Russia Today

Russia Today (RT) is a jesuit controlled propaganda outlet of the Russian government, used to to spread disinfo and to play a Saviour role in the Conspiracy Church and the New Age Church . In 2010 RT America was launched.

RT works in unison with the mainstream propaganda of the Left Wing Church to play the caricature of unreliable Right Wing or Russian conspiracy theorist (used in the election ritual of Hilary Clinton and jesuit Donald Trump).

It played a role in the Pizzagate psyop with Wikileaks of Julian Assange to introduce the concept of 'fake news' as an excuse for more censorship in a problem-reaction-solution puppet show. It is used as a scapegoat by the 'fact-checking' PolitFact from the Poynter Institute.

The funding of the Poynter Institute by Open Society Foundations is used in the Conspiracy Church to blame censorship on George Soros.

Media actors

- Abby Martin (water fluoridation, Occupy Wall Street propaganda movie with Naomi Wolf, The Empire Files with Noam Chomsky and Jill Stein)
- Adam Kokesh (Libertarian Party, Anarchopulco)
- Alyona Minkovski (Cosmopolitan of Hearst, CNN, Fox News)
- Ben Swann (Brigham Young University of Mormon Church, Fox, Fox News, Anarchopulco, Republic Broadcasting Network of Willis Carto WACL)
- Chris Hedges (elite school Loomis Chaffee, Christian Science, The Washington Post, The NY Times, the Climate Church)
- Dennis Miller (NBC Saturday Night Live, Fox News, HBO, brother of Jim Miller agent of Jim Carrey, Sacha Baron Cohen)
- Derrick Broze (Anarchopulco)
- Douglas Murray
- Ed Schultz (NBC)
- George Edward Griffin
- George Galloway (Workers Party Britain, Big Brother)
- Janice Atkins (UKIP, Rebel News)
- Jesse Ventura
- Joe Rogan
- John Mearsheimer (CFR, book Israel Lobby)
- Julian Assange (World Tomorrow show with David Horowitz, Slavoj Zizek, David Graeber of Occupy Wall Street, Noam Chomsky)
- Larry King (CNN)
- Lauren Lyster (CBS, ABC)
- Lee Camp (Fox News, friend of Peter Joseph, comedy scene of Jimmy Fallon and Tracy Morgan)
- Liz Wahl (jesuit, anti-Putin resignation publicity stunt with CNN and Fox News)
- Margerita Simonovna (Russian news agency Rossiya Segodnya, associated with Vladimir Putin)
- Max Keiser (guests Alex Jones, Roseanne Barr)
- Michael Scheuer (jesuit, CIA)
- Mike Papantonio
- Norman Finkelstein
- Peter Lavelle (CIA front Radio Free Europe, CrossTalk)
- Ray McGovern (jesuit, CIA)

- Ricardo Sànchez (Fox News, CNN)
- Robert David Steele (CIA, pro Trump)
- Roseanne Barr (pro Trump)
- Scottie Neil Hughes (CNN, pro Trump)
- Sean Stone
- Slavoj Zizek
- Thom Hartman (Students for a Democratic Society of jesuit Michael Harrington, NLP trained by Richard Bandler, disinfo about the JFK ritual)
- Tony Gosling (focus on Bilderberg)
- William Shatner


RT collaborates with the Ring of Fire network of Air America.

the New Age Church

Controlled opposition