Stephen King

Stephen King is a mind controlled writer, used in the Hollywood film industry to normalize the masonic sodomy and pedophilia religion and to announce the Covid19-ritual. He was influenced by HP Lovecraft. All his books are set in the town of Maines (location of sensitivity training of Kurt Lewin). He visited meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. He collaborated with Blue Oyster Cult (connected to Richard Alpert). The book Rage was used in the Heath High School shooting media ritual.

He was educated at the University of Maine like Laurence Bender.

Astrological chart

born 9/21/1947, date Leonard Cohen, Nicole Richie, Bill Murray, Liam Gallagher, HG Wells, Henry Stimson, Marta Kaufman, Tracy Reed, Ethan Coen, Cheryl Hines, 3 days after founding of CIA, month before marriage Jack Parsons, year of Black Dahlia murders, Roswell psyop, death of Crowley.

Asc: Cancer, mc: Aries. Dom: Libra (Adjustment), Cancer, Sagittarius - Mercury, Mars, Moon.

Houses 3, 5, 4. 3: Sun in Virgo, Venus and Neptune in Libra, 5: Moon in Sagittarius, 4: Mercury in Libra. 1: Pluto and Saturn in Leo.



1974 Carrie
1975 Salem's Lot
1977 The Shining
1977 Rage
1978 The Stand
1979 The Long Walk
1979 The Dead Zone
1980 Firestarter (Viking Press)
1981 Roadwork
1981 Cujo
1982 The Running Man
1982 The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger
1983 Christine
1983 Pet Semetary
1983 Cycle of the Werewolf
1984 The Talisman
1984 The Eyes of the Dragon
1984 Thinner
1986 It
1987 The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three
1987 Misery
1987 The Tommyknockers
1989 The Dark Half
1990 The Stand (announces the Covid19-ritual)
1991 The Dark Tower III: the Waste Lands  (reference to The Wasteland of TS Eliot)
1991 Needful Things
1992 Gerald's Game
1992 Dolores Claiborne
1994 Insomnia
1995 Rose Madder
1996 The Green Mile
1996 Desperation
1996 The Regulators
1997 The Dark Tower IV: Wizards and Glass
1997 The Night Flier (lightning) Migual Ferrer
1998 Bag of Bones
1998 Apt Pupil Ian McKellen David Schwimmer Bryan Singer
1999 The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
2001 Dreamcatcher
2001 Black House
2002 From a Buick 8 (Mercury: 88)
2003 The Dark Tower V Wolves of the Calla
2004 The Dark Tower VI Song of Susannah
2004 The Dark Tower VII
2005 The Colorado Kid
2006 Cell (cell phones as mind control)
2006 Lisey's Story
2007 Blaze
2008 Duma Key
2009 Under the Dome
2011 11/22/63
2012 The Dark Tower the Wind through the Keyhole
2013 Joyland
2013 Doctor Sleep
2014 Mr Mercedes
2014 Revival (lightning)
2015 Finders Keepers
2016 End of Watch
2017 Gwendy's Button Box
2017 Sleeping Beauties
2018 The Outsider
2018 Elevation
2019 The Institute
2021 Later
2021 Billy Summers
2022 Gwendy's Final Task

Movie and tv adaptations

1976 Carrie Sissy Spacek John Travolta Piper Laurie Brian De Palma
1979 Salem's Lot CBS James Mason
1980 The Shining Stanley Kubrick Jack Nicholson Shelley Duvall
1981 Knighriders Ed Harris
1983 Cujo Dee Wallace
1983 Stand By Me Corey Feldman Kiefer Sutherland River Phoenix Rob Reiner
1983 The Dead Zone David Cronenberg character reading the Raven of Edgar Allan Poe
1983 Christine Harry Dean Stanton John Carpenter
1984 Children of the Corn Linda Hamilton New World Pictures of Roger Corman
1984 Firestarter Drew Barrymore Martin Sheen Heather Locklear Louise Fletcher
1985 Cat's Eye
1985 The Twilight Zone CBS Arthur C Clarke
1986 Maximum Overdrive Emilio Estevez Laura Harrington Marla Maples (wife of Donald Trump)
1987 Creepshow 2
1987 The Running Man Arnold Schwarzenegger Jesse Ventura Mick Fleetwood Dweezil Zappa
1989 Pet Semetary
1990 Graveyard Shift
1990 Misery James Caan Lauren Bacall
1990 It ABC Tim Curry as Pennywise (Joker clown)
1991 Sleepwalkers
1991 Golden Years
1992 The Lawnmower Man (sacrifice to Pan) Pierce Brosnan Geoffrey Lewis
1992 Pet Semetary Two Edward Furlong
1993 The Dark Half
1993 Needful Things Ed Harris Max von Sydow Amanda Plummer Fraser Heston
1994 The Shawnshank Redemption Frank Darabont Tim Robbins Morgan Freeman Clancy Brown
1994 The Stand Gary Sinise
1995 The Mangler Robert Englund Ted Levine
1995 Dolores Clayborne Kathy Bates Jennifer Jason Leigh Christopher Plummer
1996 Thinner
1996 Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering Naomi Watts Karen Black
1997 The Shining ABC Rebecca De Mornay
1998 Michael Jackson's Ghosts Mos Def
1999 The Green Mile Tom Hanks Michael Clarke Duncan David Morse Harry Dean Stanton Patricia Clarkson
2001 Hearts in Atlantis Anthony Hopkins Anton Yelchin David Morse
2002 Carrie Angela Bettis jesuit Patricia Clarkson Emilie de Ravin
2003 Dreamcatcher (crash of alien ship like Roswell) Thomas Jane Damian Lewis Jason Lee (Scientology) Timothy Olyphant Donnie Wahlberg Morgan Freeman
2004 Secret Window Johnny Depp John Turturro
2004 Riding the Bullet David Arquette
2007 1408 John Cusack Samuel Jackson
2007 The Mist Frank Darabont Thomas Jane
2009 Dolan's Cadillac Christian Slater Wes Bentley
2012 Stuck in Love cameo Jennifer Connelly Kristen Bell Greg Kinnear Logan Lerman Patrick Schwarzenegger
2013 Carrie Chloé Grace Moretz Julianne Moore
2013 Under the Dome CBS Samantha Mathis
2014 A Good Marriage
2014 Mercy Frances O'Connor Shirley Knight
2016 Cell
2016 11.22.63 (the JFK ritual) Hulu James Franco Josh Duhamel Chris Cooper
2017 It Bill Skarsgard
2017 Mr Mercedes Mary-Louise Parker
2017 Gerlad's Game Henry Thomas
2017 1922 Netflix
2017 The Dark Tower Matthew McConaughey Idris Elba
2018 It Chapter II
2019 Pet Semetary John Lithgow Jason Clarke
2019 In the Tall Grass (time loop)
2019 Doctor Sleep Ewan McGregor Henry Thomas
2020 The Outsider HBO Jason Bateman
2020 The Stand (the Covid19-ritual) CBS All Access James Marsden Alexander Skarsgard Whoopi Goldberg Amber Heard Heather Graham
2021 Lisey's Story Julianne Moore Jennifer Jason Leigh JJ Abrams
2022 Firestarter Zac Efron


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