Russia is a country founded in 862. It has a population of 164 million people. Its most populous city and capital is Moscow. It is the 11th largest economy of the world. It is a member of the United Nations. It is ruled by a club of oligarchs.

Its flag is the two headed eagle (cult of Baal, Romanovs, Habsburgs, Pallavicini, freemasonry,..).

History of Russia

740 king Bulan leads the conversion of Khazars to Talmudic Judaism.
The Orthodox Church was founded by emperor Constantine.

988 Vladimir I the Great founds the Russian Orthodox Church. Russians are indoctrinated with Christianity (tsars of the Rurikid dynasty).

1453 After the Ottomans conquer Constantinople (capital of Byzantine Empire), Moscow becomes the capital of the Orthodox Church.

1645 the Khlysts create a sex cult, as heretic branch of the Russian Orthodox Church.

1672 After the Time of Troubles, the Romanovs with double-headed eagle emblem rule Russia.

1733 arrest of the Khlysts for sacrifice of children.

1762 rule of Catherine the Great (House of Anhalt). During the suppression of the jesuits, Catherine the Great still allows them in Russia (Superior-General Thaddeus Brzozowski).

1770 The Skoptsy branch of the Khlysts practice mass castration (worship of androgynous Lucifer).

1768 -1774 Russia defeats Turkey (the Ottoman Empire).

1789 Paul I becomes Grandmaster of the Order of Malta and is in contact with Jacob Frank.

1796 Catherine the Great, Paul I becomes the new Emperor. After Napoléon conquers Malta, the Knights of Malta move their base to St Petersburg. 1801 assassination of Paul I, replaced by Alexander I.

1812 Napoleon tries to invade Russia but is defeated, as planned, by general Kutuzov (mason, called the Russian Fabius Maximus).

1814 Russia forms a 'Holy Alliance' with Austria and Prussia. Alexander I expells the jesuits and closes all masonic lodges. The jesuits use anarchists to reclaim Russia. Alexander II's mistress is Catherine Dolgorukova, related to Helena Blavatsky.

1887 Pyotr Tchaikovsky (Swan Lake) and Sergei Rachmaninov play a role in the Romanticism movement in classical music.

1881 Alexander II is assassinated and the secret service Okhrana is founded. Russia fights a war with the British Empire for control of the rest of the world (the Great Game with British-Russian agent Helena Blavatsky of the Dolgorukov bloodline, cousin of Sergei Witte of Okhrana). Pyotr Rachkovsky of Okhrana works from Paris with Arcadij Harting. Casimir Pilenas/Palmer works for Scotland Yard with William Wiseman (false flag attack Houndsditch murders).

1889 2nd International with Mikhail Bakunin.

1897 Konstantin Stanislavski founds the Moscow Art Theatre.

1905 founding of the pro-Romanov Black Hundreds (Vlademir Purishkevic, Sergei Trufanov), supported by Russian Orthodox bishop Hermogenes (Tifilis Theological Seminary). Demonstrators, protesting against Nicolas II Romanov, are shot on Bloody Sunday or Red Sunday (First Russian Revolution). Nicolas II works with occultists Grigori Rasputin (orgy cult Khlysts) and Gerard Encausse (Papus, connected to HOGD) who revived gnosticism in France. He is married to Alexandra of the House of Hesse and a cousin of George V Saxe-Coburg of Britain (Order of St John).

Nicolas II signs the Anglo-Russian convention, about the division of Persia as symbolic end of the Great Game.

1906 Emma Goldman founds magazine Mother Earth with Mabel Dodge, Elisée Reclus, Margaret Sanger (Planned Parenthood), Errico Malatesta, Maxim Gorky, Leo Tolstoj, Peter Kropotkin, Man Ray,..

1908 Konstantin Stanislavsky directs The Blue Bird of symbolist Maurice Maeterlinck in his Moscow Art Theatre, with techniques of improvisation and using the subconscious.

1909 Sergei Diaghilev, supported by the Romanovs, found modern ballet company Ballets Russes in Paris France, with Léon Bakst Rosenberg (art teacher of Kirill Vladimirovich), Pablo Picasso, Igor Stravinsky and Nicolas Roerich (Theosophical Society).

