River Phoenix

River Jude Phoenix (Bottom) was a mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry to push the gay agenda and play a role in the the 2012 James Holmes -London Olympics ritual which represented the death-rebirth as phoenix. He died on 10/31/ 1993, on Halloween (orange=33=sodomy) in Johnny Depp's the Viper Room the year of death Brandon Lee (the Heath Ledger-Joker archetype) on the movie set of The Crow.

He was born as child of John Bottom and Sharon 'Heart' Phoenix (Diana Queen of Hearts), grew up in a hippie cult Children of God, like the Manson Family of Charles Manson who killed Sharon Tate in the 911 Sharon Tate ritual. His grandmother was of Hungarian descent.

His middle name refers to The Beatles song Hey Jude (Isis dark feminine Joudy, Judy Garland, last movie with Judy Davis). His brothers and sisters are actors and actresses Joaquin Phoenix, Rain Joan of Arc Phoenix, Summer Phoenix (married to Casey Affleck, in The Believer with Ryan Gosling) and Liberty Phoenix.

Other Children of God cult members are Rose McGowan and Jeremy Spencer (Fleetwood Mac).

He had a band named Aleka's Attic with his sister Rain Phoenix.

He had a relationship with Samantha Mathis (University High School, The Thing Called Love). She is the daughter of actress Bibi Besch, who played the mother of Jim Carrey in Doing Time on Maple Drive (Trump married to Marla Maples) with William McNamara (born 3/31, date death Brandon Lee, Opera with Urbano Colonna of the Order of Jesters). Samantha Mathis played in American Psycho with Batman Christian Bale and Joker Jared Leto. Rain Phoenix played in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues with Uma Thurman, Crispin Glover and John Hurt.

The ritual of his death in the Viper Room represented a ritual of Crowleyan sex magick (death-rebirth through Luciferian sodomy in trauma based mind control, Halloween and Scorpio associated with orange=33=sodomy). Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (also of Hungarian descent) was also present at the ritual. He plays in band Antimasque (masque ball in The Tempest) with Scientology member Cedric Bixler-Zavalla.

According to the media he died of an overdose of cocain and heroin (a Speedball, Speedway released on day of Rosemary's Baby, Keanu Reeves in Speed,..).

His brother Joaquin Phoenix called 911, a message broadcast on tv and radio shows (Mercury, the messenger, rules Gemini, 1993 was the year of the 1st Twin Towers attack, the 2 masonic pillars Boaz and Joachin).

In 2012 he was symbolically reborn as orange hair James Holmes in the Dark Knight Rises Aurora (=Golden Dawn) theatre (movie becoming real theme of 'Joker') and the London Olympics Phoenix ritual.

Astrological chart

born 8/23/1970, date Leslie Van Houten (dutch= orange, cult of Charles Manson), Kobe Bryant, Louis XVI, Julian Casablancas, Gene Kelly, Keith Moon, Scott Caan, a month after Christopher Nolan, year 0 the Fool.

Asc: Scorpio, mc: Leo. Dom: Virgo (the Hermit), Scorpio, Taurus - Jupiter (like Sharon Tate, William), Pluto, Mercury.


Houses 10, 11, 12. 10: Mars in Leo, Sun in virgo, 11: Mercury conj Pluto in Virgo, 12: Venus in Libra, Jupiter in Scorpio. 1: Neptune in Scorpio, Saturn and Moon in Taurus opp Neptune. Mercury conj Pluto like George W Bush, Sylvester Stallone, Steve Carrell.

died 10/31/1993 Halloween (Brandon Lee on 3/31 Diana on 8/31, 31 nr path Judgement Aeon) day of death Edwin Walker, d Federico Fellini, date Dermot Mulrony, Piper Perabo, d Harry Houdini (Hungarian, mansion in Laurel Canyon, close to where RHCP recorded debut album), Jimmy Savile, Bohemian Rhapsody, d Sean Connery, Sally Kirkland, Stephen Rea, Frank Silva.


