Star Trek

Star Trek is a science fiction tv show and Hollywood movie franchise of Gene Rodenberry with William Shatner, jesuit Leonard Nimoy and Patrick Stewart (gay agenda, X-men). It was introduced in the 60's to become part of pop culture, play a role in the Multiculti Church and introduce Greys, alternate and holographic reality (Holodecks) into public consciousness. Rodenberry was influenced by Forbidden Planet, the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs (eugenics agenda) and Eric Frank Russell and played a role in the channelings of The Nine with Andrija Puharich (Stargate Project). It is used in nerd programming.  

Gene Rodenberry was educated at Los Angeles City College like Laurence Fishburne, Rudi Gernreich, Brenda Benet, Diana Canova, Albert Brooks, Morgan Freeman, Victoria Vetri, Clint Eastwood, Mark Hamill, Pamela Courson, Charles Bukowski, Donna Reed, Sue Lyon. He made NBC show The Lieutenant with Gary Lockwood, in collaboration with the Pentagon.

The franchise was owned by Viacom of jesuit Sumner Redstone which later became Paramount Global. Character Spock has pointy ears like Pan (Saturn, satyrs), Peter Pan.

History of Star Trek

1965 The Cage (first pilot) Peter Duryea (Catalina Caper with MMC member Tommy Kirk)

1966 Star Trek the Original Series CTV Network (Canada) NBC Paramount tv jesuit Leonard Nimoy (Pasadena Playhouse) William Shatner James Doohan Nichelle Nichols (Playboy, used to promote NASA) Sally Kellerman (Hollywood High School, Actors Studio) Ralph Senensky (Pasadena Playhouse) Walter Koenig (UCLA, Neighborhood Playhouse with Christopher Lloyd) Grace Lee Whitney (Billy Wilder's Some Like It Hot) jesuit George Takei. Sally Kellerman married the manager of Scientologist John Travolta.

It was produced by Gene Coon (Boy Scouts of America),  John Meredyth Lucas (Beverly Hills High School) and Fred Freiberger. Freiberger also worked on British show Space: 1999 of Lew Grade's ITC with Rudi Gernreich (Swinging London, partner of Harry Hay). Wah Chang had worked for Disney. The show was promoted by Nelson Rockefeller (commission on MK Ultra) and the NAACP.

William Shatner played in Antichrist movie Incubus (Antichrist William) with Eloise Hardt (wife of Hans Habe).

Leonard Nimoy was related to Michael Bay and Aaron Bay-Schuck (Warner Interscope, signed Bruno Mars). He was trained at army base Fort Ord like jesuit Clint Eastwood, Martin Milner, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead, Joe DiMaggio, Donny Osmond's brother Alan Osmond), used in the Korean War (Project Bluebird). He acted in a stage play of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Disney film Atlantis the Lost Empire with linguist Marc Okrand (Smithsonian). He and Shatner's wife were alcohol addicts (AA meetings).

Nichelle Nichols was promoted by Martin Luther King and had a relationship with Sammy Davis Jr (Church of Satan). Her brother was a member of the Heaven's Gate cult. Robert Heinlein dedicated his novel Friday to her. James Doohan suffered from Alzheimer's Disease, caused by mercury. Rick Sternbach also worked for Disney, NASA and Cosmos with Carl Sagan.

The United Federation of Planets is predictive programming for the UN world state. guest appearances of Gary Lockwood (2001 ASO) Elisha Cook Jr (Rosemary's Baby) Victoria Vetri (Playboy, Rosemary's Baby).

1967 ep 22 The Return of the Archons (gnostic Archons) first tv appearance of Greys. Leonard Nimoy introduces the Vulcan sign (shin, the Devil).

first Star Trek fanzine (Trekkie religion-subculture, science fiction conventions like WonderCon in Anaheim close to Disneyland, archetype of obsessive fan like John Hinckley and Mark David Chapman, nerdy alters used in mind control)

1968 with Bonnie Beecher (The Donna Reed Show, Peyton Place, wife of Wavy Gravy), ep 12 The Empath Kathryn Hays (married to Glenn Ford) as Gem (Gem alter, explained in The Illuminati Formula).

1975 the cast of Star Trek promotes NASA's enterprise shuttle, developed by Rockwell International (Operation Paperclip electronics engineer Heinz Schlicke), later stored at the Smithsonian.