1912 Afternoon of a Faun revives the Greek cult of Pan and Dionysus, based on poem of Symbolist Stéphane Mallarmé.

Jesuit Raymond Poincaré visited Nicolas II to strengthen the Franco-Russian alliance.

Woodrow Wilson sends Charles Edward Russell (NAACP) on a mission to Russia with Elihu Root. Russell plays in propaganda movie Fall of the Romanoffs.

Léon Trotsky meets Vladimir Lenin in London and works with Alexander Parvus of the German Socialist Democratic Party. Kazemir Malevich, Wassily Kandinsky and El Lissitzky play a role in the Russian Avant-garde art scene (program Modernism, black square=Saturn symbol).

1915 PD Ouspensky works with George Gurdjieff, writes on the 4th dimension and gives lectures in London for Aldous Huxley and Gerald Heard. El Lissitzky and Peter Kropotkin visit Monte Verita.

1916 assassination of Rasputin by Felix Yusupov (transgender agenda, Bullingdon Club of Oxford, married to Irina Alexandrovna, the niece of Nicholas II).

1917 the masonic February Revolution starts to impose communism. The Bolsheviks of Lenin overthrow Alexander Kerensky (Grand Orient of Russia's People). Nicholas Roerich (Theosophical Society) works with Lenin's friend Maxim Gorky.

1918 founding of the GRU.

1919 Russian Revolution.

1920 Lenin meets with Bertrand Russell (British Intelligence).

1923 After the Russian Civil War, a Bolshevik government is established.

Lenin allows the jesuits to enter Russia again and seizes the Lubyanka building for the secret police Cheka.

1929 Ukraine is incorporated into the Soviet Union.

Russian emigrés like Kirill Vladimirovich (Nicolas II's first cousin), married to Victoria Saxe-Coburg, moved to Germany to spread antisemitism and early nazism (Aufbau organisation of Alfred Rosenberg). After the Great Purge, Joseph Stalin gains dictatorial powers. Leon Trotsky lives in exile in Turkey and later Mexico.

1932 MGM movie Rasputin and the Empress John, Ethel and Lionel Barrymore Ralph Morgan (brother of Frank Morgan of the Wizard of Oz).

1939 Jesuit Walter Ciszek stays at the Lubyanka building until 1963.

1943 Battle of Stalingrad, Adolf Hitler tries to invade Russia like Napoléon 129 years earlier.

After communism, Russia plays a role in the fake Cold War with the United States (Mikhael Gurbachev advised by Giancarlo Pallavicini, Italian family with also the two headed eagle as emblem).

1954 The KGB is founded.

Stanislavsky's acting method is taught at the Group Theatre in NY, which later becomes the Actors Studio.

1979 war with Afghanistan, the mujahideen are funded by CIA, MI6 and the opium trade.

1986 The Chernobyl disaster in april as a ritual to fulfill the bibllical prophecy of Book of Revelation about a Wormwood Star (chernoby: wormwood).

1987 Maurice Strong and Mikhail Gorbachev (members of The Club of Rome) write the Earth Charter, calling themselves the 'United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development' with jesuit Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Steven Clark Rockefeller, Jordan 'princess' Basma bint Talal (family of jesuit King Abdullah), jesuit Ruud Lubbers.

1988 the Soviet Union is dissolved. After hyperinflation and a planned collapse of the Russian economy, the Russian oligarchs move their money to Swiss banks and state companies are privatized.

1989 the Soviet Ministry of Gas Industry turns into Gazprom. Boris Yeltsin appoints Viktor Chernomyrdin as prime minister. Yeltsins friend Viktor Vekselberg founds Renova Group.

Anatoly Chubais (advised by Harvard Institute for International Development) becomes the head of RAO UES, the state owned electricity company. Pyotr Aven becomes head of Mikhail Fridman's Alfa Bank, works with investor Leonard Blavatnik (Acces Industries). Konstantin Kagalovsky (associated with Roman Abramovich and jesuit Eugene Shvidler) becomes head of oil company Yukos (one eye pyramid logo).

Vitaly Malkin and Bidzina Ivanishvili (pm of Georgia, Legion of Honour) found the Rossiyski Kredit bank. Boris Berezovsky becomes head of Channel One.

1991 founding of Sberbank.

