Ronald Reagan

Ronald Wilson Reagan was a mind controlled Hollywood actor and political puppet of the Right Wing Church, a Knight of Malta and member of the Bohemian Club, who played the role of US president from 1981 to 1989. He played in 'The Killers' (novel of Ernest Hemingway) with John Cassavetes, who makes an Antichrist Moonchild with Mia Farrow (partner of Knight of Malta Frank Sinatra) in Polanski's 'Rosemary's Baby'. He was born in 1911 as son of Knight of Columbus (Colonna) Jack Reagan.

In Hollywood he led the Screen Actors Guild.

He was a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon like Knight of Malta Conrad Hilton, Merv Griffin, Willie Nelson, Marc Benioff, Ron Jeremy, Lawrence Welk, Ed Droste (Hooters with owl logo).

He played in Warner Bros movie Sergeant Murphy (1938) with Mary Maguire (mm=33), who was signed to Warner with help from John Farrow, father of Mia Farrow. Maguire was married to Robert Gordon-Canning, who was present at the wedding of Oswald Mosley and Diana Mitford, with Adolf Hitler and MI5 agent Bill Allen as guest.

He became spokesperson of General Electric, founded by JP Morgan and Thomas Edison (Theosophical Society). His 1st wife was Jane Wyman Mayfield= Whore of Babylon Jayne Mansfield. She played in The Lost Weekend (Paramount Pictures) of Billy Wilder, shot at Bellevue Hospital, where mind control techniques were being developed that were later used in MK Ultra.

He married actress Nancy Davies Reagan in 1952, with William Holden (movie the Omen that announced Antichrist William V) as best man. From 1967 to 1975 he was the 33d governor of California.

In 1973 he was a member of the Rockefeller Commission of Nelson Rockefeller who pretended to investigate themind control research project MK Ultra (History of Mind Control).

He was made president in 1981, year of wedding Charles and Diana, as replacement of Jimmy Carter.

The Reagan Administration consisted of:

- George Schultz (CFR, Bechtel Group, Mont Pelerin Society, Pilgrims Society, Bohemian Club, Nuclear Threat Initiative with Ted Turner of CNN)
- Frank Carlucci (CFR, Order of Malta, the Carlyle Group)
- George HW Bush (S&B, CIA, TC, Order of Malta)
- William Taft (S&B)
- J Peter Grace (Order of Malta, Operation Paperclip transfer of nazi's, PRODEMCA, Council for National Policy)
- Nicholas Brady (Order of Malta, Bohemian Club CFR)
- Alexandre de Merenches (Order of Malta, Le Cercle)
- Alan Keyes (Knight of Columbus-Colonna)
- James Watkins (Order of Malta, Aids scare)
- Richard Allen (Le Cercle, CFR, CFW)
- Carl Anderson (Knight of Columbus)
- David Gergen (CFR, TC, AEI, Yale, World Economic Forum, later CNN, Bohemian Club, interview with Alex Jones)
- Kenneth Duberstein (Zeta Beta Thau fraternity of Zionist Richard Gottheil, The Boeing Company, Fannie Mae)


- Jeane Kirkpatrick (CFR, Le Cercle, CPD, Committee for the Free World, PRODEMCA)
- Alexander Haig (Pilgrims Society, CFR, TC)
- Edwin Feulner (The Heritage Foundation, CSIS, Victims of Communism, Mont Pelerin Society)
- Frank Gaffney (Washington Times of Unification Church, CNP)
- Vernon Walters (CIA)
- Tip O'Neill
- William Bennet (Committee for the Free World, National Review of Buckley, Claremont Institute, backed by Irving Kristol of Congress for Cultural Freedom, friend of Haight-Ashbury artist Janis Joplin)
- Nizar Hamdoon
- William F Buckley
- advisor David Abshire (TC)
- Ann McLaughlin (RAND, married to Nixon's speechwriter jesuit John McLaughlin)
- Gary Bauer (ties to Unification Church).

Edwin Meese (The Heritage Foundation, CNP, Mont Pelerin Society) was also advisor.

Reagan's and Bush's speeches were written by John Podhoretz (National Review of Wiilliam F Buckley Jr), son of Midge Rosenthal Decter (The Heritage Foundation, CPD, Committee for the Free World).

The first media stunt was a fake assassination attempt at the Washington Hilton with John Hinckley (Boston Corbett, who shot Lincoln's assassin, died in Hinckley), born 5/29 like JFK, obsessed with Jodie Foster, the archetype of the lone wolf assassin, announced by Columbia (Colonna) movie Taxi Driver with Robert de Niro. His lawyer was jesuit Edward Bennett. He was treated at St Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, used as programming center (use of electroshocks).

Instead of a Roman Emperor he became the archetype of the president who can fix the economy in an economic crisis, as a scientist-doctor treating a patient (Reagonomics). His economic advisor were Martin Feldstein (Harvard, American Enterprise Institute, CFR, TC, Mont Pelerin Society, Group of Thirty, teacher of Lawrence Summers) and Murray Weidenbaum (American Enterprise Institute).

The Reagan administration funded the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. After the Left Wing Church had normalised drug abuse (crack epidemic), jesuit William Bennett invented the War on Drugs (thesis-antithesis), monopolising the jesuit drug trade, providing free slave labor in the prison industry.

The concept of the War on Drugs was introduced by Richard Nixon with help from an advisory council with James Q Wilson (American Enterprise Institute).

1983 (after birth William, the Daemon, Pluto associated with nuclear power) speech that announces the Strategic Defense Initiative, advised by committee of Buzz Aldrin, Larry Niven, Robert Heinlein (Laurel Canyon meetings with Jack Parsons, the Moon is a Harsh Mistress), Daniel O Graham (Unification Church or Moonies, World Anti-Communist League), Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle.

