Sherilyn Fenn

Sherilyn Fenn is a mind controlled actress, used in the Hollywood film industry to play the gnostic Sophia archetype (Marilyn Monroe, Sharon Tate, Diana Spencer), a mirror image of Sheryl Lee in Twin Peaks of David Lynch. She had a relationship with Prince (Uranus: androgynous) and Johnny Depp.

She was trained at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.

Astrological chart

born 2/1/1965, day of birth Brandon Lee and Stephanie of Monaco (daughter of Grace Kelly who died in car crash), Aquarius the star.

Dominants: Aquarius (the Star), Virgo, Capricorn - Uranus, Neptune (in scorpio opp jupiter in taurus), Jupiter.

Mercury, Venus, Lilith in Capricorn, Saturn in Pisces, Moon and Sun in Aquarius, Pluto, Uranus, Mars in Virgo.


1984 The Wild Life Cameron Crowe Chris Penn Lea Thompson Eric Stolz Michael Bowen Jr
1984 Silence of the Heart Charlie Sheen
1985 Out of Control Katie
1985 Just One of the Guys Sandy
1985 Dummies Short film
1986 Thrashin' Velvet Josh Brolin
1986 The Wraith Charlie Sheen Nick Cassavetes
1987 Zombie High Suzi Virginia Madsen
1988 Two Moon Junction (Aleister Crowley's Moonchild) Louise Fletcher Millie Perkins Milla Jovovich Dabbs Greer (Pasadena Plauhouse)

1989 Crime Zone (pink sky) Helen David Carradine executive produced by Roger Corman
1989 True Blood Jennifer Scott Chad Lowe
1990 Backstreet Dreams Lucy Brooke Shields Joe Pantoliano
1990 Wild at Heart Girl in Accident David Lynch Laura Dern Nicolas CageHarry Dean Stanton Sheryl Lee
1990 Meridian Catherine Bomarzini

1990 Twin Peaks David Lynch Kyle Maclachlan Sheryl Lee Ray Wise
1991 Desire and Hell at Sunset Motel Bridget 'Bridey' DeSoto
1991 Diary of a Hitman (Lust) Forest Whitaker Sharon Stone
1991 Dillinger as Billie Frechette Will Patton as John Dillinger (role also played by Johnny Depp) Patricia Arquette Mark Harmon Lawrence Tierney
1992 Ruby (the JFK ritual, ruby slippers, Wizard of Oz programming) Sheryl Ann 'Candy Cane' DuJean Danny Aiello as Jack Ruby David Duchovny as JD Tippit
1992 Of Mice and Men Gary Sinise John Malkovich John Terry
1993 Three of Hearts William Baldwin Kelly Lynch Joe Pantoliano
1993 Boxing Helena Helena Jennifer Lynch Julian Sands Bill Paxton Art Garfunkel
1993 Fatal Instinct (parody of Basic Instinct with Sharon Stone) Laura Lincolnberry Eartha Kitt
1995 Liz: the Elizabeth Taylor Story as Elizabeth Taylor Ray Wise 
1996 The Assassination File Lauren Jacobs
1997 Lovelife Molly
1997 Friends NBC
1997 Just Write Jeremy Piven Holland Taylor
1998 The Shadow Men Dez Wilson Eric Roberts Dean Stockwell
1998 Outside Ozona Meat Loaf Robert Forster Penelope Ann Miller
1998 Rude Awakening (AA meetings) Showtime Lynn Redgrave Tim Curry
1999 Darkness Falls Ray Winstone
2000 Cement Chris Penn Jeffrey Wright
2002 Swindle Sophie Zenn
2002 Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Mariska Hargitay
2003 The United States of Leland Michelle Williams Jena Malone Lena Olin Don Cheadle Ryan Gosling Kevin Spacey
2003 Dream Warrior Sterling
2006 Novel Romance Traci Lords (also Lee Strasberg Institute)
2007 Treasure Raiders David Carradine
2009 Fist of the Warrior Katie Barnes Peter Greene Lionsgate
2009 The Scenesters A.D.A. Barbara Dietrichson
2012 Bigfoot Alice Cooper
2013 Raze Elizabeth Zoe Bell Rachel Nichols Rosario Dawson
2014 The Brittany Murphy Story Sharon Murphy (Sharon Tate)
2015 Unnatural Dr. Hannah Lindval
2016 The Secrets of Emily Blair Linda Regan
2017 Wish Upon Joey King
2017 Twin Peaks the Return Showtime

2020 Losing Addison Sarah Jane McCubbin
2020 Immortalist Laura Spersoni
2020 Shooting Heroin Hazel
2020 Little America Laura Bush
For Entertainment Purposes Only Gina
Silent Life Alla Nazimova
Something About Her


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