Sean Combs

Sean Combs (Puff Daddy, P Diddy) is a mind controlled actor-rapper, used in the media, music industry and Hollywood film industry, to play a role in the mythology of The Notorious BIG and to promote political puppet Barack Obama. He serves as a PR agent (image of black successfull, rich entrepreneur in free market capitalism) of the Black Church in the cultural marxist program Hip Hop, a role model in the Multiculti Church to promote crime, violence and the Luciferian sodomy religion.

He was educated at Howard University.

He worked for Uptown Records and founded Bad Boy Records in 1993. Bad Boy is a reference to Mulholland Drive, known as Bad Boy Drive, the home of Roman Polanski, Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando (civil rights movement of MLK, The Godfather mafia image of Notorious BIG). In 1995 the movie Bad Boys was released with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

He played a role in the West Coast-East Coast rivalry media ritual (Mars in Capricorn). He was used to sell clothers in the fashion industry through his brand Sean John.

He was present at the wedding of jesuit Donald Trump and Marla Maples, with the jesuit Bill Clinton as other guests.

After the death of The Notorious BIG he made a remake of Sting's Every Breath You Take with jesuit Faith Evans.

During the 2000's he played the role of boyfriend of Jennifer Lopez (Sharon Tate played Jennifer in Valley of the Dolls).

He owns Justin's in Atlanta, where in 2005 the cousins of Bobby Brown (husband of Whitney Houston) were stabbed by members of the Black Mafia Family.

From 2007 he had a relationship with Cassie Ventura. She posed for Seventeen of Hearst, was used in music video of Wiz Khalifa and recorded music with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. She was signed by Tommy Mottola and Ryan Leslie.

He signed Machine Gun Kelly. He has a child with Misa Hylton (Hilton).

He was promoted by BET and the NAACP. He promoted provocateur agent Louis Farrakhan.

He raised Quincy Taylor Brown, who played in Fox tv show Star with Queen Latifah (gay agenda), Amiyah Scott (transgender agenda), Jussie Smollett (gay agenda), Brandy Norwood, Stephen Dorff, Lance Gross, Quincy Brown (P Diddy), Evan Ross (son of Diana Ross), Caroline Vreeland (related to Diane Vreeland of Harper's Bazaar), Tyrese Gibson, Harold Perinneau, Patti LaBelle.

Astrological chart

born 11/4/1969, date Matthew McConaughey, Robert Mapplethorpe, Laura Bush, Kathy Griffin (Pulp Fiction with Ving Rhames), Cedric Bixler-Zavala, year of the 911 Sharon Tate ritual.

Dom: Scorpio (Death), Libra, Virgo - Mars, Mercury, Venus.

Mars in Capricorn, Sun, Mercury and Neptune in Scorpio, Venus conj Jupiterand Uranus in Libra, Moon and Pluto in Virgo, Saturn in Taurus (opp Mercury).

Discography and filmmography

1997 No Way Out 7/1 bday Diana, year of death Diana and Dodi
1998 Come With Me (Godzilla soundtrack) Jimmy Page
1999 Forever
2001 Made
2001 Monster's Ball Billy Bob Thornton Halle Berry Heath Ledger Mos Def Lionsgate
2001 The Saga Continues
2002 Busta Rhymes Pass the Courvoisier Pharrell Williams
2003 B2K Bump, Bump, Bump
2005 MTV Video Music Awards
2005 Seamless
2005 Carlito's Way: Rise to Power character based on Nicky Barnes (heroin trade of The Council) Luis Guzman (sequel to movie with Al Pacino and Sean Penn) Jay Hernandez Mario Van Peebles
2006 Press Play
2007 Last Night Keyshia Cole
2008 A Raisin in the Sun Phylicia Rashad (AKA) David Oyelowo Lorraine Hansberry (gay agenda)
2009 CSI Miami: episode "Sink or Swim"
2010 Get Him to the Greek Jonah Hill Russell Brand Kristen Bell
2010 I'm Still Here Joker Joaquin Phoenix Casey Affleck Mos Def
2011 Hawaii Five-0: episode "Hoʻopaʻi"
2012 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (TV series) Danny DeVito
2014 Draft Day Kevin Costner Ellen Bursteyn Rosanna Arquette
2014 Muppets Most Wanted (mmw=33, doll programming) Ricky Gervais Tina Fey Stanley Tucci jesuit Salma Hayek Christoph Waltz Disney
2015 Black-ish (the Black Church) ABC Yara Shahidi (cousin of Nas) Anthony Anderson (Omega Psi Phi) Laurence Fishburne Jennifer Lewis
2017 Can't Stop, Won't Stop: A Bad Boy Story
2017 The Defiant Ones Eminem Dr Dre Jimmy Iovine
2021 Mary J. Blige's My Life

The Notorious BIG

Hip Hop