Society for Psychical Research

The Society for Psychical Researsch (SPR) is an organisation founded in 1882 by the Cecils, in alliance with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Like the HOGD and the Theosophical Society, it is an organisation of secret service propagandists, who use an image of spiritualist, occultist or skeptic as cover, that pave the way for the Luciferian New Age Church. The logo of the SPR is the trident of Neptune, associated with stage illusion, spirituality.

The SPR conducted research on drugs, hypnosis (continued in CIA mind control projects with Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland as manual for dissociation) and played a role in publicity stunts of 'investigating' ESP, mediums, séances,..

1882 was also the year Friedrich Nietzsche published the Gay Sience with it famous parable, that announced the Death of God.

In 1882 the Ghost Club was revived, a club of Fellows of Trinity College, when the trend of spiritualism reached its peak in Victorian England. The Ghost Club consisted of jesuit AC Doyle, Algernon Blackwood, WB Yeats, Arthur Machen (all 4 HOGD), Julian Huxley, William Crookes, Charles Dickens, Charles Babbage (cryptography, 'father of the digital computer'), CEM Joad (Fabian Society, BBC, New Party of fascist Oswald Mosley). In the 20th century it consisted of Dennis Wheatley (To the Devil A Daughter, MI6 like Crowley), Colin Wilson (Angry Young Men, existentialism, biography of Crowley), Ciaran O'Keefe (SPR), Peter Cushing (Star Wars of George Lucas), Lynn Picknett (Templar Revelation, the Stargate Conspiracy about Stargate Project, The Secret History of Lucifer).


1882 Henry Sidgwick (Trinity College, married to sister of Arthur Balfour). Frederick Meyers (Trinity College), Frank Podmore of the Fabian Society, George Wyld of the Theosophical Society, mathematician and pedophile Lewis Carroll (writer of Alice In Wonderland), WB Yeats (HOGD and Theosophical Society), Henry Pickering Bowditch (dean of Harvard Medical School, American Philosophical Society with Charles Darwin).

The American Society for Psychical Research is formed in 1884 with Alexander Graham Bell (AT&T), William James (Theosophical Society, friend of Jung and Freud), Mark Twain (friend of Nikola Tesla), G. Stanley Hall (American Psychological Association, classmate of Elihu Root).
1885 Balfour Stewart
1893 Arthur Balfour (cousin of Robert Cecil, later pm of UK, elite club The Souls, friend of Zionist Chaim Weizman, wrote the famous Balfour Declaration, which promised Palestina to Lord Rothschild). members AC Doyle (jesuit, British Intelligence, supporter of compulsary vaccination, freemason, HOGD, the Ghost Club, author of Sherlock Holmes, friend of Harry Houdini and Frank Podmore of the Fabian Society) Heinrich Hertz (proved the existence of electromagnetic waves), art critic and mason John Ruskin, William Gladstone (pm of UK, mason, Chancellor of the Exchequer, American Philosophical Society with Charles Darwin). Joseph Rinn (Society for American Magicians, American SPR) was the teacher of Harry Houdini.
1894 William James. William James (Theosophical Society) as a teacher at Harvard is the mentor of propagandist Walter Lippman, Gertrude Stein (modernist art scene of Montparnasse), WEB Du Bois (NAACP, the Black Church). He invents the concepts 'pragmatism' and 'stream of consciousness'. Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud.
1896 William Crookes (the Ghost Club)
1900 Frederick Meyers
1901 Oliver Lodge (Fabian Society)

From 1903 Everard Feilding (Trinity College) was the secretary of the SPR. He supervised Aleister Crowley as MI6 agent.
1904 William Barrett (Royal Society)
1905 Charles Richet
1906 Gerald Balfour
1908 Eleanor Sidgwick
1911 Andrew Lang (Order of the White Rose, pro House of Stewart)
1912 William Carpenter
1913 Henri Bergson, Polish Hassidic jew, who married the cousin of Marcel Proust (gay agenda). Henri's sister Moina Mathers married Samuel Liddell Mathers of the HOGD with Aleister Crowley and AC Doyle.

