Richard Dolan

Richard Michael Dolan is a disinfo agent used as controlled opposition and in the New Age Church to spread disinfo on UFOs, extraterrestials, NASA, moonlanding, Operation Paperclip and other government projects in a false hope narrative of a coming Disclosure. He was born 7/1/1962 (1 year after Diana Spencer, nr of Lam). He wrote UFOs and the National Security State, After Disclosure The People's Guide to Life After Contact, UFOs for the 21st Century Mind.

He was promoted by Coast to Coast AM, Project Camelot, Linda Moulton Howe, Jimmy Church and Gaia.

He participated in the Disclosure Project (press conference in 2001 at the National Press Club in Washington DC) with Carol Rosin (assistant of Wernher von Braun), Clifford Stone, Daniel Sheehan (jesuit, Christic Institute with jesuit priest William Davis, Iran Contra affair), David Wilcock, Don Philips (Lockheed Skunkworks), Donne Hare (NASA), Edgar Mitchell (BSA, Apollo moonlanding), Eugene Mallove (cold fusion, Coast to Coast), George Filler (MUFON), Glen Dennis (Roswell hoax), Hal Puthoff (Stanford, Stargate Project psyop), Nick Pope (British Ministry of Defense, Ancient Aliens), Paul Helleyer (Canadian government), Philip J Corso (Roswell hoax), Stephen Lovekin (Project Blue Book hoax), Steven Greer, Walter Hault (Roswell psyop),...

He participated in Contact in the Desert.

Dolan is an Irish elite family. Timothy Dolan is archbishop of NY. Charles Dolan owned HBO.


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2020 Project Bluebook the Official Podcast
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2021 Richard Dolan's UFO Chronicles executive produced by Billy Carson
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