1992 Yegor Haidar as pm. His father was a friend of jesuit Raul Castro. He was a member of Le Cercle and advised by Jeffrey Sachs (Earth Institute of Columbia University, WHO, World Bank, IMF).

1993 founding of Rosneft.

1994 First Chechen war.

1996 Vladimir Gusinsky founds Russian Jewish Congress with Vladimir Resin (mayor of Moscou), Leonid Nezvlin (Yukos Oil, Israeli newspaper Haaretz), Mikhail Fridman (Alfa Group, CFR), Andrei Kozyrev (Minister of Foreign Affairs), Moshe Kantor,..

Boris Berezovsky's Davos Pact at the World Economic Forum.

NTV broadcast a series about Anton Malevsky and his Izmailovo crime group.

1997 founding of TNT tv channel.

2000 Vladimir Putin (ex- KGB agent) as president (Rasputin reborn).

2005 Vasily Yakemenko leads pro-Putin youth movement Nashi.

2012 Alexei Navalny founds Russia of the Future party. media ritual with Pussy Riot (worked with Jonas Akerlund and Village People, supported by Madonna and Paul McCartney).

2014 Russian annexation of Crimea (start of Russian-Ukrainian war).

2015 assassination of Boris Nemtsov media ritual (BBC, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel). His friend Vladimir Kara-Muza, chairman of Open Russia of Mikhail Khodorkovsky (Yukos Group).

Winter Olympics. Vitalik Buterin develops cryptocurrency Ethereum. Model Irina Shayek is used in the fashion industry, music video of Kanye West and as girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo and jesuit Bradley Cooper.

2016 Putin promotes the Donald Trump as outsider narrative.

2017 Alexei Navalny's film He's Not Dimon to You about corruption of Dimitri Medvedev and Alisher Usmanov, leading to protests. Gerhard Schröder (Berggruen Institute, TC) as chairman of Rosneft.

2020 Alexei Navalny poisioning media ritual.

2022 Russian-Ukrainian war media ritual with NATO as saviour. Fake anti-war protests (Marina Litvinovich, former assistant of Putin), supported by the UN.


Simeon Bekbulatovich (descendant of Genghis Kahn), Ivan the Terrible, Feodor I, Feodor II, Mikhael I (Romanov), Alexis, Feodor III, Peter I, Catherine I, Peter II, Anna, Ivan VI, Elizabeth, Peter III, Catherine II (Catherine the Great), Paul I, Alexander I, Nicolas I, Alexander II, Alexander III, Nicolas II (married to Alexandra of House of Hesse), Vladimir Lenin, Alexei Rykov, Vyacheslav Molotov, Joseph Stalin, Georgy Malenkov, Nikolai Bulganin, Nikita Krushchev, Alexei Kosygin, Nikolaj Ryzhkov, Mikhail Gurbachev, Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin, Dimitri Medvedev, Vladimir Putin (Alexei Kudrin Berggruen Institute, Yegor Gaidar Le Cercle).

Propaganda outlets

- Channel One: state owned, VTB Capital, The Voice, The Voice Kids

- Kommersant: Alisher Usmanov (MegaFon, Udokan, Facebook), formerly Boris Berezovsky

- LifeNews: Yuri Kovalchuk and Aram Gabrelyanov, friends of Putin

- Novaya Gazeta: Alexander Lebedev (British newspapers Evening Standard, the Independant), Mikhail Gurbachev

- NTV: Gazprom, Vladimir Gusinsky (Media Most, World Jewish Congress), Gleb Pavlovsky, Leonid Parfyonov (Anti-Corruption Foundation)

- ORT (Channel One Russia): The Voice, Minute of Fame, Star Factory,..(owned by state and National Media Group of Putin's friend Sergey Fursenko)

- TNT: owned by Gazprom, staged reality show Dom-2 with daughter of Anatoly Subchak (mentor of Putin)

Controlled opposition

- Alexei Navalny and Anti-Corruption Foundation with Maria Pevchikh (trained at LSE), Lyubov Sobol (promoted by BBC)

- Russia Today (Jesse Ventura, Julian Assange, Adam Kokesh, Slavoj Zizek, Max Keiser, Alex Jones)

- SputnikTV


European Union

United States