The Rockefeller family is a family of psychopaths, part of the cult of Saturn, are Scottish Rite masons that work with Bill Gates towards a totalitarian world state with mandatory vaccination, but they are mere actors on the world stage (oil is linked to Pluto, the god of the underworld, of wealth, of nuclear energy and dark secrets). Especially the Rockefellers are used as American Dream mythology -one family supposedly conquered the world in 3 generations, and as distraction from the Church and more important Italian families, to link them to a fictional anti-christianity conspiracy (the Illuminati hoax).

History of the Rockefellers

The Rockefeller bloodline originated in Neuwied, Rhineland Germany, where protestants formed the Order of the Rose Cross and saw Frederick V as the king who would establish a Luciferian world empire (wedding Frederick V).

1870 John D. and William Jr Rockefeller founds Standard Oil, an oil company in Ohio with the torch logo of Lucifer the lightbringer.

William Jr founds National City Bank, later known as Citigroup. John D. founds the University of Chicago in 1889, Rockefeller University in 1901, specialised in biology and medical science (virology). They fund the General Education Board in 1906 with George Peabody (Federal Reserve), Moris Jesup, Frederick Taylor Gates as advisor. His son John D. Rockefeller Jr marries Abby Aldrich, through Nelson Aldrich also part of setting up the Federal Reserve with members of Skull&Bones.

They are given acces to the oil reserves in Saoudi Arabia through Knight of Malta John Philby and the House of Ibn Saud. William Knox d'Arcy creates an oil industry in Iran, founds the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC), later BP. Standard Oil takes over Donahy's Pan American Petroleum Company. Standard Oil is split in Exxon, Chevron, BP.

1916 Hoechst AG (Meister family) founds IG Farben.

1919 John Rockefeller is present in Versailles at the Treaty of Paris, the Council of Foreign Relations is formed as transition to a world government. Owen Young of the Rockefeller Foundation founds music label RCA with David Sarnoff of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. In 1925 the RF, and Carnegie Foundation fund the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR), with Frederick Vanderbilt (S&B family) as staff member. Thei lawyer J. Richardson Dilworth is part of S&B, Percy Rockefeller, working for Harriman, also S&B. In 1925 the 6 chemical companies Bayer, Agfa, Hoechst, BASF, merge into IG Farben. In 1927 the Rockefeller Foundation funds the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for eugenics, employer of Josef Mengele. Owen Young (Rockefeller Foundation) is assigned to rebuild the German economy (the Young Plan). John Rockefeller is the largest shareholder of Chase National Bank (swastika logo), working with General Electric (RCA, who become the first tenants at Rockefeller Center).

Like the Carnegie's, the Rockefellers have Aryan, Scottish-Irish ancestry, are 33 degree Scottish rite masons, the famous Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center is erected in december 1933 (Saturnalia). The Rockefeller Center contains depictions of the masonic Great Architect with compass, statues of Prometheus the lightbringer, and the greek god Atlas. It is seen as the triumph of the archetypal New World Order industrialist, the pinnacle of capitalism but is right across St Patrick cathedral, the real ruler. The center serves an obelisk of Saturn worship, the god of materialism, social control and time (offices of Time Inc).

1933 is also the year of the rise of another antichrist figure, Adolf Hitler. The Rockefeller Foundation funds IG Farben (who were said to have played a role in the experiments in concentration camps) and the University in Exile of the New School of Columbia University leftists (controlled by the Colonna's, with scholars Hannah Arendt and Erich Fromm. British Intelligence (William Stephenson and Alllen Dulles CFR, OSS) has its office in Rockefeller Center. Lewis Douglas (CFR) part of the American Lend-Lease program helping Stalin, is a member of the Rockefeller Foundation from 1935. RF funds Hadley Cantril's mind control research at Princeton on the effect of propaganda (f.i. the alien media hoax of Orson Welles). Cantril was a roommate of Nelson Rockefeller at Dartmouth College, works with Frank Stanton of CBS. The RF funds the IAC to make an atom bomb (Glen Seaborg, Luis Alvarez members of Bohemian Club).

After WW2

1947 the RF funds the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction of Alfred Kinsey and the Tavistock Institute. In 1949 the RF funds the Aspen Institute with the families Ford, Gates and Carnegie. directors of IG Farben all released by John McCloy (CFR) and IG Farben is split again in BASF, Bayer, Hoechst.

1952 John Rockefeller III funds the Population Council through the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (Stephen Heintz CFR) to develop contraceptives. Nelson Rockefeller department Health, Education and Welfare, 'defeats' Averell Harriman (S&B) to become governor of NY (under cardinal Spellman). 1953 Rockefeller Foundation funds CIA mind control project MK Ultra, a continuation of the nazi experiments in concentration camps in American universities. The Rockefeller Foundatin and the Ford Foundation fund the jesuit university in Congo (Lovanium, partof Belgian university KULeuven). 1955 Chase and the Manhattan Company merge into Chase Manhattan bank with John McCloy as chairman. Nelson Rockefeller works as psychological warfare consultant for Eisenhower.