1985 He underwent surgery in Bethesda Maryland, known for its mind control projects (year of release Back to the Future with references to Project Bluebird and Reagan's movie Cattle Queen of Montana).

Ronald and Nancy Reagan hosted a party at the White House with Clint Eastwood and other Hollywood actors, where Diana Spencer performed her famous dance in black velvet dress with John Travolta.

1986 the US bombs Lybia (Lybian terrorists in Back to the Future). Jesuit Fernando Cardenal controlled the Contra's in Nicaragua (christianity with capitalist US as Satan).

Iran Contra media ritual with jesuit John Forbes Kerry (S&B). Time Magazine articles with Oliver North (World Anti-Communist League, Reagan played in The Killers with John Cassavetes as Johnny North) of the National Security Council.
1987 speech at the Berlin Wall in Germany on 6/12 date of Rosemary's Baby, signed a treaty with Gurbachev (Giancarlo Pallavicini SMOM as advisor). Knight of Malta George HW Bush played the role of peacekeeper at the Malta Summit.

His son Ron Reagan (educated at Yale) promoted Anton LaVey and his daughters in the aftermath of the Satanic Panic media ritual. He co-hosted a show with Monica Crowley (Aleister Crowley).

He lived in Santa Barbara, close to Michael Jackson's Neverland. Nancy Reagan was a guest at Elizabeth Taylor's wedding at Neverland. He had Alzheimer's Disease (memory loss caused by mercury and electroshocks).

Reagan died in 2004. The same year jesuit Steve Bannon produced and directed In the Face of Evil: Reagan's War in Word and Deed (Reagan as hero who defeated communism), based on the 2003 book Reagan's War by Peter Schweizer.

Dennis Quaid played Reagan in Reagan (2022) with Mena Suvari as his 1st wife Jane Wyman and Penelope Ann Miller as Nancy Reagan.

Astrological chart

born 2/6/1911, date d George Schultz, Eva Braun, Axl Rose, Bob Marley (died in 1981), Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Asc: Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, mc: Libra. Dom: Capricorn (the Devil), Taurus, Sagittarius - Mars (war), Jupiter, Pluto.

Houses 1, 4, 2. 1: Mars, Mercury and Uranus in Capricorn, 4: Saturn and moon in Taurus, 2: Sun in Aquarius (the Star).

died 6/5/2004, date The Truman Show, Mark Wahlberg, John Keynes.


1937 Love is on the Air (Warner Bros)
1937 Hollywood Hotel
1938 Sergeant Murphy Mary Maguire
1938 Swing Your Lady, Accidents Will Happen, Cowboy From Brooklyn, the Amazing dr Clitterhouse, Boy Meets Girl, Girl on Probation, Brother Rat, Going Places
1939 Secret Service of the Air, Dark Victory, Code of the Secret Service, Naughty But Nice, Hell's Kitchen, The Angels Wash Their Faces, Smashing the Money Ring, Sword Fishing
1940 Brother Rat and a Baby, An Angel From Texas, Murder in the Air (JFK ritual in Texas), Knute Rockney, All American, Tugboat Annie Sails Again, Alice in Movieland (Alice in Wonderland programming), Santa Fe Trail
1941 The Bad Man
1941 Million Dollar Baby as Peter Rowan= Roman in Rosemary's Baby with Priscilla Lane as Pam McAllister (Aleister Crowley) (remake with Clint Eastwood, Hilary=Hilarion Swank, Morgan Freeman), International Squadron
1941 Nine Lives Are Not Enough Joan Perry (married to Harry Cohn of Columbia and Laurence Harvey of mind control movie The Manchurian Candidate)
1942 Recognition of the Japanese Zero Fighter, Kings Row, Juke Girl, Desperate Journey, Beyond the Line of Duty.
1943 The Rear Gunner, This is the Army (with Rosemary DeCamp, scene in White House Washington DC)
1945 Target Tokyo, The Fight For The Sky, The Stillwell Road, Wings For This Man
1947 Stallin Road
1947 That Hagen Girl Shirley Temple (Order of Malta) Lois Maxwell
1947 The Voice of the Turtle
1949 John Loves Mary with Patricia Neal (married to Roald Dahl), Night Unto Night, The Girl from Jones Beach, The Hasty Heart.
1949 It's a Great Feeling Doris Day (mother of Terry Melcher, who lived at the house of Roman Polanski) Joan Crawford (also Christian Science) Edward G Robinson Warner Bros
1950 Louisa Hal Norton
1951 Storm Warning (tempest of Wizard of Oz) Doris Day. The Last Outpost. Bedtime for Bonzo (monkey named Bonzo).
1952 The Winning Team Doris Day
1953 Tropic Zone with Rhonda Fleming (11 Lust, the Whore of Babylon)

Law and Order (Universal)
1954 Prisoners of War.
1954 Cattle Queen of Montana (Isis, used in Back to the Future movie with Michael J Fox, that announced Donald Trump as the new Reagan).
1955 Tenesse's Partner, co-host Walt Disney's Disneyland.
1957 Hellcats of the Navy, guest star on Lux Video Theatre like Rosemary Clooney and Audie Murphy (movie Harvey Lee went to see in the JFK ritual)
1960 The Dupont Show (Colonna) with June Allyson
1961 The Young Doctors (month after birth Diana) with Ben Gazarra
1964 The Killers with John Cassavetes of Rosemary's Baby (ladder of the Hanged Man like the 911 Sharon Tate ritual).

1964-1965 host of Death Valley Days (Parsons Babalon Workings), based on Wizard of Oz, replaced by Rosemary DeCamp
2006 The Killing of John Lennon (at the Dakota of Rosemary's Baby)
2015 Pixels

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