Rudyard Kipling

Joseph Rudyard Kipling was a British propaganda writer and secret service agent (Theosophical Society- MI6), used in the Great Game between Russia and the British Empire and the pedophilia agenda of the Boy Scouts of America. He was first cousin of British prime minister Stanley Baldwin. His father John Lockwood Kipling worked for the Victoria and Albert Museum (Saxe-Coburgs) and worked with Robert Bulwer-Lytton. In India he worked for newspaper The Pioneer of Theosophist Alfred Sinnet. In 1889 he visited San Francisco and lived in London at Villiers Street.

He was a member of the Athenaeum Club (cult of Athena) with Humpfry Davy, pm Henry Temple, AC Doyle (HOGD), Lewis Carroll, Charles Darwin, Arthur Wellesly, Michael Faraday, Robert Forbes, Thomas Huxley, Benjamin Disraeli, James Maxwell, St John Philby, Robert Peel, John Ruskin, John Russell, Edward Bulwer-Lytton and later Jimmy Savile.

He visited Cecil Rhodes in South Africa (2nd Boer War with Robert Baden-Powell).

In India Helena Blavatsky of the Theosophical Society had founded a Theosophic community in India, to study the dissociation techniques of yoga. The techniques were later taught to actors by Theosophists in Hollywood (Jidda Krishnamurti).

In 1894 he published The Jungle Book with Indo-Aryan names, set in India. Mowgli is the archetype of Noble Savage, the Fool, the child of Pan, raised by wolves (associated with god Apollo). Enkidu was raised by beasts in the Gilgamesh epic. Romus and Remulus were raised by a wolf (dog or wolf star Sirius). The bear and the lion represent Britain and Russia. Edgar Rice Borroughs wrote Tarzan of the Apes.

It was illustrated by his father John Lockwood Kipling and published by Macmillan. The chapter Tiger Tiger is a reference to the poem of William Blake. The same year freemason and Theosophist Swami Vivekananda helped establishing the nationalist movement in India and the Vedanta Society.

In 1899 he wrote The White Man's Burden.

In 1900 he published novel Kim.

In 1907 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

He worked with British agents Robert Baden-Powell and Ernest Thompson Seton (Woodcraft Indians), married to Theosophist Grace Gallatin, who co-founded the Boy Scouts movement (Boy Scouts of America), based on The Jungle Book with the bear as symbol of the north and pedophilia. The BSA used the Aryan fleur-de-lis and swastika symbol and collaborated with YMCA, Wandervogel (Hans Blüher) and German Hitler Youth. It also used the Memory Game of Kipling's novel Kim.

Baden-Powell was a member of the Order of St Michael and St George, Order of the Christ, Order of the Dannebrog, Order of the Phoenix, Order of Orange-Nassau and Order of the Bath. His father was a priest of the Church of England. His wife was related to Winston Churchill.

During the WW1 and WW2 ritual, he worked at war propaganda office Wellington House with Alfred Harmsworth (married to Mary Milner of Order of St John), Fabian HG Wells, Edward Bernays, William Archer, Arnold Bennett and jesuit AC Doyle (HOGD).

Fascist Oswald Mosley married the daughter of George Curzon of the Stanley Baldwin cabinet and started the New Party with Baldwin's son.

Robert Bulwer-Lytton's daughter Emily Luytens worked for the Theosophic Society with Jidda Krishnamurti.

In 1961 Robert Heinlein (Laurel Canyon meetings with Jack Parsons of the OTO and Ron Hubbard of the Church of Scientology) wrote Stranger in a Strange Land with a Christ figure, raised by Martians instead of wolves (wolf on Tarot card The Moon), set in Walter Reed Army Hospital of Project Bluebird. It was dedicated to Robert Cornog, a friend of Parsons, who worked on the atom bomb in Project Manhattan.

Charles Manson used the swastika symbol and named his child Michael Valentine Smith, conceived in San Francisco, after the novel. He was educated at Pasadena City College like Jack Parsons and The Jungle Book director Wolfgang Reitherman.

Marghanita Laski, niece of Fabian Harold Laski, edited his poems Kipling's English History (1974) and wrote the biography From Palm to Pine: Rudyard Kipling Abroad and at Home (1987). The Fabian Society has a wolf in sheep's clothing logo.

Astrological chart

born 12/30/1865, date Eliza Dushku.

Asc: Virgo, mc: Gemini. Dom: Sagittarius (Art), Gemini, Capricorn - Mercury, Moon, Saturn.

died 1/18/1936.

Kipling in popular culture

1937 Wee Willy Winkie Shirley Temple as Willie  Priscilla "Winkie" Williams (Winkies=Wizard of Oz) Cesar Romero (the Joker) and John Ford (CIA team with Carl Jung). Shirley Temple also played in The Blue Bird.

1937 Elephant Boy Sabu United Artists

1942 The Jungle Book Sabu Mel Blanc (Order of DeMolay) United Artists

1967 The Jungle Book Sterling Holloway (Methodist Church, Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland) Phil Harris (married to Alice Fay) jesuit Louis Prima Verna Felton (Queen of Hearts) George Sanders (Simon Templar in The Saint, Mr Freeze in Batman, recorded at house of Bulwer-Lyttons, married to Zsa Zsa Gabor) Clint Howard (brother of Ron Howard) Wolfgang Reitherman (Pasadena City College like Jack Parsons and Charles Manson).

1976 The Omen franchise Antichrist child with DNA of a jackyll Richard Donner (Superman).

1985 The Man Who Would Be King (King Will-I-Am) Christopher Plummer as Kipling  Sean Connery (007), Michael Caine, John Huston.

1989 The Jungle Book Nippon Animation

1993 They Vanessa Redgrave (MI6).

1994 The Jungle Book Disney Sam Neill and Lena Heady. Superman the Feral Man of Steel.

1997 Princess Mononoke (raised by wolves) Hayao Myiazaki

2016 The Jungle Book Disney remake Scarlett Johansson Christian Bale Andy Serkis.

2017 Boris Johnson reads the poem Mandalay before the 2017 Las Vegas shooting ritual at Mandalay Bay hotel.

Great Game

AC Doyle