Silver Gate

The Silver Gate in astrology is a crossing of the galactic plane (the Milkyway, feminine energy of the universe) and the ecliptic (the Zodiac belt, Oz-Osiris) above Orion, seen as the horns of the Bull of Heaven (Taurus=torus). The (re) birth of the sun (Ra/Re) in Taurus reviving Earth as the Green Man of spring, was celebrated on May Day (Belthane) through circling around the Maypole as phallus of Bel/Baal. The Golden Gate is Scorpio-Sagittarius, close to Ophiuchus the Snakeholder. The crossing is a symbol of the sacred marriage of male and female, distorted in many religions of the Saturn cult in worship of the God program.  It represents a dimensional portal, a gateway to the Galactic Center (Black sun).

It was seen as the womb of Isis, a stargate through which souls entered. The Silver Gate was called the Gate of Man and the Golden Gate, the Gate of God, forming a pole from birth to death, the pole or bar of Isis (word police, policy, Paris).,

Because Taurus is ruled by Venus (the Lightbringer), the celebration of the rebirth of mother earth was inverted as Venus the Torchbearer coming out of the underworld, risen as a phoenix.

The celestial plane crosses the ecliptic at the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox, making 3 x'es (3 crosses).

Astrology was studied in the art of alchemy with mercury as divider of silver (moon) and gold (sun). 13th sign Ophiuchus the Snakeholder is seen as activating the 13th cranial nerve and the trinity of pineal gland, pituary gland and thalamus (scarab beetle Khepri).

The moon (exaltation in Taurus), associated with metal silver, was worshiped through sacred marriage rituals (Temple of Solomon, Key of Solomon) and sacred prostitution creating the necessity for money.

In Egypt Amun was worshiped through golden statues. Isis was worshiped through the star Sirius (female energy of the galaxy), depicted as the 5 pointed star with the golden ratio Phi (irrational number 1, 618=ISIS). The golden ratio spiral is found everywhere in nature and in sacred geometry (synthetic overlay). The pineal gland is located in the middle of the brain in a golden ratio spiral. The H-symbol of the pylons of the Egyptian temples were symbol of a stargate.

Osiris was dismembered by his brother Set. Isis went on a quest to find his golden phallus. Mummies were buried in the X-pose of Osiris with scarab beetles as symbol of Khepri.

The Hierophant card (Taurus) shows the priest with two keys, the silver and golden key in a X-cross.

Odin was pictured on a throne with arch that represented the wormhole of the Silver and Golden Gate.

Pietro Perugino painted the Delivery of the Keys for the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

St Peters basilica was built in Rome with an obelisk inside an 8 pointed star of Ishtar (4 cardinal and 4 fixed signs) inside a keyhole shape, key to silver and golden gate. The obelisk represents the phallus of Osiris, the dome the cup of Isis.

The masonic Royal Arch represents the first 6 signs with Cancer as keystone. The Order of the Illuminati (False Light cult) was founded on may day.

The Schwarzenbergs created Skull and Bones at Yale University with X symbol, nr 322 creating 3 DNA strands. The Baphomet figure represents the union of opposites male and female, its crossed legs represent the galactic cross.

CERN was built in Geneva (coat of arms with golden key, Genesis) Switzerland to open the Abyss of Revelation 911.

The CIA created a hippie cult at  Haight-Ashbury to announce coming Messiah Antichrist in the Golden Gate Park during the Summer of Love to summon Babalon (love) as counterforce to Horus to quicken the endtimes prophecy Manson Family Antichrist figure Charles Manson. Paul Tate worked at the Presidio near the Golden Gate Bridge.

in the 70's the CIA created Stargate Project at SRI San Francisco.

The 911 Twin Towers ritual with Larry Silverstein represented the stargate at Taurus-Gemini.

In Angels and Demons Ewan McGregor plays an Antichrist figure with silver and golden key symbol and plans to steal antimatter from CERN.