Richard Nixon

Richard Milhouse Nixon was a mind controlled Hollywood actor and political puppet of the Right Wing Church, who played the role of US vice president under Dwight Eisenhower from 1953 to 1961, and US president from 1969 to 1974, played a role in the moon landing ritual and the Watergate media ritual (Pluto in Libra).

He was a descendant of the Cornell family (Cornell University who participated in mind control research), part of the Boston elite, related to Jimmy Carter, Bill Gates and CIA director James Woolsey. Milhouse=friend of Bart Simpson, formula ALHIM.

He married Thelma (=Thelema) Catherine Pat Ryan (3/16/1912-6/22/1993) on 6/21/1940, date of birth William V. They met during performance of a play The Dark Tower of George Kaufman, made into a movie The Man with Two Faces (Art) with Mary Astor.

His daughter Tricia was trained by jesuits at Boston College like John Kerry. His daughter Julia married the grandson of Dwight Eisenhower.

He was a member of the Bohemian Club. He played a part in the JFK election ritual, with Henry Cabot Lodge (Boston Elite) as running mate, with for the first time fake televised presidential debates (mercury: talking, communication, the messenger). The media mentioned his 5 o'clock shadow (Pluto in Gemini).

He succeeded jesuit Lyndon Johnson, after 'defeating' George Wallace. He was inaugurated on 1/20/1969, the day Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, also 1/9, bought the house of Crowley in Boleskine Scotland.

His administration consisted of:

- vice-presidents Spiro Agnew and Gerald Ford
- William Rogers
- jesuit Henry Kissinger (Cosmos Club, Bohemian Club) as Secretary of State
- John Connally (in car of the JFK ritual)
- George Schultz (Bechtel Group oil=Pluto, Bohemian Club) as Secretary of Treasury
- Paul Volcker (Federal Reserve, TC, Atlantic Council, Le Cercle, Mont Pelerin Society, Group of Thirty) as under Secretary of Treasury
- jesuit John Mitchell as Attorney General
- George Romney (Mormon Church, father of Mitt Romney)
- James Thomas-Lynn (Pfizer, Business Roundtable, Brookings)
- John Volpe (Knight of Columbus - Colonna, as Secretary of Transportation and ambassador to Italy)
- Daniel Patrick Moynihan (LSE of Fabian Society, worked for Averell Harriman S&B)
- Byce Harlowe (jesuit Georgetown University, aide to Wesley Disney)
- jesuit Donald Rumsfeld (Le Cercle)
- jesuit John McLaughlin as speechwriter, married to jesuit Ann McLaughlin (RAND)
- Peter Peterson (chairman of CFR, later founded BlackStone with Stephen Schwarzman, married Joan Ganz who created Sesame Street on PBS)
- Anne Armstrong (CSIS of jesuit Georgetown University),..

His dominant was Capricorn the Devil Pan, the Night of Pan=NOX. He played a Devil character (he often made the V-sign of Apophis, used in the LVX signs): he spied on the population (Operation Chaos), he used the phrase 'New World Order', was a member of the Bohemian Club with his National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger, associated with Peter Peterson (CFR, BlackStone Group) and employees of Rand Corporation. He attended Le Cercle. He represented restriction, conservative social order of sign Capricorn and god Apollo (Apollo moon missions). Capricorn ruled by Saturn, rules the ears: Nixon was wiretapped and resigned because of secret tapes.

In july 1969 he visited South Vietnam. After fake protests demanding a pull out (war as sex magic, Mercury the Fool=phallus, Nixon's nickname Dick), he changed the policy in Vietnam.

Nixon had Mercury as dominant, a psychopomp between two worlds, the messenger and a trickster. The moon call media ritual was predicted in Stanley Kubrick's 1968 movie 2001 ASO (moon: public living in illusion) on 7/21, date of Marshall McLuhan who announced the global village of mass media.

Neptune (stage illusion) in Cancer, ruled by the moon.

In 1970 he met with prince Charles and with Elvis Presley at the White House (year 0 the Fool).

He played the nemesis of Charles Manson (also Mercury as dominant) during the trial of the Manson Family (Apollo - Dionysus).

Mercury: documents, Daniel Ellsberg (Christian Science) passes a document, the Pentagan Papers to The NY Times (Saturn: time) that 'expose' the role of the goverment in the Vietnam war in 1971.

He abolished the gold standard 1971, reforming the financial system, based on meaningless fiat money.

