Saturn is the coldest planet, the Great Maleficent, an antagonist of the sun (dark vs light) and Jupiter (the Benevolent father). Saturn is worshiped by the Saturn cult (satanism) as the Black Sun and stands for the consciousness that controls earth and its inhabitants through manipulation of the pineal gland (worshiped in all religions).

In Egypt Saturn was the god Set, god of chaos, the rival of sun god Horus who took his eye, the Eye of Horus (the pineal gland). Saturn (sphere Binah) is the Great Sea, the Great Mother but also father Time, greek god Kronos of chronological time.

In Hesiod's Theogeny Kronos devoured his own children (symbolism that led to children sacrifice) and he and his Titans were overthrown by Zeus. Saturn's moons are called Titan and Io.

Saturn is also the God Pan (the All), the lustful goat of Capricorn that became the Devil or Satan in Christianity.

It is worshiped in Christianity, Islam, Judaism and the religion of western materialism (capitalism) based on atheism.

It has a vortex on its northpole in the form of a hexagon (666 energy).

Saturn is the coldest planet with rings of ice, stands for limitation, Death with a sickle to harvest. People experience their Saturn return at 29,5 years, a wake up call, sobering reality, confrontation with mortality, time to choose a path. Saturn in Aries: confrontational, in Leo: larger than life personality.

It is associated with heavy metal lead.

Associations: agriculture, archaeology, architecture, authority, bones, cattle, civil service, death, effort, domination, fatigue, history, land, leather, limitation, mines, minerals, monogamy, monotony, murder, obstacles, old age, order, perseverance, Saturday, self control, time, twilight, underground, widows, yesterdays, Old Father Time, traditions, stability.

Saturn dominant:

Abigail Folger, Adele, Adrien Brody, Anthony Hopkins, Bono, Bryan Adams, Camilla Parker, Catherine Deneuve, Clark Gable, Christopher Plummer, Chuck Norris, Clancy Brown, Dan Brown, David Koresh, Dodi Fayed, Eartha Kitt, Elizabeth 2, Ellen Burstyn, Emmanuel Macron, Ethan Hawke, Federico Fellini, George Orwell, Gloria Steinem, Harry Belafonte, Harry Mountbatten, Heather Graham, Howard Hughes, Hunter S Thompson, Immanuel Kant, James Earl Jones, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jared Kushner, Jeff Goldblum, Jesse Jackson, Jessie J, Jim Jones, Joel Coen, John Edgar Hoover, John Dillinger, Jonah Hill, John Cassavetes, John Hurt, Jon Voight, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Justin Trudeau, Kevin Hart, Kevin Spacey, Kid Cudi, Lea Thompson, Ludwig van Beethoven, Mackenzie Foy, Malcolm X, Mao Zedong, Margot Robbie, Marjorie Cameron, Margaret Thatcher, Mark Hamill, Matthew Modine, Meg Ryan, Michael Jackson, Michael Stipe, Nick Nolte, Nina Simone, Ozzy Osbourne, Queen Latifah, Recip Erdogan, Robert Anton Wilson, Rosanna Arquette, Rupert Murdoch, Sandra Bullock, Sean Bean, Sean Connery, Shirley Manson, Stanley Tucci, Susan Sarandon, Ted Kennedy, Ted Levine, Tim Roth, Timothy Gheitner, Tony Robbins, Val Kilmer, Warren Beatty.


1912: Virgo, 1921: Libra, 1924: Scorpio, 1926: Sagittarius, 1929: Capricorn, 1932: Aquarius, 1935: Pisces // 1937: Aries, 1939: Taurus 1942: Gemini, 1944: Cancer, 1946: Leo, 1948: Virgo,
1949: Leo, 1950: Libra, 1953: Scorpio,
1956: Sagitt, 1959: Capricorn, 1962: Aquarius, 1964: Pisces,
// 1967: Aries, 1969: Taurus,
1971: Gemini, (opening Twin Towers) 1973: Cancer,
1975: Leo, 1977: Virgo, 1980: Libra, 1982: Scorpio,
1985: Sagittarius, 1988: Capricorn, 1991: Aquarius, 1993: Pisces (the Moon), first WTC attack, Jurassic Park
// 1996: Aries, 1998: Taurus, 1999: Taurus,
2000: Gemini the 911 Twin Towers ritual, 2003: Cancer (the Chariot) Madrid train explosion, 2005: Leo,
2007: Virgo, 2009: Libra, 2010: Virgo,
2012: Scorpio, 2014: Sagittarius, 2015: Scorpio, Sagittarius,
2017: Capricorn, 2020: Aquarius the Chronos -Corona ritual.