Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a statue in New York designed by French mason Frederic Bartholdi and built by Gustav Eiffel (bull penis tower in Paris). The statue represents Libertas, the archetypal virgin goddess liberated from the underworld (subconscious, winter) Isis, Venus, Ishtar, Persephone, Columbia, Lucifer the Lightbearer,.. She holds a tablet with date july 4 1776, date of masonic Declaration of Independence (aphelion of Sirius=Isis,) and wears a solar crown of 7 rays like Mithras (crown chakra). She represents the Hermit (Virgo), connected to the High Priestess, Sirius and Orion beneath the Silver Gate (Taurus fire festival Belthane on 1 May). She stands in a 11 pointed star= 11th sphere Daath (Luciferianism 11th step to become a God, 11 qlippoth).  Libertas was based on Bacchus and Dionysus (epiteth eleutheris, liberator).  

1776 1 may founding of Illuminati in Bavaria. july 4 US Declaration of Independence with Benjamin Franklin, jesuit Charles Carroll (cousin of John Carroll, president of Georgetown University).

1830 July revolution Lucifer statue at Place de la Bastille.

1848 Spring of Nations Libertas as goddess leading the people (propaganda of jesuit Eugene Delacroix).

Mason William Brodie participated in the cornerstone ceremony.

1886  Statue of Liberty revealed on 10/28/1886. Rockefellers present their Standard Oil logo with torch. founding of The Coca Cola Company in Atlanta on the 33d parallel.

1887 The Theosophical Society found magazine Lucifer.

1889 replica of Statue of Liberty in Paris on Swan Island.

1918 The Sinking of the Lusitania short film. torchbearer symbolism in communism.

1936 Berlin Olympics with torchbearer.

1950 campaign of BSA.

1963 JFK ritual with eternal flame.

1965 National Immigration Act at Statue of Liberty.

1968 Planet of the Apes. killing of Robert Kennedy. Where Were You (wordplay on Aiwass) When the Lights Went Out.

1970 DC Comics Wonder Woman.

1971 Lady Liberty Sophia Loren.

1973 opening of the Twin Towers on 4/4 (twin pillars of masonry=the York Rite, Temple of Solomon), Statue of Liberty as the High Priestess between the 2 pillars.

1974 The Godfather Part II Francis Ford Coppola.

1977 NY blackout.

1978 Superman Richard Donner.

1980 Raise the Titanic.

1981 Escape From New York (decapitated like John the Baptist) Kurt Russell. Diana on cover of Vogue.

1983 disappearance trick of David Copperfield.

1984 Splash Tom Hanks Darryl Hannah.

1988 Working Girl Harrison Ford. Frantic Roman Polanski statue of liberty in Paris.

1989 Ghostbusters II.

1991 Michael Jackson Black or White Macaulay Culkin.

1992 Home Alone 2 Lost in New York Macaulay Culkin Donald Trump. Marvel Comics Spiderman meets Human Torch. Lyberty Arcade in Disneyland.

1995 Judge Dredd Sylvester Stallone. Batman Forever.

1996 Citizen Ruth Laura Dern. Olympics with Muhammed Ali as torchbearer.

1997 The Simpsons episode The City NY vs Homer Simpson. Titanic Kate Winslet coming out of the Abyss. Diana Spencer buried on island with swans, memorial with Flame of Liberty torch on black star (killed on black moon).

2000 X-Men (Marvel Comics) Ian McKellen (gay agenda, illumination through sodomy, The Two Towers). video game Deus Ex (decapitated).

2001 (year 9 the Hermit) A.I. Steven Spielberg. the 911 Twin Tower ritual (Apollyon of the Abyss Rev 911).

2003 3/11 in Madrid Spain near statue of Lucifer.

2008 Cloverfield decapitated (Sirius the headless one) JJ Abrams.

2011 Rise of Planet of the Apes.

2012 London Olympics (phoenix symbolism).

2013 One World Trade Center. Oblivion Tom Cruise (born july 3).

2015 The Man in the High Castle.

2017 Der Spiegel statue decapitated by Trump (Trump symbolicly decapitated by Kathy Griffin)

2018 The First Purge july 4. Seven Seconds Netflix.

2021 Spiderman No Way Home.


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