The Sforza family was an Italian elite family that was part of the Catholic Church (Draco-Orion Empire, like the Visconti's their coat of arms contains a dragon-serpent devouring a human being). They designed the Sforza Tarot and were the patrons of Leonardo da Vinci. They worked in alliance in the Spanish Borgia's who were accused of being marrano's (crypto-jews), were known for incest, poisoning and murdering and created the Order of the Jesuits with the Farnese family.

The dynasty was founded by Muzzio Attendolo Sforza, a condottiero who fought the Visconti's who ruled Milan, at the Battle of Casalecchio.

Bona Sforza married Sigismund of Poland (Order of the Golden Fleece), whose granddaughter married Wilhelm von Rosenberg. She worked with Francis I of France in rivalry with the Habsburgs. Their daughter Anna Jagiellon and Stefan I Bathory, ruler of Transsylvania, allowed the jesuits to work in Poland and open schools in Vilnius and Polotsk Belarus. During the Reformation the Catholic Sforza's were rivals of Sigismund II.

Ascanio Sforza was cardinal under pope Sixtus IV and helped electing Rodrigo Borgia as pope.

Francesco Sforza was the Duke of Milan from 1450 and married Bianca Maria Visconti (large skull like Nephilim giants), the third wife of Emperor Maximilian.

His son Ludovico Sforza was Duke of Milan from 1494 and married Beatrice d'Este. He was one of the patrons of Leonardo da Vinci and ordered The Last Supper painting of Jesus Christ. The Orsini's and Farnese family were patrons of his rival Michelangelo. Luca Pacioli dedicated his Divina Proportione with drawings of Da Vinci to him. 

Caterina Sforza studied alchemy and posed for a painting with sword as Salomé (John the Baptist symbolism). She married Girolamo Riaro (coat of arms with white rose), a nephew of Francesco De Rovere (pope Sixtus IV), who conspired against the Medici's, and later Giovanni de Medici. She was a rival of Cesare Borgia.

Constanza Sforza Orsini was the granddaughter of Alessandro Farnese and daughter of Luigia Pallavicini. She married Giacomo Boncompagni, a son of pope Gregory XIII.

Giovanni Sforza married Lucrezia Borgia, who later married Alfonso of Aragon and later Alphonse d'Este (House of Welf/Guelph).

Carlo Sforza was a leftist anti-fascist politician of the Mazzini Society (named after Giuseppe Mazzini). He was in Turkey during the Young Turk Revolution and helped designing the European Union with Otto Habsburg and Richard Kalergi.

Tony Sforza was a CIA agent who worked with Theodor Shackley in Cuba from 1959. Juanita Castro of WACL, sister of jesuit trained Fidel Castro, claimed to be in contact with him. He later worked in Chile.

Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza was trained by the jesuits and the founder of the Human Genome Project in 1990, a collaboration with MIT and Stanford, to determine the base pairs and sequence the genes of human DNA. Its result were presented by Francis Collins, Craig Venter, jesuit Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. He was a member of the Royal Society, AAS, National Academy of Sciences and Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

Urbano Colonna-Sforza played in movies like James Bond movie Casino Royale and is a member of the Order of Jesters.

Lilio Ruspoli Sforza is a member of the Order of Malta.

Francesco Riario Sforza married Johannes Schwarzenberg.

Silvio Berlusconi was born in Milan, leader of the Forza political party and member of the P2 lodge.

Catherine Middleton (Monarch programming), descendant of Caterina Sforza, married Antichrist figure William Mountbatten-Saxe-Coburg. In the media she was portayed as the new Diana Spencer, with identical clothes (the symbolism of reborn phoenix in the James Holmes Olympic ritual). She gave birth to prince George and Louis, presented to the press in blue and red dress like Diana and Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby.

In Silence of the Lambs, Anthony Hopkins plays Hannibal Lecter, supposedly a descendant of the Sforza's.

The dragon-serpent is also on the emblem of Fininvest, Inter Milan and Alfa Romeo.

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