Stargate Project

Stargate Project was a CIA psyop, a cybernetics project under the guise of a remote viewing project of Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff at Stanford Research Institute with Ingo Swann, Uri Geller and Joseph McMoneagle. It serves as a distraction from CIA, DARPA and SRI research on cybernetics, digital mind control, used in Silicon Valley, and in Hubbard's Church of Scientology (CIA method of neutralizing, blending with fiction and rumors, 'pseudoscientific' theories, that can easily be debunked by their own skeptics of the CfI).

The Saturn H symbol in the emblem of the Jesuits. Stargates appear in rosicrucian imagery, as the heart (the rose) is a stargate to the 'Higher Self', portal to Gnosis.

John Dee developed a system of cryptographic communication, which he called Enochian. When dark occultists perform magic rituals, believe they open portals to parallel universes. Serge Obolensky of OSS/CIA, related to Theosophist  Helena Blavatsky, married Alice Astor (the logo of the Hilton Hotels is a H stargate symbol). Aquarius= the Star card. The HOGD was founded by members of the Societas Rusicruciana in Anglia (SRIAA).

Stanford University was founded in 1885.

Stanford Research Institute International was founded in 1946, did research on AI (the Transhumanist Church), nanotechnology, Game Theory, internet (first internet transmission in 1969 from UCLA to SRI) in Menlo Park San Francisco (home of Google and Facebook, near Golden Gate Bridge stargate of Sagittarius- Scorpio), has ties to Defense Intelligence Agency. Its first president was William Talbot (OSS, Dupont Colonna).

Willis Harman (Human Potential movement, Institute for Noetic Sciences of Edgar Mitchell) worked with Joseph Campbell (Esalen, the Hero With a Thousand Faces, influenced George Lucas), CIA agent Alfred Hubbard and Humpfrey Osmond (friend of Aldous Huxley and John Smythies, cousin of Richard Dawkins) received a supply of Sandoz LSD (backed by SG Warburg).

Other SRI researchers were Frank Barron (Harvard drug research with jesuit Timothy Leary), Michael Arbib (cybernetics of Norbert Wiener, Warren McCulloch), Jacques Vallée.

Jacques Vallée helped creating a UFO religion in worship of Greys, was acquainted with Anton LaVey, Steven Spielberg, Hal Puthoff, Edgar Mitchell, Charles Musès (shamanism), Jack Sarfatti (FFG, Esalen Institute), Arthur Young and Ruth Forbes (Roundtable Foundation seances with Andrija Puharich, friend of Lee Harvey Oswald).

Stanford organized the prison experiment of Philip Zimbardo (book the Lucifer Effect) in 1971. SRI worked on a Brain- Computer interface BrainGate (Providence Veteran Affairs Medical Center), which led to BrainNet of Facebook. It focused on AI research, market research of Harrison Price (Disney). In its work at Giza, SRI used ‘remote sensing’, a hi-tech but mainstream scientific technique.

The mythology of Stargate Project is connected to the mythology of the Nine (the New Age religion of the Theosophical Society to worship the Fallen Angels), channeled at Andrija Puharich's Roundtable Foundation in Glen Cove Maine (Kurt Lewin's sensitivity training), similar to Aleister Crowley, who channeled entity Aiwass after visiting the pyramids of Giza.

Andrija Puharich met Israeli Uri Geller in 1971. Under hypnosis he claimed to channel an entity Spectra, connected to the Nine, who prophecized an imminent mass landing. Puharich worked at Edgewood Arsenal Research Laboratories, connected to MK Ultra (Laurel Canyon artist Frank Zappa).

1972 According to its mythology, Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff started a whacky remote viewing project of 20 people at Fort Meade Maryland (includes NSA), in 1972, overseen by Frederic Holmes Atwater (president of Robert Monroe's The Monroe Institute) funded by general Albert Stubbledine (Columbia University) with the aim to create a 'super soldier' that could walk through walls (concept of super soldiers used in Project Camelot disinfo, rumors of Project Jedi, Star Wars concept of mind powers).

Russell Targ (Columbia University) is the son of William Targ, editor at Putnam, published The Godfather of Mario Puzo (The New School of Colonna's), Tennessee Williams (CCF), Isaac Asimov, Erich von Däniken and books of the Theosophical Society. Targ is related to chess world champion Bobby Fischer (chess scene in 2001 ASO). He did research on laser with Gordon Gould and later worked at Lockheed Martin. His daughter Elizabeth Fischer-Targ did fake NIH funded research on the effect of prayers on AIDS patients. The opium trading S&B family Russell are the Earls of Tavistock, Jane Russell was in movie with Marilyn Monroe, Russell Crowe in mind control movie A Beautiful Mind.

