Rudolf Hess

Rudolf Hess was a German political puppet used to play a role in program fascism, the WW1-WW2 ritual and fake Nuremberg trial. He was a member of the Freikorp and Thule Society of Rudolf von Sebottendorf. At the University of Munich he was a student of Karl Haushofer, a friend of Erich von Ludendorff. In 1922 he joined the Sturmabteilung (SA with lightning symbol). He participated in the Beer Hall Putsch in Munich on 11/9/1923 with Antichrist figure Adolf Hitler, Ernst Röhm, Ludwig von Scheubner-Richter, Erich Ludendorff, Heinrich Himmler, Robert Wagner and Hermann Göring.

They were imprisoned at Landsberg Prison (prison with Panoptikon, all seeing eye symbolism), where Hitler wrote Mein Kampf.  

Rudolf von Sebottendorff was the leader of Freikorps Oberland with Heinrich Himmler, Arthur Rodl (later commandant of Gross-Rosen concentration camp), Hilmar Wäckerle (later commandant of Dachau), Arnold Ruge (Young Hegelians with David Strauss and Karl Marx, worked with Giuseppe Mazzini), Karl Astel (eugenics program) and Beppo Römer (later Communist Party), Bodo Uhse (also communist). It was a military organization with S&B symbol, that fought the communists and Spartacus League of Rosa Luxemburg and George Grosz.

He was present at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin (stadium as the Cup of Babalon. He was a member of the Anglo-German Fellowship with Guy Burgess, Kim Philby, Charles Edward Saxe-Coburg.

In 1941 he went to Scotland to be arrested by MI6 (Archibald Sinclair and jesuit Frank Foley, celebrated as Hero of the Holocaust and given a statue by William V). He was guarded by Burton Andrus (BSA).

During the Nuremberg trial he stayed at Spandau prison in Berlin and was 'investigated' by Ewen Cameron (later used in MK Ultra, in collaboration with John Rawling Rees of Tavistock and World Federation of Mental Health) and Henry Dicks of Tavistock

His fellow inmates of Albert Speer, Walther Funk (BIS bank) and Baldur von Schirach (Hitler Youth). Schirach's wife had an affair with the former husband of Leni Riefenstahl. Spandau Prison was under control of Allied Control Council of William Strang (Foreign Office, League of Nations, Anglo-German Fellowship).

His judge Mervyn Griffith-Jones worked with Theosophist Christmas Humpfreys (Buddhist Society in London, friend of Nicholas Roerich, Alice Bailey, Alan Watts) and played a role in the TH Lawrence scandal and Profumo scandal.

His son Wolf Rüdiger Hess claimed he was murdered by Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) and wrote My Father Rudolf Hess (1986).

Vril Society hoax

Haushofer and Hess were used in the Vril Society hoax of Louis Pauwels about a group founded in 1921 with medium Marie Orsic who supposedly were in contact with Aryan aliens from Aldebaran (constellation Taurus) and developed UFO technology. Pauwels claimed Haushofer was a student of George Gurdjieff. Other supposed members were Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Alfred Rosenberg

British Secretary of State for the Colonies and Rosicrucian Edward Bulwer-Lytton (friend of Benjamin Disraeli, Paschal Beverly Randolph and Eliphas Levi) played a role in the revival of occultism in the 19th century and wrote Vril the Power of the Coming Race in 1871. He was a member of the Orphic Circle who conducted séances and evoked spirits in mirrors and crystals with Emma Hardinge Britten, who co-founded the Theosophical Society. Helena Blavatsky of the Theosophical Society expanded on the Vril force in The Secret Doctrine.

In the 20's popular science writers like Willy Ley and Fritz Lang's Woman in the Moon, gave rise to a rocketry trend in Berlin Germany. The name Thule refers to the mythical Hyperborea.

In 1937 nazi Germany explored Antarctica (Neu-Schwabia). 

In 1967 Louis Pauwels and Kabbalist Jacques Bergier wrote The Morning of the Magicians (published by Gallimard), a work of alien fiction comparable to HP Lovecraft, mixing the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn with the story of a Vril Society and nazi's escaping to Antarctica. Pauwels also wrote a book about George Gurdjieff and his student Karl Haushofer, a friend of Rudolf Hess and Erich von Ludendorff.

In the Internet age the hoax was spread in the Conspiracy Church by Wulf Schwarzwaller (The Unknown Hitler), Vladimir Terziski (UFO Secrets of the Third Reich), Brad Steiger (The Rainbow Conspiracy), Joseph Farrell (book Hess and the Penguins, promoted by FreemanTV, Nexus magazine and Dark Journalist), Alan Baker (Invisible Eagle The History of Nazi Occultism), Peter Moon (The Black Sun), Wes Penre, Len Kasten,  Ancient Aliens (David Childress, Michael Salla, George Noory, David Wilcock), Donald Marshall,..

It was debunked by Nichols Goodrich-Clarke. Peter Levenda researched the Nazi-Tibet connection through the work of Ernst Schafer of the Ahnenerbe.

born 4/26/1894, date John Wilkes (Lincoln), Chernobyl, Melania Trump, in Egypt.

died 8/17/1987 (age 93, most important nr in Thelema), date Robert de Niro, David Koresh, Sean Penn.


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