Pluto (dark secrets, cracks open what's repressed) in Libra: in 1972 Washington Post of Katharine Graham (Truman Capote ball in 1966, daughter of Federal Reserve banker Eugene Meyer) starts the Watergate media ritual: a story of five plumbers who break into the building of the Watergate complex of the DNC (close to JFK Center for Performing Arts and close to the inverted pentagram in street map of Washington), to prevent more leaks, on orders of Howard Hunt (hh=88 trickster and thief mercury) and jesuit George Gordon Liddy (had worked for Hoover) as a sequel of the JFK ritual. 6/17 was the date of death Jack Parsons (sex magick, opening portals).

In kabbalism the hidden sphere Daath (Gnosis, knowledge), associated with Pluto and Sirius, has a sexual connotation, symbolised by a mouth => secret informant Deep Throat. Jesuit Gordon Liddy played a role in a mysterious story of illegal acts in Operation Gemstone (Howard Hughes mythology the Gemstone File).

Nixon's ascendant was Virgo, the press focused on secretary Rose Mary Woods (Rosemary Woodhouse Rosemary's Baby) jesuit Eugene Sullivan as judge. Jesuit Gordon Liddy played the nemesis of jesuit CIA agent Timothy Leary.

He met Chinese premier Zhou Enlai (Mao Zedong) in 1972 (Pluto in Gemini).

Jesuit Vernon Walters was made head of the CIA in 1973.

He resigned on 8/9/1974, the date of the Rev 911 Sharon Tate ritual of Charles Manson. He was replaced by Knight of Malta Gerald Ford.

He was interviewed in 1977 by David Frost (BBC, engaged with Estée Lauder model Karen Graham, married to Diahann Carroll, actrice in Dynasty and to widow of Peter Sellers).

He was interviewed by Mike Wallace (Zeta Beta Tau) for 60 Minutes on CBS.

He met with Donald Trump in 1989 in Houston.

Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton were present at his funeral.

Astrological chart

born 1/9/1913, date Catherine Middleton, Jimmy Page (debut album 8 days before his inauguration), Joan Baez, Simone de Beauvoir.

Asc: Virgo, mc: Gemini. Dom: Capricorn (the Devil), Aquarius, Virgo - Mercury (like Kissinger), Uranus, Venus.

Houses 4, 6, 5. 4: Mars in Sagittarius, Mercury and Jupiter in Capricorn (opp Pluto in Gemini), 6: Venus in Pisces, Moon and Lilith in Aquarius, 5: Sun in Capricorn, Uranus in Aquarius. 10: Pluto in Gemini, 11: Neptune in Cancer. 9: Saturn in Taurus. Mars conj Mercury like Heath Ledger. Mars opposite Pluto like Howard Hughes.

died 4/22/1994, nr verse Tubalcain, date Jack Nicholson, Robert Oppenheimer, Sheryl Lee.

Nixon in popular culture

1976 All The President's Men Robert Redford Dustin Hoffman Jason Robards

Born on Fourth of July Tom Cruise vs Nixon supporters

1984 Secret Honor Philip Baker Hall as Nixon

1986 Alan Moore Watchmen comic

1991 Point Break robbery (Mercury: thief) with Nixon mask

1994 Forrest Gump Tom Hanks

1999 Dick played by Dan Hedaya. Michelle Williams Kirsten Dunst (played Lux in the Virgin Suicides) GD Spradlin as Ben Bradlee. 8/4 date Obama and Meghan Markle.

1995 Nixon Oliver Stone (also movie about the JFK ritual and Jim Morrison) Anthony Hopkins (Capricorn) Ed Harris as Howard Hunt Mary Steenburgen as mother Nixon James Woods as cameraman (Mercury: lens of reality)

The Assassination of Richard Nixon Sean Penn

2008 Frost Nixon Frank Langella (Polanski's the Ninth Gate) as Nixon Michael Sheen (Shin: fire, Judgement, played Tony Blair 3x)

X-Men Days of Future Past by Mark Camacho

2011 J Edgar Leonardo di Caprio as Hoover Christopher Shyer as Nixon.

2016 Elvis and Nixon Michael Shannon as Elvis, Kevin Spacey as Nixon.

2017 Mark Felt: the Man Who Brought Down the White House (Deep Throat Watergate) Liam Neeson

Ronald Reagan

Jimmy Carter