Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich is a jewish Russian mind controlled oligarch, billionaire and political puppet used in the media industry to play the role of friend of Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin, dictator of Russia (dominant Pluto: wealth, oligarchy, underworld). He gained fortune during the privatisation of the Russsian economy.

He owns British soccer club Chelsea FC.

He is an associate of Konstantin Kagalovsky, head of oil company Yukos (one eye pyramid logo) and Boris Berezovsky, who helped him acquire Sibneft. He partially owns steel and mining company Evraz. He collaborated with Oleg Deripaska (Basic Element, En+ Group) to form RUSAL, one of the biggest aluminium producers in the world.

Berezovsky worked with Michael and Lev Cherny and David and Simon Reuben (Trans-World Group, Bratva, Russian mafia). Michael Cherny is a friend of Avigdor Lieberman, deputy pm of Israel.

He is a friend of rabbi Berel Lazar (Russian Jewish Congress).

Celebrity lawyers Raymon Tooth (Patti Boyd and Eric Clapton, Sadie Frost and Jude Law) and Nicholas Mostyn (Heather Mills and Paul McCartney, brother of Diana) played a role in his divorce media ritual (Venus in Libra). His daughter was educated at Columbia University.

From 2000 he was Governor of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug.

He founded Millhouse Capital in 2001 with jesuit Eugene Shvidler as chairman. It managed his stakes in Gazprom Neft, Aeroflot, GAZ Group and Prodo. He bought Chelsea from Ken Bates (Wembley Stadium) in 2003.

Dasha Zhukova is the daughter of oil trader of Alexander Zhukova and a donor of Hilary Clinton.

In 2011 his wife Dasha Zukhova attended the annual gala of the Museum of Contemporary Art with a ritual led by Marina Abramovic, of eating human like cakes, simulating cannibalism with Debbie Harry, Pamela Anderson (both 7/1 like Diana), Lady Gaga, Will Ferrell, Larry Gagosian (assistant of Michael Ovitz CFR, Disney), Gwen Stefani,..

The cakes represented the Cake of Light ritual in Aleister Crowley's Thelema, containing sperm and menstrual blood (the museum also had an exhibition of Crowley-follower Kenneth Anger).

Controlled opposition Alexei Navalny accused Igor Schuvalov of corruption and bribery by Abramovich's companies.

In 2018 he divorced Dasha Zhukova. She is on the board of Garage Museum, LA County Museum of Art and Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. She later married Stavros Niarchos II (Aristotle Onassis related, inspiration for James Bond villiain Stavros Blofeld). Philip Niarchos was educated at Le Rosey and is on the board of the MoMa (performances of Marina Abramovic).

In 2022 he stated he intended to sell Chelsea.

Astrological chart

born 10/24/1966, date Drake, Tila Tequila, Wayne Rooney (month before Truman Capote ball).

Dom: Scorpio (Death), Virgo, Pisces - Venus, Pluto (wealth), Saturn.

Venus in Libra, Sun, Mercury, Neptune in Scorpio, Moon, Saturn and Lilith in Pisces, Mars, Pluto, Uranus in Virgo.

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