Spain is a country founded in 1479. It has a population of 47 million people. It is a member of the European Union and United Nations. It is governed by the Jesuits. Its most populous city and capital is Madrid. It has the 13th largest GDP in the world.

History of Spain

15000 bc The first cultures in Spain make the Altamira cave paintings.

219 Spain is conquered by the Visigoths and the Roman Empire.

726 Portugal and Spain are incorporated in the Umayyad Caliphate (Almanzar sacks Barcelona, built on the bar of Isis, the Greenwich meridian).

The Black Death is blamed on the jews.

1298 Ramon Lull develops the Ars Magna (early computation theory) and designs a plan to unite the Templars and Order of St John in one order.

1469 Ferdinand II of Aragon (Habsburg, Order of the Golden Fleece, Order of the Dragon=Draco-Orion bloodline) marries Isabella I de Castile. They establish the Spanish Inquisition of the Catholic Church, with the Dominicans developing techniques of torture and early methods of trauma based mind control. It burns jews alive or forces jews and muslims to convert to Christianity, which leads to the phenomenon of marrano's (crypto-jews). The Kingdom of Aragon is closely associated with the Cathar culture of South of France.

1492 The fleet of Christopher Columbus explores America (conquest of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Colombia and Mexico).

1519 Spanish mason Hernan Cortes (cousin of Francisco Pizarro who conquered the Inca Empire) reaches Mexico and conquers the Aztec Empire and remnants of the Maya kingdoms in Yutacan through viral diseases. The Spanish colonists conquer Chile. Barcelona is the centre of the Spanish slave trade.

The Spanish Habsburgs wage war with the French Valois family. The Spanish family Borgia (court of Charles V Habsburg) and Italian family Farnese found the Jesuits as antithesis to the Reformation of Martin Luther. Ferdinand II's grandson Francis Borgia leads the Jesuits.

1581 Alexander Farnese (Habsburg) recaptures the Netherlands for Spanish Habsburgs.

1609 the jesuits experiment with communism in Paraguay, owned by Spain. The jesuits use Institito de San Isidro to train political puppets. The flag of Salamanco contains the pillar of the Colonna's.

Charles I is succeeded by Philips II of Spain. After the death of Charles II Habsburg, the Spanish War of Succession erupts. They are replaced by the Bourbon family (fleur-de-lis symbol, descendants of the Farnese family that founded the Jesuits).

The Spanish Empire conquers large parts of South America.

1756 Seven Years' War between UK, France and Spain (Order of the Golden Fleece member Jeronimo Grimaldi y Pallavicini). The jesuits and the British Empire conspire against France and Spain and take over the opium trade in India and China through the British East India Company.

1766 the bread riots are instigated. Charles III expells the jesuits from Spain. Spain is conquered by jesuit Napoléon.

1811 Paraguay declares itself independent.

1818 Chile declares itself independent.

1819 Colombia declares itself independent from Spain (mason Simon Bolivar).

1825 Bolivia declares itself independent from Spain (mason Simon Bolivar).

1874 the Bourbons are restored in power. Alfonso XII restores the Jesuit order in Spain.

1920 Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali play a role in the art scene.

1928 José Escriva founds Opus Dei (Virgin Mary worship).

1936 Spanish Civil War (British agent George Orwell, Emma Goldman, North American Newspaper Alliance with Ernest Hemingway).

1937 dictatorship of fascist Francisco Franco (Alfonso Osorio, related to the Italian Massimo's, who founded the Fabian Society), in alliance with Opus Dei. Second International Writers' Congress with Ernest Hemingway, André Malraux, Pablo Neruda and MI6 agent Stephen Spender.

1962 Juan Carlos marries Sophia of Hanover-Glucksburg. movies of Jesus Franco with Christopher Lee.

1975 The death of Franco is the start of the Movida Madrilena with the hedonism of the Left Wing Church, illusionary freedom with cultural marxist program Punk Rock, visits from Andy Warhol, Spanish cinema of Pedro Almodovar (gay agenda) with Penelope Cruz. Juan Carlos Bourbon-Two Sicilies as King of Spain. Opus Dei members Anton Fontan and Adolfo Suarez play a role in transition to a puppet show democracy.

1997 Abre los Ojos with Penelope Cruz announces the Madrid 3/11 ritual (mask symbolism of mind control, remake Vanilla Sky after 9/11). Florentino Perez founds construction company Grupo ACS (buys Real Madrid in 2000) .

2001 the Club of Madrid is formed with jesuit Bill Clinton, Jose Maria Aznar, Felipe Gonzalez, Antonio Guterres, Romani Prodi, Helmut Kohl, Carl Bildt, jesuit Vicente Fox,...(funded by Open Society Foundations)

2004 on 3/11 a false flag attack is staged in Madrid, close to the statue of Lucifer, as a sequel to the 911 Twin Towers ritual. Jose Aznar (Committee on the Present Danger, Atlantic Council, Club de Madrid) starts a war with Afghanistan in alliance with George W Bush (S&B) and Tony Blair (Fabian Society).

2007 After the planned economic crisis, controlled opposition los Indignados is created (in alliance with Greek Syriza party).

The mayor of Barcelona is jesuit Jordi Hereu. Jesuit Joaquin Almunio is a politician of the European Union. Jesuit Pedro Morenes was Minister of Defense. Jesuit Fatima Banez is a Spanish socialist. Jesuits Ferran Sorriano and Josep Bartomeu lead soccer club Barcelona.

2014 abdication of Juan Carlos, replaced by Felipe IV.


Umayyad caliphs, Habsburg, Bourbon, Napoléon, Francisco Franco, Felipe of Spain (King of Jerusalem, Order of the Golden Fleece).

Presidents/prime ministers

Antonio Cànovas del Castillo, Praxedes Mateo Sagasta, Francisco Silvela, Eduardo Dato, Juan Negrin, Francisco Franco, Carlos Arias Navarro, Adolfo Suarez (Order of the Golden Fleece), Felipe Gonzalez (Javier Solana NATO, ECFR, CFR, TC as Foreign Affairs Minister, Guillermo de la Dehesa Goldman Sachs), José Maria Aznar (Committee on the Present Danger), José Luis Zapatero, Mariano Rajoy, Pedro Sanchez.

Propaganda outlets

- El Pais: Juan Luis Cebriàn (Club of Rome, Berggruen Institute)


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