Russia is a country founded in 862. It has a population of 164 million people. Its most populous city and capital is Moscow. It is the 11th largest economy of the world. It is a member of the United Nations. It is ruled by a club of oligarchs.

History of Russia

In the middle ages Russians were indoctrinated with orthodox Christianity (tsars of the Rurikid dynasty). After the Time of Troubles, from 1672, the Romanovs ruled Russia. During the suppression of the jesuits, Catherine the Great still allowed them in Russia (Superior-General Thaddeus Brzozowski). After Napoléon conquered Malta, the Knights moved their base to St Petersburg. Paul I became grandmaster of the Order of Malta. Napoléon (mason) tried to invade Russia but was defeated by general Kutuzov (mason).

In 1814 Russia formed a 'Holy Alliance' with Austria and Prussia. Alexander I expelled the jesuits and closed all masonic lodges. The jesuits used anarchists to reclaim Russia. Alexander II's mistress was Catherine Dolgorukova, related to Helena Blavatsky.

In 1881 Alexander II was assassinated and the secret service Okhrana was founded. Russia fought a war with the British Empire for control of the rest of the world (the Great Game with British-Russian agent Helena Blavatsky of the Dolgorukov bloodline, cousin of Sergei Witte of Okhrana). Pyotr Rachkovsky of Okhrana worked from Paris with Arcadij Harting. Casimir Pilenas/Palmer worked for Scotland Yard with William Wiseman (false flag attack Houndsditch murders).

In 1905 demonstrators, protesting against Nicolas II Romanov, were shot on Bloody Sunday or Red Sunday. Nicolas II worked with occultists Gerard Encausse (Papus) who revives gnosticism in France. He was married to Alexandra of the House of Hesse and a cousin of George V Saxe-Coburg of Britain (Order of St John).

Nicolas II signed the Anglo-Russian covention, about the division of Persia as symbolic end of the Great Game.

Konstantin Stanislavsky directed The Blue Bird of symbolist Maurice Maeterlinck in his Moscow Art Theatre in 1908, with techniques of improvisation and using the subconscious.

Sergei Diaghilev, supported by the Romanovs, founded modern ballet company Ballets Russes in Paris France, with Léon Bakst Rosenberg (art teacher of Kirill Vladimirovich), Pablo Picasso, Igor Stravinsky and Nicolas Roerich (Theosophical Society). Afternoon of a Faun revived the Greek cult of Pan and Dionysus, based on poem of Symbolist Stéphane Mallarmé.

Raymond Poincaré visited Nicolas II to strengthen the Franco-Russian alliance.

Woodrow Wilson sent Charles Edward Russell (NAACP) on a mission to Russia with Elihu Root. Russell played in propaganda movie Fall of the Romanoffs.

Léon Trotsky met Vladimir Lenin in London and worked with Alexander Parvus of the German Socialist Democratic Party. Kazemir Malevich played a role in the Russian Avant-garde art scene (black square=Saturn symbol).

In 1917 the masonic Russian Revolution started to impose communism. The Bolsheviks of Lenin overthrew Alexander Kerensky (Grand Orient of Russia's People). Lenin met with Bertrand Russell in 1920.

After the Russian Civil War, a Bolshevik government was established in 1923.

Lenin allowed the jesuits to enter Russia again and seized the Lubyanka building for the secret police Cheka.

Russian emigrés like Kirill Vladimirovich (Nicolas II's first cousin), married to Victoria Saxe-Coburg, moved to Germany to spread antisemitism and early nazism (Aufbau organisation of Alfred Rosenberg). After the Great Purge, Joseph Stalin gained dictatorial powers. Jesuit Walter Ciszek stayed at the Lubyanka building from 1939 to 1963. Stanislavsky's acting method is taught at the Group Theatre in NY, which later becomes the Actors Studio.

Adolf Hitler tried to invade Russia like Napoléon 129 years earlier.

After communism, Russia played a role in the fake Cold War with the United States (Mikhael Gurbachev advised by Giancarlo Pallavicini, Italian family with also the two headed eagle as emblem). The KGB was founded in 1954.

From 2000 Vladimir Putin, who had worked as a KGB agent, was made president. He promoted the Donald Trump as outsider narrative.


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Controlled opposition: Russia Today (John Mearsheimer CFR, Jesse Ventura, Julian Assange, Adam Kokesh, Slavoj Zizek, Max Keiser, Alex Jones)

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