Both couples lived in Paris. After Mather's death, Moina Bergson published his The Kabbalah Unveiled (cult of Isis, like Blavatsky's Isis Unveiled).

Henri Bergson wrote Laughter about the meaning of the comic (archetype of the Fool, the Joker). Like Albert Einstein and Marie Curie, he promoted world government United Nations. He was a friend of John Dewey who founded the leftist (Luciferian) New School, a branch of Columbia University (Colonna, coulumb=the dove, Lucifer) .

1914 Ferdinand Schiller (the Aristotelian Society, British Eugenics Society)
1915 Gilbert Murray Humanists International, friend of HG Wells and Bernard Shaw of the Fabian Society, world government League of Nations/United Nations. His daughter married Arnold Toynbee, who was trained at the LSE of the Fabian Society and whose A Study of History became a blueprint for the counterculture of the 60's. Zionist Horace Kellen as member.
1917 Lawrence Pearcall Jacks
1919 John William Strut
1920 William McDougall psychology professor at Harvard and Duke, Royal Society, teacher of Cecil puppet Cyril Burt. Cyril Burt was a promotor of eugenics, member of Tavistock Clinic, the British Psychological Society and British Psychoanalytical Society. McDougall worked for Scientic American, like skeptic Martin Gardner.
1922 Thomas Walker Mitchell (hypnosis and somnambulism, British Psychoanalytical Society with Wilfred Bion of Tavistock, Melanie Klein, Anna Freud)
1923 Camille Flammarion (science fiction author)
1926 Hans Driesch (student of Ernest Haeckel, scientific racism, social Darwinism)
1930 Walter Prince (research on Multiple Personality Disorder)
1933 Edith Lyttleton (RIIA of Alfred Milner, League of Nations/United Nations)
1935 CD Broad (Trinity College, gay agenda, Aristotelian Society with Bertrand Russell)
1937 Robert Strutt (Cavendish Laboratory, Cecil bloc, Royal Society)
1939 HH Price (Aristotelian Society)
1942 Robert Henry Thouless
1945 George Nugent
1947 William Henry Salter
1949 Gardner Murphy educated at Yale and Columbia, research at City College of NY, Freudian and Darwinist, American Psychogical Association with Abraham Maslow (CCNY, Esalen Institute), John Dewey of Columbia/The New School.

Gardner Murphy worked with Edgar Cayce (Martin Gardner and James Randi as debunker). Gerald Heard of the SPR works with LSD researcher Humpfrey Osmond.
1950 Samuel Soal
1952 Gilbert Murray
1953 FJM Stratton (astrophysicist, Royal Society)
1960 ER Dodds (friend of Aldous Huxley, TS Elliot and WB Yeats)
1963 Donald West (gay agenda)
1965 Alister Hardy (Darwinist, Royal Society)
1969 WAH Rushton (Trinity College, Royal Society)
1971 Clement Mundle
1974 John Beloff (Martin Gardner as nemesis, the 'debunker' of Aleister Crowley and Ron Hubbard in 'Fads and Fallacies', who wrote extensively on Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland).

Karlis Osis of the SPR (friend of Aldous Huxley) investigates the ESP claims of Ingo Swann (Scientology, Stargate Project psyop at Stanford Research University).
1980 Joseph Banks Rine affiliated with the Esalen Institute, ESP research, parapsychology lab at Duke University, Parapsychological Association with Karlis Osis and jesuit Margaret Mead (Macy conferences, Tavistock, The New School, married to CIA agent Gregory Bateson).
1988 Ian Stevenson (promotor of psychedelics with Aldous Huxley, worked for Harper's of Hearst). Ralph Noyes as honorary secretary (book about crop circles, novel about alien invasion)
1992 Alan Gauld (research on hypnosis)
1993 Archie Roy
1995 David Fontana
2000 Bernard Carr (student of Stephen Hawking)
2007 Deborah Delanoy (Koestler Chair for Parapsychology at University of Edinburgh). Rupert Sheldrake (Institute of Noetic Sciences of Edgar Mitchell and Willis Harman of SRI) the Science Delusion.


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Ordo Templo Orientis

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