King Solomon is a biblical figure, the son of King David and concept used in magic, alchemy, kabbalism, religion and freemasonry. Like the city Jerusalem, Solomon represents the sacred marriage (hieros gamos) and union of sun and moon (sol-o-mon, hieros sol -o-mon), active and passive, male and female (phallus and cup). Building the Temple of Solomon is a metaphor for balancing and uniting the opposites within one's self, performing the alchemical marriage, needed to cross the Abyss and to be spiritually reborn. Like king David, King Solomon also represents the 'holy' (Holy Grail) hybrid reptilian bloodline of elite families, that initiates its children through sexual abuse (incest).  The Hebrews created a religion that merged the stellar, lunar, solar and Saturnian cult (Isis-Ra-El) and copied the concept of the Aryans, Sum-erians (jews were captive in Babylon) who built the Temple of Ninurta and Egyptians who built solar temples in Un (Heliopolis) with an entrance of 2 obelisks.

Solomon is a common jewish name (fi Maynard Solomon, Solomon Benedict Worms, Solomon Ayllon, Haim Solomon, Carl Solomon, Jay Solomon, Solomon Bush, Andrew Solomon, Solomon Loeb and Solomon Guggenheim).

Queen Sheba represents unity of black-white, light and dark and Beta Israel bloodline of Ethiopia.

The Star of David (hexagram containing a hexagon, also called the Seal of Solomon) represents Daath, to divide blue and red, male and female (A and V, sun and moon). Christ is said to be a descendant from the House of David (concept of the next anointed lion king, stolen from the Egyptians who expelled the Aten cult of Akhenaten/Moses).

The initiate has to balance the 2 sides of the brain to understand abstract concepts and allegories, language of symbolism, the 2 pillars of knowledge (study) and wisdom (experience). The 3d middle pillar of truth and balance is the only way to go from imperfect keystone to perfect ashlar. The mason constructs the spiritual building, sculpting his mind as a stone/rock.

In Lemuria beings were capable of partenogenesis (virgin birth) like some lizards (salaman-der). The early temples were metallurgic labs to transform the metal gold into superconductive white powder (mfktz, manna). The search for gold was closely linked to the search for mercury.

The Holy of Holies represents the part of the brain that contains the pineal gland. The rebuilding of the temple also represents putting the capstone on the pyramid as end of the Great Work (one eye pyramid symbolism).

The Aryan druids worshiped a trinity of Bel- Esau- Tarran. They celebrated winter and summer solstice, the death and rebirth of the sun (using earth energy grids through knowledge of astrology) with sites like Stonehenge as an astrological calendar, revival of the Green Man of spring on May Day.

The Egyptians wrote the Book of the Dead with spells, serpent magic to revive Osiris. The glyph of Sirius was a star, phallus like obelisk and cup. Their temples had an outer court for the uninitiated ignorant masses and an inner court for the initiated.

The sun born from a crescent moon is a symbol found in many cultures.

The Phoenicians used the symbol of the pillars of Hercules.

King Dagda was a giant king of the Tuatha De Dannan with magic harp=> king David and his harp.

Akhenaten's Atenist cult was expelled from Egypt and became Judaism. In Judaism the fire sacrifice to druid god Bel, starting at april 19 leading to May Day, became the cult of Baal.

The temple of the sun became the Temple of Solomon. The Book of Ruth names Boaz (boa=serpent), son of Rahab, as pillar of the Temple of Jerusalem.

The Star of David (hexagram containing a hexagon= hexagonon north pole of Al-Saturn)

In Babylon jews copied Sumerian myths and wrote the Torah. It claims the Temple of Solomon was destroyed by Babylonian emperor Nebuchadnezzar II (symbol of the ego) in 587 bc who took the jews captive to Babylon, with Zerubbabel as leader. It plays a role in endtimes prophecy of a Christ and Antichrist in the Book of Revelation.

In the Quran David is a prophet of Allah (El-Al). In Islam Solomon is called Suleyman.

In al-chemy the alchemical marriage leads to an androgynous figure (like androgynous Mercury). 

Daath on the Abyss is also the gate to qliphotic worlds of lucifer.

The Romans used the Divide-and-Conquer strategy of creating friction between opposite camps to build and maintain their empire.

691 the Umayyad Caliphate build the Dome of the Rock, an octagon shaped building (Thoth was associated with nr 8 as leader of the Ogdoad) with golden dome and hexagons at the Temple Mount, the location of Solomon's Temple.

1124 David I of Scotland (Akhenaten's daughter Queen Scotta) with Walter Fitz Alan (ancestor of the Stuarts) as freemason. David as patron saint of Wales. harp symbol of Irish families.

Star of David=masonic square and compass.