1961 Godfrey Anderson Rockefeller co-founds the WWF (the Green Church). Dean Rusk of the Rockefeller Foundation is secretary of state in the JFK administration. Frederick Seitz (Bohemian Club) is made president of the Rockefeller University.

1963 the Rockefeller Group is part of developing the NY Hilton. Laurence Rockefeller provides capital for Apple and Intel.

1970 David Rockefeller replaces John McCloy (World Bank, chairman Ford Foundation) as chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, who he had worked with at Chase Manhattan bank. 1973 the Twin Towers, two masonic pillars Boaz and Joachin, represented as the brothers David and Nelson.

Leonard Firestone (Bohemian Club) is chairman of Nelson's election campaign. In the 70's, as vice-president of Gerald Ford (Shriner), Nelson Rockefeller works with Henry Kissinger (Secretary of State under Nixon) and Carla Hills CFR. Nelson Rockefeller is selected to lead the commission that 'investigates' MK Ultra with Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan.

1983 jesuit Wilhelm Meister of the Hoecht company, responsable for the concentration camps, founds CVC, wich turns into America Online (AOL with one eye pyramid logo) with jesuit Jim Kimsey as CEO. Richard Parsons of Time Warner, friend of David Rockefeller and part of his Council of Foreign Relations, merges AOL and TimeWarner into AOL Time Warner Inc. Ted Field, producer of Disney movies, descendant of Marshall Field who founded University of Chicago with John Rockefeller, founds Interscope records with Jimmy Iovine. Richard Parsons chairman of Citigroup in 2009. Rockefeller center is used in movie Home Alone.

1988 Akinwuma Adesina is trained at Rockefeller Foundation, to be part of the Millenium Goals of the UN and lead the African Development Bank.

The RF funds Robert Temple, the Sirius Mystery, Laurence Rockefeller member of WWF, National Geographic Society, part of UFO disclosure psyop, funds John Mack at Harvard. Winthrop Rockefeller helps Gussie Busch of Annheuser Bush. RF works together with Gates Foundation and Brookings Institute.

Rockefeller as pop culture cliché

Rock =Jupiter Jay-hova (Jay Rockefeller), worshipped at St Peter (petra petroleum), the planet of wealth and expansion, inverted as black rock saturn death cult (Blackstone Group, black stone at the Kabba at Mecca, etc).

In the internet age, CIA trolls on Youtube link Jay-z of Roc-a-fella records, to Rockefeller and the Illuminati hoax and they becomes the favorite target of controlled opposition (Alex Jones, David Icke, Luke Rudkowski, jesuit Benjamin Fulford,..) as the ultimate rulers. Jay Rockefeller went to elite school Philips Exeter Academy, like Dan Brown who promoted the Illimunati hoax with a Hollywood blockbuster.

Nelson's son, Steven Clark Rockefeller (Deerfield Academy, Asian Culture Council, Rockefeller Brothers Fund) is part of the multiculti-agenda, author of 'Multiculturalism'. Steven Rockefeller is co-author, along with Mikhael Gurbachev (Green Cross International) and Maurice Strong (Under-Secretary-General of the UN) , of the United Nations Earth Charter, using the environmental crisis as cornerstone of New World Order.

2017 David Rockefeller dies in , his daughters Peggy Rockefeller (CFR) and Ariana both are still involved with the UN. Justin Rockefeller (son of Jay and Sharon) works at data company Addepar of Joe Lonsdale (Palantir), part of Population Council and the gay-transder agenda through the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network. Their influence is waning (Soros now used as archetypal left wing globalist). Rockefeller Foundation is led by Judith Rudin (CFR, Comcast, Citigroup, BlackRock), from 2017 by Rajiv Shah (Gates Foundation, CFR and TC).

With the rise of environmentalism and the end of the oil era and petrodollar, the Rockefellers create a more leftist image for themselves. Steven Clark Rockefeller wrote a biography of leftist John Dewey. Joe Rommon (CFR, Commonwealth Club) is part of the climate agenda, author of 'Hell or high water'. Mellody Hobson CFR, wife of George Lucas, also works for RF. RF works with Jane Mendillo (General Motors), Carrie Walton-Penner (family 216 billion), the Global Business Network of Peter Schwartz (SRI Shell) and Stewart Brand (Philips Exeter Academy, Whole Earth, CIA controlled Merry Pranksters). President of the Rockefeller Foundation, Patty Stonesifer (Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation) is on the board of directors at Amazon, part of the Good Club of Gates, Soros and Warren Buffett.

The Rockefellers invested a lot in virus research, Bill Gates and his Foundation has many links to the Rockefellers so even when David Rockefeller is dead, they are used as boogeyman during the covid-scam.



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