The Russell (derived from ros, red haired, red lion/dragon their coat of arms) family is a Skull and Bones family that controlled the Chinese and Indian opium trade with the jesuits, and were called earls of Tavistock. Anne Russell was a friend of Queen Elizabeth I. Opium trader Samuel Russell founded Russell & Co.

The Russell family helped creating the Yale University in Connecticut with the Forbes family (William Bennett Forbes worked for Russell & Co).

William Huntington Russell founded Skull and Bones, a secret society of Yale University, with Alphonso Taft in 1832.

John Russell was pm of the UK in the era of Queen Victoria and caused the Great Famine in Ireland to force the Irish to emigrate to the US. Charles Pelham Villiers of Russell's cabinet, was a friend of Edward Bulwer-Lytton (Order of St John).

William Russell, 1st duke of Bedford was a mason.

Herbrand Russell was a member of the Order of St John and the Royal Society.

In 1868 Lord Amberley Russell, Bertrand Russell's father, was an advocate of contraception and birth control.

Charles Taze Russell founded the Zion Watch Tower Tract Society in 1881, known as the Jehova's Witnesses cult (Watchtower Society) that practices the Enochian magic of John Dee.

William Howard Russell was a war correspondent during the Crimean War for The Times.

Elizabeth Russell (2nd cousin of Bertrand Russell) played a role in the Bright Young Things scene of Bohemian culture in London with Diana Mitford (wife of fascist Oswald Mosley). Albert and William Russell worked in the silent film industry.

John Russell wrote the screenplay of Mademoiselle Midnight (mm=33), the first film of MGM.

Raymond Russell worked for the film studio of Frank Baum (Theosophical Society, Wizard of Oz) with Mildred Harris, the wife of Charlie Chaplin.

Edward and Hastings Russell were members of Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists with Alfred Harmsworth (Wellington House), CEM Joad and St John Philby (friend of Jawaharlal Nehru of the FS).

Bertrand Russell was trained at Cambridge and the LSE of the Fabian Society, worked for CIA propaganda front Congress for Cultural Freedom and India League with Jawaharlal Nehru. He was a member of the Bloomsbury Group with Aldous Huxley, Alfred North Whitehead. He wrote the ABC's of Relativity to explain the theories of Albert Einstein. He was an advocate of population reduction, eugenics and birth control. He was a mentor of Ludwig Wittgenstein, Karl Popper, Norbert Wiener (Macy Foundation conferences on cybernetics). In 1939 he organized the World League for Sexual Reform (sex change operations and eugenics as topic) with George Bernard Shaw (Fabian Society) and Sigmund Freud. He funded SANE, the anti-nuclear organization of William Sloane Coffin (CIA, S&B) with Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, Arthur Miller, Harry Belafonte, Henry Fonda.

He was a member of the Coefficients, a club of Sidney and Beatrice Webb of the Fabian Society, with HG Wells (FS, Wellington House), politician Edward Grey (New Liberalism), Leo Amery (Milner Group, father of nazi John Amery), Alfred Milner (Milner Group), Henry Birchenough (Victoria League of Violet Milner-Cecil), Leopold Maxse (National Review), William Hewins (director of the LSE). He promoted the UN through his Pugwash Conference on World Disarmament.(sexual 'liberation' and the destruction of the nuclear family, social control through the means of psychology and the use of addictive and psycho-tropic drugs, one-world government and population control). 

His brother Frank Russell was a close friend of George Santayana, teacher at Harvard of Horace Kallen.

Joan Henry Russell was married to director John Lee Thompson and wrote Yield to the Night, inspiration for Thompson's film The Weak and the Wicked with Diana Dors.

George William Russell was an Irish nationalist, poet and Theosophist in Dublin, a friend of jesuit James Joyce and WB Yeats of the HOGD. He corresponded with Theosophist Henry Wallace.

Edith Rosenbaum Russell was the first Paris correspondent of Women's Wear Daily.