1314 David's descendant Robert the Bruce.

In the York Rite the Master Mason degree emphasizes the candidate’s connection with the three archetypal masters of antiquity: Solomon, King Hiram of Tyre, and Hiram Abiff, the Widow’s Son. The first 2 degrees are based on the pillars Boaz and Joachin.

Kabbalists spread texts like the Key of Solomon with invocations and curses (language designed as a spell), use talismans, magical squares with numbers associated with the different planets. Witches who performed rituals in hexagrams in Solomonic magic or rune magic were called 'heks'.

1599 the Catholic Church puts works like Key of Solomon on index of forbidden books, start of witch hunts, legends of Dr Faust.

1616 Magician John Dee orchestrated the alchemical wedding of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart in London with performance of  William Shakespeare's The Tempest (Prospero based on Dee), which resulted in the House of Hanover.

1626 St Peter's Basilica with dome(cup) and phallus in keyhole shape, aligned with Orion and Sirius.

grimmoire Lesser key of Solomon (Lemegeton, divided into 5 books, based on the Testament of Solomon).
1st book Ars Goetia (greek word Goetes sorcerer), containing catalog of 72 names of evil spirits (king Bael, Paimon, Astaroth, Asmodeus, Belial, some old gods of Sumer and Babylon). 72 is the nr of Chesed, corresponds to secret name of God Shemhamforash, nr 666 6+6x6=72, 6 corners of heaxagon add up to 720 degrees. 4 directions Amaymon, Corson, Zimimay and Goap.
2nd book Ars Theurga-Goetica describing 31 spirits, corresponding to the directions of the compass, derived from cryptographer Trithemius' Steganographia. Trithemius was the teacher of HC Agrippa.
3d book Ars Paulina (supposedly by Paul the Apostle), describing angels corresponding to the hours of the day and the signs of the zodiac.
4th book Ars Abnadel.
1642 Henrietta Maria (Medici, mother of Charles II), wife of Charles I Stuart,  visits rabbi Jacob Judah Leon, who shows her a drawing of Solomon's Temple, which became the emblem of the Antient Grand Lodge. She was accompanied by Mary who later marries into the House of Orange.

1660 Charles II creates the Royal Society (intertwined with first freemasonry) to start the Scientific Revolution (gathering of knowledge as the symbolic rebuilding of Solomon's Temple, also mentioned in Francis Bacon's New Atlantis). Isaac Newton (Royal Society of the Stuarts) wrote about alchemy and the Temple of Solomon in Chronology of the Antients.

1770 United Grand Lodge of London. Masons reenact the murder of Hiram Abiff, the architect of Solomon's temple, and scenes in history of judaism with Zerubbabel and king Solomon. The 1st and 2nd grade are based on Boaz and Joachin, the left and right pillar of the Temple of Solomon.

1800s Eliphas Levi depiction of androgynous goat headed Baphomet, Templi Omnium Hominum Pacis Abbas, Peace of the Father to All Men in the Temple. The figure makes the hermetic sign 'As Above So Below' with a text written on its arms 'solve et coagule', meaning: concentrate will and diffuse, to project that energy.

1889 Samuel MacGregor Mathers of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (British Intelligence) translates the Lesser Key of Solomon, edited by Crowley. Mathers also translated The Book of Abremelin.

1898 AE Waite The Book of Black Magic.

1904 religion of Aleister Crowley (used the Book of Abramelin to summon his Holy Guardian Angel). Thelemites try to achieve Ego death through sex magic.

1930s Ethiopian king Haile Selassie claimed to be a descendant of King Solomon (legend of Queen Sheba and Menelik, worshiped in program Reggae), played a role in war with Italy of Benito Mussolini (Endtimes battle with Rome/Antichrist).

1968 Rosemary's Baby Rosemary receives talisman to have sex with reptilian figure at Dakota (72nd street) and give birth to Antichrist figure.

1971 Mel Stuart (Stuart Solomon) directs Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (sodomy symbolism).

1973 opening of Twin Towers in New York (Temple of Solomon symbolism of the York Rite). David Rockefeller as Antichrist figure.

1981 alchemical wedding of Charles Battenberg and Diana Spencer (moon goddess Diana).

1997 Solomon Ben Cross Vivica Fox as Queen Sheba Max von Sydow as David.

2001 the 911 Twin Towers ritual, Salomon Brothers building (Temple of Solomon destroyed at 9th of Av) with George W Bush.

(video by Truthiracy)

2009 Angels and Demons (Enochian) Ewan McGregor (=MacGregor Mathers) dropping antimatter in cup of St Peter's Basilica.

Andrew Solomon pushes the gay agenda.

2013 David Wilcock The Synchronicity Key (key of David).

2016 Doctor Strange Benedict Cumberbatch (played homosexual cryptographer Alan Turing). A Dark Song about Abramelin the Mage ritual the magician is called Solomon.

2018 Hereditary about summoning demon Paimon with Gabriel Byrne.

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