Harold/Hal (like computer HAL in 2001 ASO) Puthoff was mind controlled with Scientology (Dianetics, based on Cybernetics, digital communication, subconscious as the reactive mind that has to be erased). Researchers of SRI did research on digital mind control (cybernetics) on psychics.

Ingo Swann and Pat Price, both mind controlled with Scientology of Ron Hubbard who wrote Dianetics after a Near Death Experience (Truman Capote, played by Philip Semour Hoffman who also played Ron Hubbard, called his jet set women his Swans).

Sponsor Albert Stubbledine appeared on The Alex Jones Show and was a member of the Oath Keepers of Elmer Rhodes (staff of Ron Paul, Capitol attack farce).

Ingo Swan's out-of-body experiences as Operating Thetan were 'investigated' by Karlas Osis of the Society for Psychical Research, an organization linked to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and OTO (occultists disguised as skeptics of paranormal phenomena).

1974 Robert Monroe's The Monroe Institute in Faber Virginia.

1975 Edwin May joins the project. Ed Dames would later be a frequent guest on Coast of Coast AM with jesuit George Noory, with claims of remote viewing Atlantis and Mars, and in an episode arguing with Andrew Basiago.

1978 Joseph McMoneagle was born in 1946, year of Jack Parsons' Babalon Working to create a portal (Parsons played the archetype of eagle Horus).

Joseph McMoneagle appeared on National Geographic channel of Hearst and Disney, Disney's ABC, was promoted by MUFON, The Monroe Institute (like Marilyn Monroe, silica=moon sand) and interviewed in The Washington Post. He co-wrote an episode of the Dead Zone of Stephen King (USA Network NBC Universal) with Anthony Michael Hall. Robert Monroe coined the term out-of-body-experience (astral projection practiced in Thelema). McMoneagle claimed to have had a UFO experience in 1966.

From 1991 the project, initially called Grill Flame, became the Stargate Project, pretending to spy on the Soviets with telepathy, solving cases for the FBI, DEA,..

Andrija Puharich played a role in the Nine psyop in 1952 (opening Abyss of Revelation 911, Alice Astor, Marcella Dupont-Colonna) in Glen Cove Maine (also location of National Training Lab of Kurt Lewin of Frankfurt School and Tavistock). He was educated at Northwestern University (like Meghan Markle), worked at Edgewood Arsenal Research Laboratories (Frank Zappa) Fort Detrick, wrote book The Sacred Mushroom: Key to the Door of Eternity.

He introduced media actors Peter Hurkos (The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, psychically 'investigating' the murders of Scientologist Charles Manson) and Uri Geller, made into a tv celebrity, as friend of Michael Jackson, performing his spoon bending trick on tv shows (in The Tempest, Prospero/John Dee is assisted by spirit Ariel).

James Randi duplicated Geller's spoon bending tricks (Randi vs Geller as reason vs faith media ritual on tv). Randi founded Center for Inquiry to investigate paranormal claims with Isaac Asimov and Carl Sagan (novel Contact also two characters Reason vs Faith) and was used in the False Memory Syndrome Foundation to discredit testimonies of rape.

David Marks of Center for Inquiry pretends to replicate the remote viewing experiments of Targ to disprove the existence of remote viewing (published in Nature).

The goal of SRI was to create a AI Operating System for digital mind control.

1985 Hollywood movie Weird Science Anthony Michael Hall (like HAL computer in 2001) jesuit Ilan Mitchell-Smith and Robert Downey Jr about a virtual dream woman Lisa, like Steve Job's daughter and computer. Gary Wallace (like Henry Wallace of Puharch the Nine psyop), John Hughes (Home Alone 2 with Donald Trump), Kelly LeBrock in Lady in Red as Marilyn Monroe. The scientist creating a women is the archetype of Lucifer, the mad professor playing with forbidden knowledge, Mary Shelley's Dr Frankenstein, Dr Rotwang in Metropolis, engineer Jack Parsons that summoned Babalon in his experiments with Hubbard.

Harold Puthoff founds the Institute of Advanced Studies Austin, similar to the IAS in Princeton, where Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer worked on creating the atom bomb (forbidden knowledge). Antithesis: skeptics James Randi (who duplicated Geller's spoon bending tricks), David Marks, Martin Gardner.

