Scotland is a country with Edinburgh as capital and Glasgow as largest city, founded in the 8th century, part of the United Kingdom (UK) or Great Britain from 1707. It has a population of 5,4 million people. It is governed by the Jesuits. Its flag is the cross of St Andrew (galactic cross of fixed signs).

History of Scotland

3000 bc The first settlers (Aryan druid culture) in Britain build neolithic sites like Glastonbury and Stonehenge and Torhouse, Callanish Stones, Tighnacalleach, Aberdeen Shire and Cairnholy in Galloway Scotland.

2000 bc creating of petrospheres (5 solids).

47 the Roman Empire founds Londinium on the Greenwich meridian.

134 Roman Emperor Hadrian conquers Britain and builds a wall that divides Britain from Scotland.

848 rule of House of Alpin.

1034 House of Dunkeld.

1066 The Normans conquer Britain in the Battle of Hastings. Gradually the York Rite develops.

Richard I Plantagenet is continuously in debt to the Knights Templar, the army and bankers of the Catholic Church, who built the Temple Church in Clerkenwell London. The Lancasters (Henry VIII, married to Catherine of Aragon) start the protestant Reformation.

1124 David I as King of Scotland with Walter Fitz Alan (ancestor of the Stuarts) as freemason.

1286 House of Sverre.

1292 House of Balliol.

1296 first Scottish War of Independence with William Wallace.

1306 House of Bruce (in alliance with Knights Templar). They claim descent of Akhenaten and his daughter Scota (legends of Goidel Glas sailing to the north).

1318 Peasant Uprising, led by Watt Tyler, damaging of thr properties of the Order of St John.

1456 building of Rosslyn Chapel with masonic pillars, depiction of green man (Orion in Aryan culture, Egyptian Osiris), cubes symbol of Saturn.
1460 king James III Stewart of Scotland, freemason Robert Cochrane (Scotichronicon: the Scottish claim descent of the Scythians and queen Scota, daughter of pharao Akhenaten). They build a hexagon shaped chapel, similar to the chapel in Jerusalem.

1485 After the War of the Roses, the House of Plantagenet (Lancaster and York) is succeeded by the House of Tudor (Henry VII, member of the Order of the Golden Fleece, Charles II married to Medici). The Knights Templar make the City of London the center of their business empire.

Elizabeth I is controlled by William Cecil (brother-in-law of Francis Bacon, secret service of Francis Walsingham with occultist John Dee). The Cecils introduce the Hermeticism of the Medici's (cult of Hermes/Mercury) in British universities as Oxford and Cambridge as New Learning. They are constantly attacked by the Jesuits.

1488 James IV Stewart (married to Margaret Tudor) as King of Scotland.

1513 James V marries Mary of Bourbon-Guise-Lorraine. Their daughter Mary Queen of Scots marries Francis II of France and Henry Stuart. James' son Francis of Guise was Grand Prior of the Order of Malta.

1549 The Corpus Hermeticum is dedicated to Charles de Guise-Lorraine.  The De Guise-Lorraine's have their eyes on the throne of the pope. To the public, occult knowledge is associated with fervent catholicism of the De Guise family and their Scottish allies.

1587 Mary Queen of Scots is decapitated for plotting (the Babington plot) against Elizabeth I. The Tudor family is replaced with the House of Stuart and Orange Nassau.

1603 James I Stuart as King of England and Scotland. He works with mason William Schaw, page of Mary de Guise. Shakespeare writes a play about MacBeth of Scotland.

1613 John Dee orchestrates the Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart wedding (mixing of the Brunswick-Luneburg bloodline with the Stuart bloodline), start of the German House of Hanover.
The Sinclairs, Montgomerys and Hamiltons move to Britain.

1636 The Sinclair -Stuarts are exiled from Britain to France and joined by Scottish nobility, organize restoration of their power under Charles II, under the cover of masonic lodges. The killing of Hiram Abiff symbolism is used by the friends of Charles I to avenge his death and set his son upon the throne.

1641 Robert Moray (Lodge of Edinburgh, spy of Cardinal Richelieu) plays a role in developing modern freemasonry.

1660 Charles II Stuart (Holy Grail bloodline of Scottish Rite masonry, mother of Medici family) reclaims the throne, under his authority the Royal Society is founded. The Stuarts also found the Royal African Company (Atlantic slave trade with Francis Drake's 2nd cousin John Hawkins as pioneer).

1707 Union with the UK.

1715 George I (Hanover) as King of Britain.

1736 grand lodge in Scotland with William Saint Clair of Roslyn as their first grand master, last in the line of the family of the hereditary protectors of the Scottish lodges.

1745 Jacobite rising to restore the power of the Stuarts.

The British Empire works with the Jesuits and the East India Company (City of London) to conquer India and China to monopilise the drug trade and to have a global empire (the Great Game or the Game of Shadows with Russia). 

1773 Louis XIV Bourbon marries Marie Therese Habsburg and helps to develop Scottish Rite freemasonry (with double headed eagle symbol of the Habsburgs).

From Britain the Industrial Revolution spreads. The Templar banks of the City of London becomes the Bank of England with the Rothschilds as Vatican bankers.

The Kennedys migrate to US. Andrew Carnegie is active in the steel industry. AC Doyle is a member of the HOGD. Aleister Crowley performs rites at his Boleskine House.

1903 JM Barrie introduces character Peter Pan.

1909 secret service MI6 is founded with Mansfield Cumming-Smith.

1922 founding of the BBC.

1940 Special Operations Executive (SOE) mind control experiments at Inverlair Lodge.

After the WW1 and WW2 ritual, the Left Wing Church and Multiculturalism becomes the official doctrine of the UN world state, with propaganda outlets like the BBC. The British Empire presents itself as the moral victor, as the Light that defeated the Dark powers.

1948 the National Health Service is founded. British Nationality Act, increase in immigration from British colonies.

1953 Ewen Cameron is used in Project MK Ultra.

1957 first broadcast of STV.

1967 The Prisoner based on Inverlair Lodge.

1972 Findhorn Ecovillage (New Age Church) with David Spangler and Peter Caddy, influenced by Theosophy.

Diana Spencer/Stuart is glorified in the media as the modern moon/mother goddess and prince Charles pretends to hand over power of the British Empire in China.

1981 wedding of Diana and Charles at St Paul's in London.

1982 birth of Antichrist figure William V.

1996 Trainspotting Danny Boyle Ewan McGregor.

1999 Donald Dewar as First Minister of Scotland.

2006 The Da Vinci Code filmed at Rosslyn Chapel.

2014 Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister.

2020 UK leaves the European Union. the Corona ritual, in anticipation of coronation of king William V.

2022 Elizabeth II dies, coronation of Charles III.

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