Sean Connery

Sean Thomas Connery  was a British (Scottish)  mind controlled actor, used in the British film industry and Hollywood film industry to play the James Bond character in MI6 propaganda. He married Diane Cilento who played in Moulin Rouge of John Huston, The Wickerman with Christopher Lee. He was a friend of Michael Caine. He played in a play of Eugene O'Neill (Greenwich Village scene).

His son Jason Connery played Ian Fleming in Spymaker: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming. He directed Pandemic (Covid19-ritual) and The Devil's Tomb with Cuba Gooding Jr.

His wife Mia Sara played Lili in Ridley Scott's Legend with Tom Cruise and Sloane in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. She later married the son of Jim Henson (Muppet Show, Labyrinth).

Astrological chart

born 8/25/1930, date d Friedrich Nietzsche, Wizard of Oz, d Alfred Kinsey, d Neil Armstrong (moon landing), Tim Burton, Alexander Skarsgard, Billy Ray Cyrus, d Truman Capote, George Wallace, d Ted Kennedy, d Aaliyah, d John McCain (Ian Fleming born 5/28=8/25).

Asc: Capricorn, mc: Scorpio. Dom: Capricorn (the Devil), Virgo, Cancer - Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury.

Houses 7, 8, 1. 7: Pluto and Jupiter in Cancer, Sun and Neptune in Virgo, 8: Moon and Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Libra, 1: Capricorn, Lilith in Aquarius. 2: Uranus in Aries.

died 10/31/2020, date Halloween, d River Phoenix, Jimmy Savile, d Harry Houdini, d Ramon Navarro, Peter Jackson, Piper Perabo, Michael J Anderson, d Federico Fellini.


1954 Lilacs in the Spring unknown Uncredited Errol Flyn David Karrar as Charles II Stuart (Scottish rite) United Artists
1957 No Road Back Spike Alfie Bass
1957 Hell Drivers Johnny Kates Patrick McGoohan (The Prisoner) Alfie Bass Jill Ireland (wife of Charles Bronson)
1957 Action of the Tiger Mike Martin Carol (considered as French Marilyn Monroe) Anthony Dawson Terence Young
1957 Time Lock 2nd Welder
1958 Another Time, Another Place Mark Trevor Lana Turner (married ex-husband of Martine Carol)
1959 Darby O'Gill and the Little People (the Fool) Michael McBride Janet Munro Jack McGowran
1959 Tarzan's Greatest Adventure O'Bannion character by Edgar Rice Burroughs
1959 The Wonderful World of Disney (Scottish Rite masons)
1961 On the Fiddle cinematography by Edward Scaife (CIA family Mellon)
1961 The Frightened City Paddy Damion
1961 Anna Karenina
1961 MacBeth
1962 The Longest Day Curd Jürgens Rod Steiger Robert Wagner John Wayne (John Birch Society) Henry Fonda Alexander Knox as Walter Bedell Smith (CIA, Project Bluebird)
1962 Dr. No James Bond (based on John Dee, Aleister Crowley, JFK) Anthony Dawson Ursula Andress Eunice Gayson Bernard Lee as M Joseph Wiseman Jack Lord Lois Maxwell (Life -Time magazine photoshoot with Marilyn Monroe) Richard Maibaum (NYU) Terence Young produced by Albert Broccoli who worked on The Outlaw of Howard Hughes with Jane Russell, 10/5 date of first The Beatles single, year of The Manchurian Candidate
1963 From Russia with Love Robert Shaw Daniela Bianchi Pedro Armendariz Walter Godell filmed at Istanbul Hilton
1964 Goldfinger Honor Blackman Shirley Eaton Guy Hamilton Tania Mallet (Swinging London, cousin of Helen Mirren) Paul Dehn (CIA, The Farm)
1964 Marnie Alfred Hitchcock Diane Baker Tippi Hedren (model in Life Time, mother of Melanie Griffith)
1964 Woman of Straw Gina Lollobrigida (signed by Howard Hughes, film with John Huston)
1965 The Hill Michael Redgrave (gay agenda)
1965 Thunderball James Bond Claudine Auger (Testament of Orpheus with Pablo Picasso) as Domino Adolfo Celi (in James Bond spoof OK Connery with Sean's brother Neil Connery)
1966 Un monde nouveau Himself Cameo Vittorio De Sica
1966 A Fine Madness (the Fool) Samson Shillitoe Joanne Woodward (wife of Paul Newman) Jackie Coogan

