Retorta Foundation

Remote Portuguese Farm offering Spiritual Refuge

My name is Isyyes, my partner's name is Claudia. We are offering a hand to those who had enough with the current affairs, and wish to live outside the reach of this madness. We have a remote farm in a secluded valley, with hardly no neighbors, clean air, clean water, and low EM radiation. It is a microclimate, with mild winters, temperatures never dropping bellow zero, and very warm summers. Living conditions can be challenging but we are working on it. Currently we have electricity, phone, and internet access. There is limited cellphone reception.

On our farm we have many olive trees, as well as lemon, mandarin, clementine, orange, apple, pear, figs, peach, persimmon, grapes. There are several fresh water pools one can jump to, almost year round, in full privacy. We have two houses, two kitchens, one of which is a large communal kitchen, two bathrooms, compost toilette. At this point we may be able to host 3-4 people, in the houses themselves. There is also lots of space to camp, put a yurt, tipi, tent, etc. If you have a motor home or caravan, you can bring it.

You will not be asked to pay any rent, only contribute what you can towards expenses and work. This is NOT a business deal, and no one will be refused due to lack of money. We do not belong to any cult, religion, or political group. We are freedom loving people in the deepest sense, which means freedom=emptiness, an empty space to be. The only prerequisite for you joining us is that you too fully understand what freedom really means, that it means every person is different, and each person can allow others to be different. If you cannot allow others to be different than you, then don’t ask anyone to give you space to be free.

Our current mission is to simply survive the coming years, best way we can, while keeping our sanity and dignity. We know all about how hard it is to find a place in the world; we've been there, at the bottom of the pit, so we know. Therefore, anyone who joins us will be welcomed, all the way, and can call our place their home. If you are interested, contact us directly, via email. It is, however, way better to call us by phone, and in any case, at least one good talk on the phone would be required to clarify things.

If you are in a situation, involving severe difficulties, or requiring urgent action, you may call right away, and we shall see what can be done, to assist you. At this point, we are also calling out to people in other parts of the world, who cannot physically reach us, but would like to connect, and support our small refuge.

Retorta Foundation
Quinta da Retorta #5
6320-221 Pena Lobo Portugal

tel: 00351-271 011 420