Sean Penn

Sean Penn is a jewish mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywod film industry to push the gay agenda, and play a role in the James Holmes phoenix ritual. He had relationships with Madonna, Robin Wright (House of Cards with Kevin Spacey), Charlize Theron, Leila George (the daughter of Vincent D'Onofrio). His brother is Chris Penn (Reservoir Dogs).

Astrological chart

born 8/17/1960, date Robert De Niro, Donnie Wahlberg, David Koresh.

Asc: Sagittarius, mc: Libra. Dom: Sagittarius (Art), Leo, Cancer - Jupiter, Moon, Mars.

Houses 1, 8, 7. 1: Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn, 8: Sun, Uranus and Mercury in Leo, 7: Moon and Lilith in Cancer. 6: Mars in Gemini, 9: Venus and Pluto in Virgo.


1981 Taps George C Scott Tom Cruise
1982 The Beaver Kid 2 Larry 'Groovin' Larry' Short film Elizabeth Daily (married to Rick Salomon) Crispin Glover
1982 Fast Times at Ridgemont High Amy Heckerling Irving Azoff Cameron Crowe Nicolas Cage Jennifer Jason Leigh Vincent Schiavelli Lana Clarkson
1983 Bad Boys Clancy Brown Rick Rosenthal

1983 Risky Business Unknown Uncredited cameo Tom Cruise
1983 Summerspell
1984 Crackers (rainbow) Louis Malle (married Candice Bergen) Donald Sutherland
1984 Racing with the Moon Henry 'Hopper' Nash Elizabeth McGovern Nicolas Cage Crispin Glover Dana Carvey
1985 The Falcon and the Snowman Timothy Hutton music by David Bowie
1986 At Close Range (Art) Christopher Walken Crispin Glover Chris Penn Kiefer Sutherland screenplay by Nicholas Kazan
1986 Shanghai Surprise Madonna
1988 Colors Officer Danny 'Pac-Man' McGavin Dennis Hopper Robert Duvall
1988 Judgment in Berlin Guenther X Martin Sheen Harris Yulin
1989 Casualties of War Sergeant Tony Meserve Brian De Palma Michael J Fox John C Reilly John Leguizamo
1989 We're No Angels (Sagittarius: religion) Jim Robert De Niro Demi Moore
1990 State of Grace Ed Harris Robin Wright Gary Oldman John C Reilly
1990 Cool Blue Woody Harrelson Hank Azaria
1991 The Indian Runner (director) Patricia Arquette Dennis Hopper Viggo Mortensen David Morse Charles Bronson MGM produced by jesuit Steve Bannon
1992 Cruise Control Jeffrey Short film
1993 Carlito's Way David Kleinfeld Al Pacino Penelope Ann Miller Luis Guzman John Leguizamo Viggo Mortensen
1995 Dead Man Walking Matthew Poncelet Susan Sarandon Ronald Lee Ermey Tim Robbins
1995 The Crossing Guard Mary Jack Nicholson David Morse Anjelica Huston Robin Wright Piper Laurie
1997 Loved William Hurt
1997 She's So Lovely Robin Wright John Travolta
1997 U Turn Bobby Cooper Oliver Stone Jennifer Lopez Joaquin Phoenix
1997 The Game Conrad Van Orton Michael Douglas Deborah Kara Unger James Rebhorn Spike Jonze
1997 Hugo Pool Strange Hitchhiker Alyssa Milano Robert Downey Sr Cathy Moriarty Malcolm McDowell
1998 Hurlyburly (pink sky) Kevin Spacey Robin Wright Meg Ryan Anna Paquin
1998 The Thin Red Line Nick Nolte Woody Harrelson Jim Caviezel George Clooney John Travolta Tim Blake Nelson Jared Leto John Cusack Adrien Brody
1999 Being John Malkovich Himself Uncredited cameo Charlie Sheen Cameron Diaz
1999 Sweet and Lowdown Gretchen Mol Samantha Morton Uma Thurman Woody Allen
2000 Up at the Villa Kristin Scott Thomas
2000 Before Night Falls Javier Bardem Johnny Depp
2000 The Weight of Water Elizabeth Hurley Kathryn Bigelow
2001 I Am Sam Samuel John 'Sam' Dawson Dakota Fanning Michelle Pfeiffer Laura Dern Dianne West Richard Schiff
2003 Pauly Shore Is Dead Himself Cameo
2003 It's All About Love Thomas Vinterberg Joaquin Phoenix Mark Strong
2003 Mystic River Jimmy Markum Mark Wahlberg Tim Robbins Kevin Bacon Laurence Fishburne Warner Bros
2003 21 Grams Naomi Watts Benicio Del Toro Charlotte Gainsbourg Alejandro Inarritu
2004 The Assassination of Richard Nixon Samuel J. Bicke
2005 The Interpreter Secret Service Agent Tobin Keller
2006 All the King's Men Willie Stark
2007 Into the Wild (director) Emile Hirsch William Hurt Jena Malone music by Eddie Vedder
2007 Persepolis Marjane's Father Voice (English dub)
2008 What Just Happened Himself Robert De Niro Kristen Stewart Michael Wincott Bruce Willis Stanley Tucci
2008 Tropic Thunder Himself Cameo
2008 Milk Harvey Milk Emile Hirsch James Franco (gay agenda)
2009 Crossing Over Chris Farrell Scenes deleted
2010 Fair Game Joseph Wilson
2011 The Tree of Life Adult Jack
2011 This Must Be the Place Cheyenne
2012 Americans Commie Short film with Kid Rock
2013 Gangster Squad Mickey Cohen Emma Stone Ryan Gosling Josh Brolin
2013 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Sean O'Connell Ben Stiller
2015 The Gunman Jim Terrier Idris Elba
2016 The Angry Birds Movie Terence Voice
2016 Sound of Sun Man
2016 The Last Face Javier Bardem Charlize Theron
2019 The Professor and the Madman Dr. William Chester Minor
2021 Flag Day John Vogel Also director
Licorice Pizza


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