1985 Explorers (the World) Ethan Hawke (husband of Uma Thurman)
1985 Robert Kennedy and His Times Robert Kennedy's son Robert Kennedy Jr (David Kennedy=Bruce Wayne) year after Johnny Depp played in Nightmare On Elm Str. Surviving: A Family in Crisis (ABC Disney) Ellen Burstyn Molly Ringwald (Miranda in Tempest with John Cassavetes month after birth William) Heather O' Rourke (Poltergeist)
1986 Stand By Me (Jupiter long distance travel, child Horus in the Aeon of Horus) Columbia Pictures (colonna Order of Jesters) based on novel of Stephen King William Wheaton born 7/29 date wedding Charles and Diana, Corey Feldman Kiefer Sutherland Rob Reiner
1986 Circle of Violence (CBS) about sexual abuse Tuesday Weld as Georgia (Moonchild George) Ellen Travolta sister of John Travolta 10/12 bday Aleister Crowley
1986 The Mosquito Coast Harrison Ford Helen Mirren (Prospero-John Dee in The Tempest) Martha Plimpton (niece of David Carradine, in Kung Fu with Brandon Lee). story of Paul Theroux, father of Louis Theroux (who made documentaries about Scientology and pedophile Jimmy Savile, also 10/31) and uncle of Justin Theroux (Mulholland Drive, Charlie's Angels=Manson family).
1988 A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon (=Jimmy Saville) Matthew Perry (Friends with Jennifer Aniston, married to Justin Theroux)
1988 Little Nikita Sidney Poitier
1988 Running On Empty Sidney Lumet Judd Hirsch
1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Steven Spielberg Harrison Ford Sean Connery (James Bond, also death on 10/31) Young Indiana Jones (Diana)
1990 I Love You To Death Kevin Kline William Hurt Keanu Reeves Heather Graham Tracey Ullman
1991 Dog Fight (dog star Sirius) Lili Taylor Anthony clark 4/4 like Heath Ledger
1991 My Own Private Idaho Keanu Reeves (gay agenda) based on Shakespeare (The Tempest) Jupiter: long distance travel, Jim Caviezel (Passion of the Christ) Grace Zabriskie (Zabriskie Point in Death Valley of Jack Parsons' Babalon Workings) Gus Van Sant (dutch: orange, director of Last Days about Kurt Cobain, 7/24 date Marjorie Cameron)
1992 Sneakers Ben Kingsley Dan Akroyd Sidney Poitier Robert Redford James Earl Jones 9/11.
1992 Red Hot Chili Peppers Breaking the Girl music video.
1993 The Thing Called Love as James Wright (James Holmes) Samantha Matthis (Maat Venus music in Libra) Dermot Mulroney (10/31) Sandra Bullock (with Reeves in Speed, trained by Sally Kirkland) Bluebird Café (Project Bluebird)

1994 Silent Tongue (posthumous film like Brandon Lee's The Crow) Horus Harpocrates god of silence. R.E.M. Monster (Johnny Depp's played the song Michael Stipe during his overdose, also made the song Man on the Moon for Andy Kaufman) dedicated to River Phoenix, Rain Phoenix backing vocals on single Bang and Blame on date of River's death 10/31.

Jennifer Sym, the wife of Keanu Reeves, played a small role in Lost Highway of David Lynch in 1997. She gave birth to Keanu's stillborn child in december 1999. She died 4/2/2001 (nr of rabbit hole Alice in Wonderland) on Sunset Boulevard, like River Phoenix, after a party of Marilyn Manson. Lynch dedicated Mulholland Drive (Diane-Camille) to her, her last film Elle Parker (=Camilla Parker, with Naomi Watts) was released posthumously like Brandon Lee.
2012 Dark Blood (db=24 Jupiter, like Heath Ledger's posthumous movie The Dark Knight, year of The Dark Knight Rises) the James Holmes Phoenix ritual Jonathan Pryce (played jesuit pope Jorge Francis) Judy Davis Karen Black directed by George Sluizer, year before birth prince George.

River Phoenix references in popular culture

1988 John Houseman producer of the Blue dahlia about Sunset Strip nightclub that announced the Black Dahlia ritual in 1947 dies on 10/31.

1993 Demolition Man 23 days before Phoenix died age 23, Wesley Snipes as Simon Phoenix (in Blade with sister Brandon Lee, Harrison ford in Blade Runner)

1994 The Crow posthumous film of Brandon Lee, dead musician on Devil's Night oct 31.

1998 Halloween 20 Years later Michelle Williams wife Heath Ledger

1999 Eyes Wide Shut Tom Cruise climbs the masonic stairs, Sydney Pollack with a woman unconscious of a speedball (Scorpio: coma). Sydney Pollack's son Steven Pollack died in a planecrash a few days after River Phoenix.

2003 Kill Bill Daryl Hannah as Elle D-river a Deadly Viper.

2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Johnny Depp as the Magician trapping the Fool in his Viper room. Tim Burton 8/25 like Sean Connery. child sucked up in chocolate river (Kundalini energy, river Jordan)

2006 Griffin & Phoenix Dermot Mulroney born 10/31.

2008 The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus Johnny Depp as Heath Ledger, boat with picture of Diana on the river of souls.


Joaquin Phoenix

Heath Ledger

the James Holmes Phoenix ritual