Royal Society

The Royal Society is an academy and a club of scientists in the UK, founded on 11/28/1660, supported by mason Charles II (Stuart, central bloodline in the Scottish Rite). It was a continuation of the Invisible College of Robert Boyle, Gresham College of Thomas Gresham (City of London, Royal Exchange), the circle of Samuel Hartlib and Oxford Philosophical Club of John Wilkins. It served as intermediary between the Rosicrucianism of John Dee and modern freemasonry and gave rise to the first Scientific Revolution.

Robert Moray became the first president of the Royal Society. It served the goal of the monarchy and the City of London bankers of maintaining a monopoly on science.

Charles II Stuart was the son of Henrietta Maria, daughter of Henry VI of France and Marie de Medici, of the Italian Medici family who introduced Hermeticism, the cult of Hermes/Mercury. The gathering of scientific knowledge represented the symbolic rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon in masonry. The Stuarts worked with rabbi Jacob Judah Leon Templo of the Sabbatean movement. Henry Oldenburg was in contact with Sabbatean Petrus Serrarius.

Rupert of the Rine (Stuart) conquered the northern US to found the New Atlantis, as announced by Francis Bacon.

Louis XIV created the French Académie des Sciences in 1666.

Early Members

- Albert Saxe-Coburg
- Alexander Bruce (Scottish House of Bruce, ties to the Knights Templar)
- Ben Jonson
- Charles Babbage (father of the computer)
- Charles Darwin
- Charles Theodore (Duke of Bavaria)
- Christiaan Huygens (studied Saturn, son of Constantijn Huygens who tutored Frederick V)
- Christopher Wren (rebuilt the City of London)
- Elias Ashmole (influenced by George Wharton)
- George II of England
- Henry Oldenburg (mason, first Secretary, friend of John Milton who wrote Paradise Lost)
- Herbrand Russell (Order of St John)
- Isaac Newton (Principia, theory of gravity)
- John Theophilus Desaguliers
- John Wilkins (Gresham College, Oxford, Cambridge, cult of Mercury/Hermes)
- Jonathan Goddard (Gresham College, Oxford Club of John Wilkins)
- Robert Moray
- Rudjer Boskovic (jesuit)
- Stephen Joseph Perry (jesuit)
- Walter Scott (mason)
- William Ball (studied Saturn)
- William Brouncker
- William Cavendish (Cecil bloc)
- William Petty (great-grandfather of William Petty, pm of the UK)
- William Stukely (mason, druid)

Later members

- Alan Turing
- Albert Einstein
- prince Andrew
- Arthur Balfour (SPR, Cecil bloc)
- Arthur Stoll (LSD research Albert Hoffman, Kaiser Wilhelm Institute)
- Bertrand Russell
- Brian Cox
- Clement Attlee (LSE, Fabian Society)
- David Attenborough
- Elon Musk
- Enrico Fermi
- Francis Crick
- Frederick William IV Hohenzollern
- Richard Feynman
- Sigmund Freud
- Stephen Hawking
- Winston Churchill

It funded Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead to write Principia Mathematica.

John Dee

History of Freemasonry