1979 the Motion Picture (rainbow Wizard of Oz programming) Jon Povill (Total Recall) Paramount Pictures

1982 The Wrath of Khan Kristie Alley (Scientology) Ricardo Montalban Bibi Besch (mother of River Phoenix' girlfriend Samantha Mathis)

1984 The Search for Spock Christopher Lloyd.

1985 Klingon dictionary by Marc Okrand (Smithsonian).

1986 The Voyage Home (Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco)

1987 The Next Generation Brent Spiner (Tin Man programming) Denise Crosby (Hollywood High School, daughter of jesuit Dennis Crosby, related to Bing Crosby) Nick Sagan (UCLA, son of Carl Sagan, worked for Disney) Patrick Stewart promoted by NASA astronaut Mae Jemison Colin Powell and Ronald Reagan

first appearance of the Borg (writer Joe Menosky trained at Pomona College= Oldenborg Center for Modern Languages, Saturnian cube that plugs people into a hive mind).

1988 Elementary Dear Data ep holodeck storyline with references to AC Doyle's Sherlock Holmes.

1989 the Final Frontier David Warner (The Omen)

1990 Samantha Eggar as Marie Picard.

1991 Star Trek IV The Undiscovered Country Kim Catrall Christopher Plummer Christian Slater

1992 Star Trek exhibit at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC (used as programming center). Leonard Nimoy was a guest on Coast to Coast AM.

1993 Deep Space Nine (The Nine, Abyss of Revelation 911) Terry Farrell (Elite Models, Hellraiser III, married to Leonard Nimoy's son, also jesuit trained) jesuit Marc Alaimo (Wonder Woman) Alexander Siddig (nephew of  Malcolm McDowell) Aaron Eisenberg Wallace Shawn Louise Fletcher Nicole de Boer (Cube) Rosalind Chao (programmed at Disneyland, USC) Cyia Batten (The Pussycat Dolls, kitten programming) Jeffrey Combs (HP Lovecraft adaptations) Tim Russ (FBI ads on cyberbullying). Nathan Crowley worked on one episode.

Joseph McMoneagle publishes Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time and Space Through Remote Viewing about Stargate Project.

1994 Generations LeVar Burton (USC) Alfre Woodard Malcolm McDowell Alice Krige as Borg Queen (hive mind) Brannon Braga (Cosmos A Spacetime Odyssey with Neil deGrasse Tyson) Jerry Goldsmith Paramount Pictures

1995 Voyager ep 18 & 19 The Killing Game (nazi reptilians), episode with Virginia Madsen.

Pharrell Williams uses the Vulcan sign and founds Star Trak Records. Lawrence Krauss The Physics of Star Trek (foreword by Stephen Hawking).

1996 First Contact (one eye pyramid poster, year before Robert Zemeckis' Contact) Patrick Stewart James Cromwell LeVar Burton Alfre Woodard cybernetic Borgs with hive mind.

1998 Insurrection F Murray Abraham. Star Trek the Experience at Las Vegas Hilton (H stargate symbol, International Hotel of Kirk Kerkorian), created by Landmark Entertainment.

2001 Enterprise jesuit Linda Park Jolene Blalock (Playboy) cameo of NASA astronaut Terry Virts

2002 Nemesis Tom Hardy

2007 CBS show The Big Bang Theory with Trekkie characters (Jim Parsons from Pasadena=Jack Parsons).

Celebrity Trekkies: Jim Carrey, Rosario Dawson, Stephen Colbert, Candice Bergen, Megan Fox, Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis, Bill Maher, Eddie Murphy, Christopher Plummer, Mira Sorvino, Ben Stiller, Karl Urban, Olivia Wilde, Robin Williams, Roy Orbinson, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Rihanna, Frank Sinatra, Pete Buttigieg, Al Gore, Scooter Libby, Jeff Bezos, Stephen Hawking, Richard Branson, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Steve Wozniak, ..

2009 Star Trek JJ Abrams (Lost) Zachary Quinto (Carnegie-Mellon) Chris Pine Zoe Saldana (Avatar, mother of Antichrist in remake of Rosemary's Baby) Karl Urban Eric Bana Chris Hemsworth   Winona Ryder Bruce Greenwood (played JFK)  Ben Cross (mason of Shakespear Lodge) jesuit Jennifer Morrison Simon Pegg Tyler Perry

2013 Into Darkness Chris Hemsworth Alice Eve Anton Yelchin Peter Weller Benedict Cumberbatch

2016 Unbelievable !!! (parody) Snoop Dogg Garrett Wang Linda Park Chase Masterson Tim Russ Michael Madsen. Beyond (=Ultra) John Cho Deep Roy Idris Elba

2017 Discovery Anson Mount (son of Playboy editor). LeVar Burton appeared in The Big Bang Theory.

2020 Picard (the Fool) Patrick Stewart Amazon Prime

2021 Michael Salla Our Star Trek Future

2022 MK Ultra (MK Ultra) with Anson Mount

William Shatner

Andrija Puharich