Jane Russell played the Whore of Babylon archetype in The Outlaw of Howard Hughes (with Albert Broccoli, who later produced the James Bond movies) and later in movies with Marilyn Monroe.

Dorotha Brooke Russell was married to Vincent Astor.

Charles Edward Russell worked for Cosmopolitan of Hearst and helped creating the NAACP with John Dewey and WEB Du Bois (The New School). He played in Fall of the Romanoffs, propaganda film of Woodrow Wilson's Committee on Public Information, aimed at the population of Russia.

Woburn Abbey of the Russells was used as headquarter of the Political Warfare Executive, a propaganda office with staff of Ministry of Information, Special Operations Executive and BBC, Anthony Eden (Grey family, Cecil bloc, pm of UK from 1955), Brendan Bracken (Financial Times, Other Club of Winston Churchill), Roundell Palmer (cousin of Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, in charge of the SOE from 1942), Rex Leeper (propaganda group British Council), Sefton Delmer (Daily Express, interviewed Adolf Hitler in 1931), Robert Bruce Hamilton Lockhart (friend of Aleister Crowley). The PWE concentrated on creating rumors, forgeries, manipulating morale.

The Russell family, earls of Tavistock helped founding the Tavistock Clinic and the Tavistock Institute with other S&B families like Forbes (Ronald Forbes Adam).

The London School of Economics of the Fabian Society is a member of the Russell Group.

Robert Russell wrote an important article in The Lancet on Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) with Lewis Page in 1948. He set up Ectron Ltd, wich monopolized ECT machines. At the Three Counties Asylum in Befordshire (later Fairfield Hospital, closed in 1999), he invented the Russell-Page method of 15 shocks a day, applied in 1953 by Ewen Cameron in Canada for MK Ultra research (to create amnesia, shown in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, based on novel of Ken Kesey).

Herbrand Russell was a politician and member of the Order of St John, Order of the Garter and the Royal Society.

Henrietta Tiarks Russell was related to Mark Philips, husband of princess Anne (daughter of Queen Elizabeth II), was photographed by Richard Avedon (Harper's Bazaar).

Rosalynd Russell played in Mourning Becomes Electra (RKO Pictures) with Michael Redgrave (Information Research Department with George Orwell).

Ian Russell worked as a reporter for the Daily Mirror of Alfred Harmsworth.

Kurt Russell is a Hollywood actor (S&B symbol in Death Proof).

Richard Russell Jr was a member of the Warren Commission (the JFK ritual) with John McCloy, Knights of Malta Allen Dulles and Gerald Ford.

Ken Russell was a Roman Catholic movie director who made mind control movie Altered States, based on sensory deprivation tank research of John Lilly, with 5 year old Drew Barrymore. He made The Devils with Vanessa Redgrave and a movie about Crowley's girlfriend Isadora Duncan.

Susie Russell married Doug Thompson, founded Esprit and The North Face. She is a friend of Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton. She held fundraising events for the Clintons and Media Matters of David Brock and George Soros. With Soros and Pat Stryker (Bohemian Foundation) she attended the 2005 meeting of the Democracy Alliance.

Stuart Russell co-wrote A.I.: A Modern Approach with Peter Norvig (Google, Singularity documentary with Ray Kurzweil).

William Russell (related to Hollywood actor Damian Lewis) is Mayor of the City of London.

Richard Russell owns XL Recordings and released music of Dizzee Rascal, the White Stripes, Thom Yorke, M.I.A. and Adele.

Jim Russell played a role in CIA psyop Qanon with jesuit Donald Trump as saviour.

David Owen Russell is a Hollywood director, who directed Flirting With Disaster, Three Kings with George Clooney, I Heart Huckabees with Naomi Watts, The Fighter with Mark Wahlberg, Amy Adams and Christian Bale, American Hustle, Joy and Silver Linings Playbook.

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