The serpent or snake, like the dragon, is a reptile, that became a symbol of hybrid reptilian race, the Draco-Orion Empire, genetic engineering scientists and priest kings of Atlantis. It is also a symbol of the electromagnetic wave, wave of time (serpent=present, flow of seasons in the zodiac) and DNA. The serpent cult used mushrooms like Amanita Muscaria containing DMT, working with the subconscious through meditation (working with Kundalini serpent) and astral projection (the stellar cult).

Snakes swallow their prey and have a skin with hexagonal scales like the north pole of Saturn (Satan). The hexagon is the most ideal shape to extract heat. The snake biting its tail is the ourobouros symbol of time (ring of Saturn, Father Time).

The Aryans introduced the uraeus serpent as sacred symbol (primordial god Atum). The tradition of priestesses exploring the subconscious became the cult of goddesses Isis, Ishtar, Lilith, Persephone who traveled through the underworld.

The Egyptian pharao's used the uraeus or agathodaemon (winged serpent) as symbol of the Kundalini energy that activates the pineal gland (illumination).  They worshiped hawk headed Horus and sacred crocodile Sobek.  Serpentine god Atum fought chaos serpent Apep and transformed back into a serpent (shapeshifting) at the end of a creative cycle. Thoth revived Osiris with his serpent staff. Serpents are depicted at the Temple of Dendera.

The Mayans worshipped winged serpent Quetzalcoatl. turtle symbol of primordial chaos, Naga's in Asian mythology.

In the region Israel merging the stellar, lunar, solar and Saturnian cult (Isis-Ra-El) in monotheism of Moses (Akhenaten) and Aaron with serpent staff.

Tara was also called drumcain (hill of the serpent). serpent mounds of giants in Ohio.

The Canaanites of Israel merged the stellar (serpentine), lunar, solar and Saturnian cult.

The captive jews of Babylon copied Sumerian mythology and wrote the Bible. In the Book of Genesis (gene-serpent magic of Isis) Eve is tempted by serpent Lucifer in the Garden of Eden (Eve=>evil). In Genesis the serpent promises the fruit of the tree of knowledge will make man a God. the promise of Mephistoteles to Faust). ser-pent=pentagram of Venus. In the Old Testament the word Nachash is used.

The snake was the symbol of Tribe of Dan (=DNA, 13th tribe). King David was a member of Judaic tribe Nashon (serpent, origin of word nation). Cherubim: fiery serpent. Cohen: snake priest. Teth: serpent, womb.

constellation Serpens of Ophiuchus the Snakeholder (13th month suppressed by Julian calendar). Boaz (boa=snake) and Joachin are the black and white pillar of Temple of Solomon in freemasonry.


The Greeks worshiped the Titans and shapeshifting serpentine gods like Zeus (motive of the dragon slayer) who slayed Typhon (=python, based on Tarhunt-Teshub slaying Iliuyanka). Red haired Cadmus was depicted fighting a serpent-dragon.

Athena held a spear and serpent. Athens supposedly was founded by serpent man Cecrops. Dionysus and Hermes wore the serpent intertwined staff (whirling energy of water). Medusa had a head of snakes. mathematics school of Pythagoras (i am the python). The Oracle of Delphi with priestess called Pythia was dedicated to Apollo and Dionysus.

In Buddhism Buddha is tempted by evil serpent Mara. Aboriginal culture and Voodoo venerates the rainbow serpent (7 chakra's).


Jesus in the Bible says 'Be ye wise as serpents'. In the desert he is tempted by Satan (Set god of the desert).

The Phoenicians became the Black Venetians. The Catholic Church (Holy Roman Empire) repressed the feminine, subconscious, through patriarchy as a revenge of the master serpents on the serpent race who taught their slave race forbidden knowledge. The coat of arms of House of Sforza and Visconti has a man eating serpent (also on the emblem of Alfa Romeo).

The serpent cult continued in gnosticism  (lion headed serpent, Abraxas with rooster head and serpent legs). The gnostics considered the serpent as good- eating from the tree of knowledge was not a sin, but a way of liberating themselves. In gnosticism the world is evil, created by evil god- YHVH, an angry jealous god, who told them not to eat from the tree to keep them in spiritual darkness. The serpent people who worship the serpent of genesis were called Ophites by Hyppolitus of Rome. Cainites and Ophidians started worshipping the fallen angels, Lucifer the serpent and Cain the child of Eve and Lucifer.

motive of the dragonslayer Michael, St George in secret societies like Order of the Garter. In Irish mythology St Patrick stated he cast out the serpents of the land.

The ancient herb doctors became the Medici medicine men (cult of Hermes/Mercury) with snake and cup or staff with snake. In the Zohar Samael is 'The Rider of the Serpent'.

Queen  Elizabeth I (trained by the Cecils with the Hermetic New Learning method) was depicted with serpent on her sleeve on the Rainbow Portrait.

In the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn the goal of the Adept was to ride upon the back of the Dragon, harness the forces of 'evil' and gain strength therefrom.

snake Kaa in The Jungle Book of Rudyard Kipling. The world egg with serpent is on the Lovers card.

1930s Heinrich Himmler's SS (two snakes)

1952 Francis Crick (Cambridge of the Cecils) helix model of DNA.

1969 the 911 Sharon Tate ritual (Teth: serpent). Jim Morrison Ride the Snake.

1984 Dune (riding the worm=riding the snake). Metallica (scales symbol on And Justice For All) Black Album with 666 serpent Danish Lars Ulrich (alchemy with heavy metals).

1997 The Serpent's Kiss Ewan McGregor.

neopaganism, Ayahuasca trend. disinfo of Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion,..

movies announcing mutant race (Gensys in Rise of Planet of the Apes, X-Men,..)

2006 Snakes On a Plane Samuel Jackson.

2014 Noah Darren Arenofsky.

2020 Covid19 ritual, WHO with serpent symbol.