharma Errol Morris (Wormwood about Frank Olson and MK Ultra)
2019 Claws of the Red Dragon One America News Network
2019 The Brink Nigel Farage Marine Le Pen Jair Bolsonaro Filip Dewinter

Donald Trump

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