Ron Howard

Ronald William Howard is a mind controlled movie director, used in the Hollywood film industry, to make propaganda for the William V bloodline and to announce the Covid19-ritual. He is the father of Bryce Dallas Howard (Stagedoor Manor with Natalie Portman, The Village, Manderlay, Katherine in Terminator Salvation) and Paige Howard (educated at NYU, The Employer with Malcolm McDowell). Bryce Dallas Howard is married to Seth Gabel (jewish, also NYU). His father Rance Howard worked for the US Air Force and played in Roman Polanski's Chinatown.

As a child he appeared in episodes of The Twilight Zone, The Smith Family with Henry Fonda, American Graffiti of George Lucas with Mackenzie Philips and The Andy Griffith Show. His brother is actor Clint Howard.

He is signed to CAA.

Astrological chart

born 3/1/1954, date Dark Side of the Moon.

Asc: Aries, mc: Capricorn. Dom: Pisces (the Moon, age of pisces christ), Capricorn, Aries- Neptune, Mars, Uranus.

Houses 7, 11, 10. 7: Saturn in Scorpio, 11: Sun conj Mercury in Pisces, 10: Moon in Capricorn.


1965 Village of the Giants based on book of HG Wells
1973 American Graffiti George Lucas  Mackenzie Philips Harrison Ford
1977 Grand Theft Auto Marlon Ross (Happy Days)
1979 More American Graffiti Rosanna Arquette as cult member
1982 Night Shift Michael Keaton Kevin Costner Shannen Doherty as Bluebird (Project Bluebird)
1984 Splash (pisces, mermaid merfolk symbolism of the Merovingians) Tom Hanks Daryl Hannah princess of cups) Eugene Levy Brian Grazer Disney
1985 Cocoon (vesica pisces holy blood moonchild) Steve Guttenberg 6/21 (bday of William V) produced by Richard Zunick
1986 Gung Ho Michael Keaton
1988 Willow special child William Warwick Davis Val Kilmer
1989 Parenthood (the hanged man, produced by Michael Rosenberg ) Steve Martin Keanu Reeves Dianne Wiest Jason Robards Joaquin Phoenix
1991 Backdraft Kurt Russell Donald Sutherland Robert De Niro
1992 Far and Away (Diana Spencer at premiere) Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman
1994 The Paper Michael Keaton Robert Duvall Glenn Close
1995 Apollo 13 (one eye, the moon, rev 911, Apollo moon landings) Tom Hanks Ed Harris William Bill Paxton like Moonchild William Universal Pictures
1996 Ransom Mel Gibson Donnie Wahlberg
1999 EDtv (similar to The Truman Show) Matthew McConaughey Woody Harrelson Ellen DeGeneris Dennis Hopper
2000 How the Grinch Stole Christmas Jim Carrey green man Anthony Hopkins
2001 A Beautiful Mind  Russell Crowe as John Nash Jennifer Connelly Ed Harris Christopher Plummer Paul Bettany
2003 The Missing Tommy Lee Jones Cate Blanchett (Catherine) Evan Rachel Wood Aaron Eckhart Val Kilmer
2005 Cinderella Man Russell Crowe Renée Zellweger Paul Giamatti
2006 The Da Vinci Code Tom Hanks Audrey Tautou Jean Reno Ian McKellen Paul Bettany Alfred Molina  based on novel of Dan Brown about Holy Grail bloodline, filmed at house of Cecils
2008 Frost/Nixon Michael Sheen Frank Langella as Richard Nixon Rebecca Hall Sam Rockwell
2009 Angels & Demons (John Dee enochian, references to Illuminati and CERN) Ewan McGregor Stellan Skarsgard
2011 The Dilemma Vince Vaughn Kevin James Channing Tatum Jennifer Connelly Winona Ryder Queen Latifah
2013 Rush Martin Brühl Chris Hemsworth Olivia Wilde
2015 In the Heart of the Sea (the abyss) Cillian Murphy Paula Weinstein (married to Mark Rosenberg) Joe Roth
2016 Inferno sword cup Felicity Jones (Miranda in The Tempest) Sidse Babette Knudsen as head of the WHO (announcement of the Covid19-ritual)
the Beatles 8 days a week (rev 911)
2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story Woody Harrelson Thandiwe Newton Emilia Clarke Paul Bettany Disney


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