Stargate is a tv series franchise based on the Hollywood movie of Roland Emmerich released in 1994 about a secret government project that creates a dimensional portal based on technology of an ancient race. The Draco's attacked Orion for its stargate (trapezoid of Orion). Like the Avengers franchise, it contained references to Atlantis, Egyptian pyramids (used for astral projection) and Norse mythology (Asgard, Loki) and to Stargate Project of CIA and SRI with psychics. SRI developed brain-computer interfaces. Lynn Picknett (Ghost Club) published The Stargate Conspiracy in 1999.

 Charge creates a reciprocating resonance field (Ra and Hathor).

1994 Stargate Roland Emmerich (gay agenda) Dean Devlin (jewish, screenplay of super soldier movie Universal Soldier) Kurt Russell (like Russell Targ, with Scientologist Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky about digital mind control, Times Square as stargate TS Baal) as Jack O'Neill James Spader (Mannequin with Kim Cattrall, Avengers Age of Ultron about nazi project with psychic twins) as Daniel Jackson (Tribe of Dan) Jaye Davidson (gay agenda, transgender movie The Crying Game) as Ra (Ra Hoor Khuit of the Aeon card, who channeled the Book of the Law)

Viveca Lindfors as Catherine (Catherine Middleton) jesuit trained Erick Avari (Independence Day, The Mummy) Alexis Cruz (Touched By an Angel) Mili Avital (raised in Tel Aviv, 666 Park Avenue) Djimon Hounsou as Horus MGM (Wizard of Oz) Centropolis Entertainment (Metropolis) Canal+.

The poster of Stargate shows a pyramid male phallus and female cup, in Thelema Hadit and Nuit, phallus and womb like St Peter square with obelisk in Rome. Scientologists try to relive the 'prenatal engram', the trauma of birth as sperm cell entering the womb.

Emmerich directed Day After Tomorrow based on book of Art Bell (Coast to Coast) and Whitley Strieber (Communion about Greys). He also directed '2012' about the 2012 hoax with Mayan pyramids, started by Terence McKenna (Coast to Coast), and produced the 13th Floor about VR simulation.

In the first scene Daniel Jackson is mocked for suggesting a connection between Atlantis and Mars (similar to Graham Hancock associated with pseudoscience and theories about Atlantis). The project uses a ring device found at Giza, that when all 7 chevrons are locked in (opening of 7 chakra's, 7 seals of Book of Revelation) to create a portal to desert planet Abydos (sand, City of Pyramids in Thelema, Crowley's epiphany in Giza).

1997 Stargate SG-1 Richard Dean Anderson (McGuyver) Amanda Tapping (Avatar episode of The X-Files) as Samantha Carter Christopher Judge Tim Guinee (Iron Man, related to Horton Foote who wrote the screenplay of To Kill a Mockingbird) Beau Bridges (brother of Jeff Bridges) Claudia Black (Rick and Morty, transgender in Good Guys, Bad Guys) Ben Browder (A Kiss Before Dying based on novel of Ira Levin) Don S Davis (Twin Peaks) Judy Norton (CBS show the Waltons, Playboy model) Peter Williams as Apophis  Cliff Simon (jewish, Operation Delta Force 5, produced by Avi Lerner) as Ba'al David Palffy (married to Erica Durance) as Anubis Peter DeLuise (son of Dom DeLuise) as Loki Brad Wright Robert Cooper (Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal)

exploration of planets in the Pegasus galaxy (next to Aquarius, Dean Devlin produced movies of TriStar Pictures with Pegasus logo, Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. in Captain America mythology) 8th season episode New Order discovery of a base of the Ancients in Antarctica.

music by Joel Goldsmith (Jerry Goldsmith composed music of The Omen)

filmed in Vancouver British Columbia Canada like The X-Files and The Tomorrow People, hq of D-Wave Systems, place where James Casbolt was raised.

2002 Stargate Infinity

2004 Stargate Atlantis (logo with obelisk, glyph of Sirius, John Dee saw himself as Atlantean magician Merlin) Joe Flanigan (like pyramidiot Patrick Flanagan) Rainbow Sun Franks (Over the Rainbow programming) Rachel Luttrel Torri Higginson (Dark Matter) Jason Momoa (Dune, Baywatch: Hawaii,  Conan the Barbarian about Hyperborea) David Hewlett (the Architect in Cube, Cypher, Rise of Planet of the Apes) Jewel Staite (The X-Files, Flash Forward of Disney Channel) Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager, Jack's Back)

2008 Stargate The Ark of Truth Ben Bowder Amanda Tapping Julian Sands (David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch based on novel of sodomite William Burroughs, Boxing Helena with Sherilyn Fenn, Alistair Wellesley=Aleister Crowley in Jonathan Nolan's Person of Interest) Beau Bridges Tim Guinee Sarah Strange as Morgan Le Fay

2009 Stargate Universe Robert Carlyle (Trainspotting, Adolf Hitler in Rise of Evil) Louis Ferreira (Blood and Donuts, The Lazarus Child) Brian Smith (gay agenda, Julliard School, Person of Interest, Sens8 of the Wachowskis, The Matrix Resurrections) Ming-Na Wen (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nashville) jamil Walker Smith (The X-Files) David Blue (Ugly Betty) Alaina Huffman (Smalville) Syfy

2018 Stargate Origins UA

The upward beaming pyramid theme was also used in The Fifth Element, disinfo of David Wilcock and the 2017 Las Vegas pyramid ritual before announcing the interstellar object Ouamouma (Alpha and Omega).

Stargate Project

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