Sociology is the study of crowd psychology and human societies used for social engineering, control of the masses, related to psychology, economics, history, anthropology, criminology,.. The most influential sociologists are: Auguste Comte, Herbert Spencer (Darwinism), George Herbert Mead, Karl Marx, Max Weber and Emile Durkheim. The Saturn cult transformed earth into an energy farm through a takeover in 3 steps.

The Roman Empire became the Holy Roman Empire, used religion Christianity to control the population of Europe.
The jesuits created the education system, experimented with communism in Paraguay and conquered India and China with the British Empire and families Russell an Forbes through opium.

1760  the Lunar Society (Erasmus Darwin, Thomas Huxley, Benjamin Franklin, Francis Galton) creates the Industrial Revolution. The exploitation of slaves through 13h shifts (wage slavery) causes alienation.

the  American revolution and French revolution, a ritual to put dictator Napoleon Bonaparte in power and redesign the map of Europe, under the disguise of Enlightenment ideals.

1832 the Russell and Forbes families found Skull and Bones at Yale.

1848 Hegelian Karl Marx publishes the Communist Manifesto.

1851 Herbert Spencer Social Statics. His father George Spencer was a follower of mason Johann Pestalozzi (friend of Illuminati Johann Goethe and Johann Herder).

1859 rise of Darwinism.

1875 sociology class at Yale of William Sumner (Phi Beta Kappa, Skull and Bones).

1883 Lester Ward Dynamic Sociology.

1884 the Massimo's found the Fabian Society, to conquer the world with the wolf in sheep's clothing tactic.

1891 Edvard Westermarck The Human Marriage.

1892 first department of sociology at University of Chicago, publication of the American Journal of Sociology, Chicago School of Sociology with George Herbert Mead (pragmatism with John Dewey), Jane Addams,..

1893 Emile Durkheim (jewish, married to Louise Dreyfus, jesuit trained, student of Wilhelm Wundt, classmate of Henri Bergson at ENS) The Division of Labour in Society.

1895 Emile Durkheim Rules of the Sociological Method.

1897 Emile Durkheim Suicide.

1904 first sociology department in Europe at London School of Economics of the Fabians.

1905 founding of the American Sociological Association at Johns Hopkins University.

1907 department at University of London with Edvard Westermarck (Prometheus Society, study of incest) and Leonard Hobhouse, founder of The Sociological Review and brother of welfare activist Emily Hobhouse, related to Fabian Beatrice Webb.

1908 Young Turk revolution (Sabbatean masonic jews, influenced by Durkheim).

community at Monte Verita in Switzerland with Carl Jung.

1909 Max Weber founds the German Sociological Association. He teaches at University of Vienna and University of Munich and debated Oswald Spengler. He co-founded the German Democratic Party with his distant cousin and wife Marianne Weber, an agent of the Feminist Church with marxist Florence Kelly (Cornell, Upton Sinclair's Intercollegiate Socialist Society, NAACP) and Jane Addams (ACLU, Nobel Peace Prize, Chicago Board of Education, eugenics, lesbian agenda). Albert Einstein signed the founding document.

He was a member of the Verein für Socialpolitik with marxist Werner Sombart, Hans-Werner Sin (LSE) and Emil Lederer (The New School). He founded magazine Archives for Social Sciences and Welfare with Edgar Jaffé (jewish) and Werner Sombart (The Jews and Modern Capitalism). Werner Sombart's son Nicolaus Sombart was a member of the Group 47 with writers Paul Celan and Günter Grass.

He had a sadomasochist affair with Else von Richthofen, friend of Fanny zu Reventlow, who also wrote for Simplicissimus of Carl Jung, and like Hugo Ball and Otto Gross visited Monte Verità, used as a center for the OTO and destination for the Wandervogel youth groups of Germany (Hans Blüher, Greek pedophilia religion).

1917 Russian Revolution with Pitirim Sorokin who later migrated to the US.

1924 Frankfurt School (Institute for Social Research).

1925 Hans Freyer's sociology department at University of Leipzig with Ernest Manheim and Arnold Gehlen, cousin of Knight of Malta Reinhard Gehlen.

1927 Talcott Parsons works at Harvard, translates and popularizes the work of Weber.

1928 Edward Bernays Propaganda.

1932 Barbara Wooton (British Sociological Association) is a member of the Progressive League of Fabian HG Wells with Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley, Cecil agent Cyril Burt (Tavistock), CEM Joad, Kingsley Martin (The New Statesman of Fabian Society).

1933 rise of fascism, Hans Freyer pledges allegiance to nazism.

1936 American Sociological Review.

Paul Lazarsfeld's Radio Project of Princeton with Hadley Cantril and Theodor Adorno.

1942 Macy conferences on sociology and cybernetics with Margaret Mead, John von Neumann, Gregory Bateson (OSS, MK Ultra research on LSD with Ken Kesey), Harold Abramson (MK Ultra research on LSD), Norbert Wiener, Kurt Lewin, Erik Erikson, Paul Lazarsfeld, Max Horkheimer (Frankfurt School),..

1947 Tavistock Institute. David Riesman works for CIA front ACCF. sociologist Ruth Westheimer.

Philip Reiff (University of Chicago, sociologist at University of Pennsylvania) married Susan Sontag. They wrote Freud: the Mind of the Moralist, wich also discusses Carl Jung, Wilhelm Reich, Erich Fromm (Frankfurt School). It was published by Viking Press (Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest).

1950s Beatnik scene in Greenwich Village.
1951 Charles Wright Mills (Columbia University, The New Republic, New Left, friend of Dwight McDonald of NY Intellectuals) White Collar (study of the middle class).

1960 the Civil Rights Movement with MLK and Jesse Jackson (trained in sociology)

1961 Stanley Milgram experiment. rise of mass media (mind control through tv).

1963 Theodor Adorno as president of the German Sociological Association. Howard Beckers (Guggenheim Fellowship) Outsiders: Studies in the Sociology of Deviance (labeling theory).
2nd Chicago school of sociology with Beckers, Erving Goffman and Anselm Strauss (UC San Francisco). Harrison White works at Harvard Department of Social Relations.

1968 the multiculturalist experiment. cultural marxist programs of pop culture, Swinging London scene, Laurel Canyon scene, Punk Rock,..

1972 Stanley Cohen works at Sussex University.

1980s Satanic Panic media ritual. yuppie culture.

1999 Jutta Allmendinger (SDP, European Commission, Die Zeit) as president of the German Sociological Association.

2004 rise of social media like Facebook (developed at Harvard).

2020 sociological experiment Corona.

Theodor Adorno

Max Weber