1967 You Only Live Twice James Bond Alexander Knox
1967 The Bowler and the Bunnet Himself Documentary; also director
1968 Shalako Jack Hawkins Honor Blackman Brigitte Bardot
1969 The Red Tent as Roald Amundsen Claudia Cardinale
1970 The Molly Maguires Jack Kehoe Knight of Malta Richard Harris
1971 The Anderson Tapes Duke Anderson Christopher Walken Margaret Hamilton (Wicked Witch in Wizard of Oz) music by Quincy Jones
1971 Diamonds Are Forever James Bond Charles Gray Jimmy Dean (cousin of James Dean) Jill St John Lana Wood (sister of Nathalie Wood) Willard White character based on Howard Hughes scene with staged moon landing theme song by Shirley Bassey
1972 España campo de golf Himself Short film
1972 The Offence Sydney Lumet Trevor Howard
1974 Zardoz (=Wizard of Oz) Zed Charlotte Rampling
1974 Murder on the Orient Express Colonel Arbuthnot novel of Agatha Christie also movie with Johnny Depp Sidney Lumet Ingrid Bergman Lauren Bacall Vanessa Redgrave
1974 Ransom Ian McShane
1975 The Dream Factory Himself Documentary
1975 The Wind and the Lion John Huston Candice Bergen (Truman Capote ball)
1975 The Man Who Would Be King novel by Rudyard Kipling Michael Caine Christopher Plummer
1976 Robin and Marian Robin Hood Audrey Hepburn (friend of Truman Capote) Robert Shaw Richard Harris Ian Holm
1976 The Next Man Adolfo Celi
1977 A Bridge Too Far Michael Caine James Caan Anthony Hopkins Gene Hackman Robert Redford Liv Ullman
1979 The First Great Train Robbery Michael Crighton Donald Sutherland
1979 Meteor Karl Malden Trevor Howard Henry Fonda Natalie Wood Martin Landau
1979 Cuba Robert Dapes
1981 Outland Marshal William T. O'Niel Peter Hyams Peter Boyle
1981 Time Bandits King Agamemnon Shelley Duvall Terry Gilliam John Cleese Ian Holm Michael Palin David Warner
1982 G'olé! Narrator Documentary
1982 Five Days One Summer Douglas Meredith (wife Kate like William) Lambert Wilson
1982 Wrong Is Right Patrick Hale Henry Silva GD Spradlin Leslie Nielsen John Saxon Jennifer Jason Leigh
1983 Sean Connery's Edinburgh Himself Short documentary
1983 Never Say Never Again James Bond Barbara Carrera (Dallas) Kim Basinger Max von Sydow
1984 Sword of the Valiant The Green Knight Peter Cushing
1986 Highlander Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez Christopher Lambert Clancy Brown Corrine Russell
1986 The Name of the Rose William of Baskerville Christian Slater Ron Perlman F Murray Abraham (Book of Revelation, novel of Umerto Eco, Monas Hieroglyphica of John Dee the Hermit of The Lovers card).

1987 The Untouchables Jim Malone Kevin Costner Andy Garcia Robert de Niro Brian De Palma
1988 The Presidio (father of Sharon Tate worked at the Presidio army base) Mark Harmon Meg Ryan
1988 Memories of Me Himself Uncredited cameo Billy Crystal
1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Knights Templar) as Henry Jones, Sr. Steven Spielberg Harrison Ford River Phoenix (also died on Halloween) as young Indiana Michael Sheard as Adolf Hitler
1989 Family Business Sidney Lumet Dustin Hoffman Matthew Broderick Luis Guzman
1990 The Hunt for Red October Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan James Earl Jones Sam Neill Tim Curry
1990 The Russia House Barley Blair Michelle Pfeiffer Roy Scheider Ken Russell (Altered States) filmed in Russia
1991 Highlander II: The Quickening Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez Virginia Madsen
1991 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves King Richard the Lionheart Uncredited cameo Kevin Coster Mary Mastrantonio Morgan Freeman Christian Slater Alan Rickman Uma Thurman
1992 Medicine Man (mm=33) Dr. Robert Campbell Lorraine Bracco
1993 Rising Sun Capt. John Connor Wesley Snipes Harvey Keitel Tia Carrere Ray Wise novel of Michael Crighton
1994 A Good Man in Africa Dr. Alex Murray John Lithgow Diana Rigg
1995 Just Cause Paul Armstrong Laurence Fishburne Kate Capshaw (wife of Steven Spielberg) Ed Harris
1995 First Knight King Arthur Richard Gere Liam Cunningham
1996 Dragonheart Draco Voice role Dennis Quaid Pete Postlethwaite Julie Christie (Swinging London)
1996 The Rock John Patrick Mason Ed Harris Nicolas Cage David Morse Michael Biehn Also executive producer

1998 The Avengers Sir August de Wynter Ralph Fiennes Uma Thurman
1998 Playing by Heart Paul Gillian Anderson Angelina Jolie Ellen Burstyn Jon Stewart Gena Rowlands Natassja Kinski
1999 Entrapment Robert MacDougal Catherine Zeta-Jones Ving Rhames twin towers
2000 Finding Forrester William Forrester Gus Van Sant (gay agenda, movie with River Phoenix) F Murray Abraham Anna Paquin Busta Rhymes Matt Damon Gerry Rosenthal filmed at jesuit school Regis High School
2003 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (comic by Alan Moore) Allan Quatermain
2012 Sir Billi Sir Billi Voice role Alan Cumming Ruby Wax
2012 Ever to Excel Narrator Documentary


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