Robert Heinlein

Robert Anson Heinlein was a CIA agent and science fiction author, used to announce the Apollo moon landing and birth of Moonchild William and to play a role in the CIA controlled counterculture of the 60's. In 1940 he organized meetings in Laurel Canyon as the Manaña Literary Society with occultists and science fiction writers Ron Hubbard (Church of Scientology) and Jack Parsons, head of the OTO Agape Lodge in California.

He was educated at a Naval Academy (Annapolis) like Ron Hubbard. He worked for the End Poverty in California campaign of Upton Sinclair (Intercollegiate Socialist Society with propaganda guru Walter Lippmann, ACLU).

In 1939 his first story was published in Astounding Science Fiction (which also published Frank Herbert, author of Dune), edited by Harry Bates (The Day the Earth Stood Still, set in Walter Reed Hospital of Project Bluebird). Bates also edited Strange Tales (= Odd Fellows, Conan the Barbarian of Robert Howard).

In 1940 he hosted the meetings of his Manaña Literary Society at his Laurel Canyon home on Lookout Mountain Avenue with Ron Hubbard, Jack Parsons, Anthony Boucher/William White (pseudonym HH Holmes, mentor of Philip K Dick, San Francisco Chronicle now owned by Hearst), Leigh Brackett (Warner Bros movie The Big Sleep, Star Wars Episode II: The Empire Strikes Back), her husband Edmond Hamilton (Superman, Batman), Catherine Lucelle Moore, her husband Henry Kuttner (Weird Tales with HP Lovecraft), Lyon Sprague de Camp (coined the term E.T., Caltech like Parsons), Jack Williamson, Fritz Lang (Metropolis about the Whore of Babylon),.. Imagination is seen by occultists as an essential part of magic.

At the same time OSS/CIA studio Lookout Mountain was built in Laurel Canyon across the Chateau Marmont for castle programming and The Great Dictator with Charlie Chaplin was shot in Laurel Canyon, a parody of Adolf Hitler.

He attended the World Science Fiction Convention in Denver.

During WW2 he worked at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard with Isaac Asimov (Phi Beta Kappa) and Lyon Sprague de Camp (site linked to Philadelphia Experiment media hoax of Al Bielek, who used it to link it to his stories about a Project Montauk).

In 1948 he married biochemist and rocket engineer Virginia Gerstenfeld Rosenthal (NYU). As red headed woman she served as inspiration for the red headed woman in Heinlein's novels (archetype of Babalon, like rocket engineer Jack Parsons' wife Marjorie Cameron).

In 1950 he wrote the screenplay of Destination Moon of Arthur Ranks' Eagle-Lion Classics studio.

On 6/1/1961 (date of birth Marilyn Monroe) he published Stranger In a Strange Land (=Odd Fellows of Barons Strange), set in Walter Reed Army Hospital of Project Bluebird.

The title refers to bible verse Exodus 2:22 'And she bore him a son, and he called his name Gershom: for he said, I have been a stranger in a strange land'. The main character is Michael Valentine Smith, raised by Martians like Mowgli is raised by wolves in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. Valentine refers to Valentinian gnosticism (Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart wedding on Valentine's Day). The free love commune Church of All Worlds was the inspiration of the Manson Family. The practice of water sharing in the book, is taken from Crowley's Gnostic Mass.

It was dedicated to Robert Cornog, a friend of Parsons, who worked on the atom bomb in Project Manhattan.

He lectured at CIA front Esalen Institute with Alan Watts.

In 1963 MI6 agent and Scientologist Robert de Grimston founded the cult Process Church of the Final Judgement with swastika logo (Fosterite Church of the New Revelation in Stranger in a Strange Land).

In 1966 (year 18 the Moon) he published The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

After the Summer of Love media ritual with Timothy Leary in Haight-Asbury, Charles Manson and Mary Brunner had a child named Michael Valentine Smith, after Stranger In a Stranger Land. Manson was trained at Pasadena City College like Parsons and Wolfgang Reitherman (Disney adaptation of The Jungle Book). Leary's work expanded on the research of Harry Sullivan of St Elizabeths Hospital in Washington (connection to Ron Hubbard's Scientology).

Laurel Canyon artists David Crosby, Frank Zappa and Barry Miles were fans of Heinlein.

LSD dealer Robert Hadley Stark (Brotherhood of Eternal Love, hippie mafia of Orange County), who visited Leary at the Milbrook estate of the Hitchcock-Mellon family, was influenced by The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

Heinlein commented on the Apollo moon landing for CBS with Arthur C Clarke, the writer of 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones) plays in Invocation of My Dead Brother with Kenneth Anger and Bobby Beausoleil.

In 1983 (after birth William, the Daemon, Pluto associated with nuclear power) he was a member of the Citizen's Advisory Council on National Policy with Buzz Aldrin, Marvin Minsky (MIT), Larry Niven, Daniel O Graham (CIA, Unification Church, World Anti-Communist League). The council helped writing Ronald Reagan's speech that announced the Strategic Defense Initiative.

His wife compiled his letters and writings in posthumous publication Grumbles from the Grave (1989).

Astrological chart

born 7/7/1907, date Ringo Starr, Shelley Duvall, d AC Doyle, crash Howard Hughes, d Veronika Lake, Syd Barrett.

Asc: Scorpio, mc: Leo. Dom: Cancer (the Chariot), Gemini, Scorpio - Sun (Christ), Pluto, Mars.

Houses 8, 2, 9. 8: Sun, Neptune and Lilith in Cancer, Venus and Pluto in Gemini, 2: Uranus and Mars in Capricorn, 9: Jupiter in Cancer, Mercury in Leo. 4: Saturn in Pisces.

died 5/8/1988, d Helena Blavatsky, Harry Truman, Michel Gondry, year 18 the Moon.


1947 Rocket Ship Galileo
1949 Red Planet
1950 Farmer in the Skye
1951 The Puppet Masters (mind control by extraterrestrial force)
1952 The Rolling Stones
1953 Starman Jones
1955 Tunnel in the Sky
1959 Starship Troopers (romanticized fascist dictatorship)
1961 Stranger In a Strange Land
1963 Podkayne of Mars
1963 Orphans of the Sky
1963 Glory Road
1964 Farnham's Freehold
1966 The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
1970 I Will Fear No Evil
1973 Time Enough For Love character Lazarus Long
1980 The Number of the Beast
1985 The Cat Who Walks Through Walls
1987 To Sail Beyond the Sunset

In 1997 Paul Verhoeven made Starship Troopers with Denise Richards and Neil Patrick Harris (Sony-Disney).

ABC series Lost referred to the 2:22 Exodus verse.

Ethan Hawke played in Predestination (2014), based on a story of Heinlein.

Jack Parsons

Aleister Crowley