1990 Ingo Swann's remote viewing abilities are tested by Michael Persinger (known for his famous God Helmet, that stimulates the temporal lobes, tested by Richard Dawkins).

1993 Joseph McMoneagle Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time and Space Through Remote Viewing (reference to Star Trek, Gene Rodenberry of Star Trek participated in Puharich's the Nine psyop).

1994 Stargate (22 years after Stargate Project) by director Roland Emmerich (gay agenda, sodomy rituals as stargate). Emmerich directed Making Contact about contacting deceased with technology and telekinesis, Universal Soldier (poster with red eye of Taurus, the Silver Gate near Orion) about secret military project that erases memory, Day After Tomorrow based on book of Art Bell (Coast to Coast) and Whitley Strieber (Communion about Greys). He also directed '2012' about the 2012 hoax with Mayan pyramids, started by Terence McKenna (Coast to Coast), and produced the 13th Floor about VR simulation.

The poster of Stargate shows a pyramid male phallus and female cup, in Thelema Hadit and Nuit, phallus and womb like St Peter square with obelisk in Rome. Scientologists try to relive the 'prenatal engram', the trauma of birth as sperm cell entering the womb.

Disney actor Kurt Russell (like Russell Targ, with Scientologist Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky about digital mind control, Times Square as stargate TS Baal) played colonel Jack O'Neil.

James Spader (spade symbol, Philips Academy like George HW Bush, JFK Jr, wife played in tv movie about the Kennedies) played in Mannequin, Crash and Secretary (Maggie Gyllenhaal, name Catherine, also about anal sex). In the first scene he is mocked for suggesting connection Atlantis and Mars (similar to Graham Hancock associated with pseudoscience and theories about Atlantis). The phenomenon of pyramidiots served to discredit the theory that Egyptian pyramids are related to other pyramids like the Mayan, were built as stargates instead of tombs.

Other actors: jesuit Erick Avari, Jaye Davidson (androgynous Baphomet Master of the Temple) as Ra (Ra Hoor Khuit in Thelema, the teachings of Ra in the New Age Church, promoted by David Wilcock). In the movie they enter a portal, end up on a desert planet (silica sand, the Abyss, City of Pyramids in Thelema, Crowley's epiphany in Gizeh).

Stargate was released on 10/28, date of Statue of Liberty, lightbringer Lucifer also on poster of Kurt Russell's Escape From New York, date Frank Ocean (song Pyramids), date Joaquin Phoenix (in Scientology movie The Master). Scorpio, era Pluto in Scorpio

released by MGM studio, who employed Aldous Huxley (Doors of Perception, Daath sexual knowledge Gnosis, interface to another world).

In 1995, year of Puharich's death, the Stargate project was cancelled, like MK Ultra was said to be cancelled in 1973.

The pyramid beam also appears in the Fifth Element.

1998 Google is founded with two Stanford students as PR-agents.

1999 book The Stargate Conspiracy by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, also the authors of the Templar Revelation about the Christ bloodline, inspiration for the Da Vinci Code of Dan Brown. Picknett is a member of the Ghost Club like Julian Huxley (UN), a club closely associated with the SPR and the HOGD.

1999 was the year of Warner Bros release The Matrix in which Trinity has the ability to walk on walls, Keanu Reeves learns to train his mind and encounters a child with ability to bend a spoon with the power of his mind, before meeting the Oracle (San Francisco Oracle in CIA counter culture of Haight Ashbury with club The Matrix, VR company Oracle bought by Facebook).

Keanu Reeves played in movies with George Carlin (Coast to Coast). Laurence Fishburne played in Searching for Bobby Fisher (related to Russell Targ). Harold Perrineau (like Harold Puthoff) played in Matrix Reloaded.

Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut with one eye pyramid symbol. Scientologist Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (played Grace Kelly, who played in the Swan, born 9/14 like Ingo Swann) revived the Rothschild- Illuminati hoax. filmed at Glen Cove (the Nine channeling of entity Tom). Truman Capote ball who called his women, his Swans.

Jon Ronson's book the Men Who Stare at Goats, affiliated with fake news BBC and The Guardian, made a Channel Four documentary about David Icke and Alex Jones (misleading Illuminati conspiracy theories, based on Eyes Wide Shut, Fritz Springmeier labeled the Astors as Illuminati) and interviewed McMoneagle about his remote viewing out-of-body experiences. Stanley Kubrick's daughter Vivian Kubrick was also mind controlled with Scientology and promoted Alex Jones at a Bilderberg conference.

