Rita Ora

Rita Ora is a British mind controlled sex slave/singer, used in the Hollywood film industry and in the music industry for the program Pop culture, to play the archetype of the Dark Feminine (Whore of Babylon), to push the multiculti and gay agenda. She was trained at Sylvia Young Theatre School (Emma Bunton of The Spice Girls, Amy Winehouse, Alex Pettyfer, Natalie and Nicole Appleton, Lily Cole).

Her parents are Catholic and Muslim. She was used in the fashion industry in campaigns of Calvin Klein and Material Girl of Madonna.

She participated in the Together at Home ritual (Covid19-hoax, WHO propaganda) with jesuit Lady Gaga, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Common, John Legend, Jessie J, Billy Ray Cyrus, Jack Black, Sara Jessica Parker, Laurence Fishburne, Samuel Jackson, Matthew McConaughey, Laura Bush, Bill Gates, Pryanka Chopra, Pharrell Williams, ..

Astrological chart

born 11/26/1990, date Alice in Wonderland, Tina Turner, DJ Khaled.

Asc: Leo, mc: Taurus. Dom: Leo (Lust), Sagittarius, Capricorn - Jupiter, Pluto, Sun.

Houses 4, 12, 5. 4: Pluto in Scorpio, Sun and Venus in Sagittarius, 12: Jupiter in Leo, 5: Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn, Mercury and Lilith in Sagittarius.


2004 Spivs Domininc Monaghan
2009 Jay-z Young Forever
2010 Drake Over
2012 Ora (Roc Nation, Columbia Records) Tinie Tempah, I Will Never Let You Down (one eye)
2012 The Voice UK BBC Holly Willoughby Jessie J will.i.am Tom Jones Kylie Minogue Anne-Marie Meghan Trainor Gavin Rossdale (Rosenthal, Gwen Stefani).
2013 Fast & Furious 6 Vin Diesel Paul Walker Dwayne Johnson Michelle Rodriguez Jordana Brewster (Professional Children's School) Gal Gadot Tyrese Gibson Michelle Rodriguez Ludacris Universal Pictures
2013 90210 The CW
2013 Snoop Lion (Snoop Dogg) Torn Apart
2014 Iggy Azalea Black Widow Michael Madsen
2015 Fifty Shades of Grey as Mia Grey (novel of EL James, Aleister Crowley's novel Moonchild) Dakota Johnson Jamie Dornan Eloise Mumford as Katherine (Kate)
2015 Charles Hamilton NY Raining
2015 Southpaw Rachel McAdams Jake Gyllenhaal Forest Whitaker 50 Cent
2016 America's Next Top Model Tyra Banks Twiggy
2017 Fifty Shades Darker Kim Basinger Bella Heathcote
2018 Fifty Shades Freed
2018 Phoenix, Girls (feat Cardi B, Bebe Rexha)
2019 Pokémon Detective Pikachu Ryan Reynolds Ken Watanabe Suki Waterhouse (CAA)
2019 DJ Tiesto Ritual
2021 Bang, Big (mirror symbolism)
2021 Twist Michael Caine Lena Heady

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