Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is geometry (mathematics) of the torus (the one, El/All) that expresses the masculine (lines), feminine (circle) and androgynous, misused by the Saturn cult in Judaism, ChristianityIslam, Hinduism (mandala's), magic (occultism), alchemy, Kabbalism, freemasonry and the New Age religion and the UFO religion of crop circles as an artificial overlay of the organic world to summon the False Light energy of Lucifer or the God program (the Universe as created by a weaver or architect, the God matrix) and to activate the pineal gland and the 7 chakra's. The knowledge of sacred geometry is linked to the knowledge of leylines (a grid of energy lines on earth with specific temples on specific energy points).

 Rituals of the media industry (fi in London and Paris at the meridians, the bar of Isis) are performed at specific places and dates based on sacred geometry and gematria (assigning numerological value to words and names).

The Internet and cryptocurrencies is based on sacred geometry (creating an artificial matrix with hexagonal structure where every person becomes a node connected to other nodes).

The main sacred geometry symbols are:

- the Seed of Life

- the Flower of Life (7 circles in G shaped spiral), found in the temple of Osiris built by Ptolemy II, Herod's Palace in Jerusalem, the palace of Ashurbanipal in Iraq (Neo-Assyrian Empire), jars of the Ayyubid dynasty, in a ball held by a guardian lion at the Gate of Supreme Harmony of the Forbidden City in Bejing China, Codex Atlanticus of Leonardo da Vinci, emblem of the Lega Nord (Right Wing Church). It is related to the Aryan Triquetra symbol.

- Metatron's Cube (associated with worship of archangels).

- Star of David (symbol of the heart chakra, hexagon found on Saturn's nortpole) used in Judaism.

- Torus

- Vesica Pisces (formed by the intersection of 2 circles), vagina symbol, used in Virgin Mary symbolism in cathedrals of the Catholic Church during the Age of Pisces, St Peter's square, on the cover of Aleister Crowley's Moonchild, logo's of Chanel and Gucci.

- Spiral (found in shape of galaxies, used in ancient Irish Aryan culture) associated with Fibonacci sequence. In freemasonry the G is associated with God who supposedly created the world in 7 days and with Gnosis (4 circles form the Seed of Life).

- Golden ratio (ratio described by Euclid, named 'golden' by Martin Ohm in 1835). Phi is approximately 1.618 (=Isis). The golden ratio curl is found in branches of trees, leaves from stem, shells, pinecones, pineapples, ferns, the family tree of honey bees, Indian mathematics, Sanskrit prosody (metric verses),..

- Tree of Life pattern, used in Kabbalism.

The Mayans considered snails as sacred because of the golden ratio shape and blue blood. Pinecones and pineapples were used in Sumerian art as symbol of the pineal gland and the Anunaki leaders with knowledge to manipulate it.

The Greeks (School of Pythagoras) used the golden ratio in the statues of their gods and their temples to worship them.

Vitruvius Pollo, a freeman (first freemasons) wrote De Architectura, dedicated to Julius Caesar. After the collapse of the Roman Empire architects grouped together to form guilds.

The Knights Templar built cathedrals like the Cathedral of Chartres with rose pattern, based on sacred geometry. The Templars worked in alliance with the Scottish House of Bruce, who claimed descent of Akhenaten.

Fibonacci (Leonardo of Pisa) popularised the knowledge of the Arabs in Italy. In 1202 he wrote the book Liber Abaci, introduced the famous Fibonacci sequence in which each number is the sum of the two preceding ones (starting from 0 and 1. 1,1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144) to Western European mathematics. He found the sequence in the growth of rabbit populations (Isis associated with Sirius and constellation Lepus the rabbit).

The greek theory of 5 solids that represent the 5 elements, were revived with the invention of Plato by the Medici's during the revival of Hermeticism (renaissance), who used the Arabic knowledge to create the modern banking system. The renaissance humanist de Mirandola founded the tradition of Christian Kabbalism.

Leonardo da Vinci made the Vitruvian Man drawing as an illustration of the 'divine' proportions of man (masonic symbolism of squaring the circle), as described by Luca Pacioli. Leon Battista Alberti founder of modern cryptography, published On the Art of Building, dedicated to pope Nicholas V. Renaissance painters used the golden ratio in their paintings (fi Rafael's School of Athens depicting Plato and Pythagoras making the Hermetic sign As Above So Below).

Sacred geometry is used to draw a magic circle with hexagons in magic (occultism). John Dee used the cryptographic Enochian system to contact False Light energy. German astronomer Johannes Kepler saw the cosmos as a platonic solid.

Isaac Newton wrote on the sacred geometry of Solomon's Temple.

In 1979 Jean-Luc Chaumeil wrote The Treasure of the Golden Triangle.

Sacred geometry was promoted in the New Age religion by Stephen Skinner,  Martha Bartfeld, Spirit Science, Drunvalo Melchisedek (claims to channel Thoth=Mercury), David Wilcock, (Robert Gilbert), Nassim Haramein, Jemma Foster, Thrive (Foster Gamble), Ab-Soul (program Hip Hop, associated with Kendrick Lamar and the Black Church) who also used to promote Aleister Crowley. The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is used in music video's of Ariana Grande and Frank Ocean. The Flower of Life is used in artwork of Coldplay and Bring Me the Horizon (RCA).

Dan Brown wrote The Da Vinci Code with references to Da Vinci, sacred geometry (Fibonacci sequence), Opus Dei (cult of Virgin Mary, successor of Hieron du Val d'Or),..

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