2000 David Morehouse Psychic Warrior.

SRI (Menlo Park, home of Google and Facebook) and DARPA started the Calo project in 2003, developed digital assistent Siri (Sirius, associated with moon goddess Isis), based on Cybernetics-Dianetics.

2001 Vanilla Sky psychologist Kurt Russell (Stargate) interrogates Tom Cruise, finds out he is part of a digital mind control project. Cruise and Jason Lee both Scientologists, Cameron Diaz= Jack Parsons Babalon archerype Marjorie Cameron. The voice of Siri was provided by Susan Alice Bennet Cameron. In Big Bang Theory with Jim Parsons of Pasadena, a character falls in love with Siri.

Hal Puthoff is used in the Disclosure Project psyop of Steven Greer.

2004 Jon Ronson in Men Who Stare At Goats suggests the CIA did not create the New Age Church, but a few generals were influenced by New Age ideas, published by Viacom CBS (Colonna). He briefly touches upon the connection with MK Ultra, David Koresh, use of Barney and Friends (Disney slaves Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez) and the death of Frank Olson, interviews with Eric Olson, Ed Dames, Albert Stubbledine, Uri Geller, Bob Ricks (Waco siege), Joseph McMoneagle, Courtney Brown (Maharishi University), Frederick Atwater (Monroe Institute), Christopher Serf (Sesame Street, The Muppets, Sirius Thinking),..

2009 Hollywood movie the Men Who Stare At Goats with George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey (Bluebird reference in K-Pax), Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) and Ewan McGregor. pyramid with All Seeing Eye as pop culture cliché. Kevin Spacey played a HAL like computer/digital assistent in Moon. written by Grant Heslov (Phi Kappa Psi like Woodrow Wilson and William Donavan).

The Da Vinci Code Tom Hanks pyramid of the Louvre.

The Stargate franchise continued with Stargate Atlantis (John Dee saw himself as Atlantean magician Merlin).

Pyramids, levitation and out of body experiences became ubiquiteous in pop culture entertainment.

Stargate Project was used by controlled opposition in the Luciferian New Age Church (Collective Evolution,..) as evidence of telepathy and as an example of pseudoscience in the atheist Science Church.

Suspect Zero produced by Tom Cruise with Aaron Eckhart, Ben Kingsley and Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix). Ben Kingsley insists on being called Sir. Project Icarus (legend of Daedalus, builder of a labyrinth).

2010 digital assistant program Siri (Sirius) is sold to Steve Jobs (Apple= Venus, the rose of the SRIAA).

Harold Puthoff founds To the Stars (Aquarius the Star) with Tom DeLonge (Tom in psyop the Nine, Tom Cruise, Thomas the twin in gnosticism) of Blink 182 (debut album Cheshire Cat=Alice in Wonderland mind control) and Christopher Mellon (CIA family who worked with jesuit Timothy Leary in the 60's, like DeLonge appeared on UFO show on Hearst controlled History Channel, interviewed on the Joe Rogan Experience, friend of Alex Jones).

DeLonge participated in the Disclosure psyop with jesuit John Podesta (jesuit Bill Clinton) and wrote a book with Peter Levenda (book about he Nine). Travis Barker of Blink 182 is in a band Antemasque (The Tempest, with one eye pyramid logo) with Scientologist Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Flea of the RHCP, friend of River Phoenix.

2012 The Master Joaquin Phoenix auditing session with Philip Seymour Hoffman (died of heroin overdose like Joaquin's brother River Phoenix) 9/14 date Ingo Swann.

2013 Her of Spike Jonze with Joaquin Phoenix digital auditing (feedback learning loop) Operating System with voice of Scarlett Johansson (with Scientologist Giovanni Ribisi in Lost in Translation, transhumanist superwoman in Lucy=Lucifer). The Operating System communicates with Alan Watts (Esalen Institute). 10/12 crowley's birthday (Spike Jonze also directed Being John Malkovich, about a personality swap, poster imitates Crowley's Sgt Pepper's cover, John Malkovich was born month before the Nine).

2017 Annie Jacobsen Secret History of the US Government's Investigations into Extrasensory Perception (criticized by McMoneagle, stressing that the project was funded by the US army, not the CIA). The current president of SRI is William Jeffrey (DARPA).

2019 Third Eye Spies Lance Mungia (The Crow: Wicked Prayer with Edward Furlong) Dean Radin (IONS).

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