Reese Witherspoon

Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon is a mind controlled actress , used in the Hollywood film industry to play the archetype of the Dark Feminine, Lilith (Diana died in car crash with her bodyguard Trevor Reese Jones) and to announce the Joker James Holmes Phoenix ritual. She was educated at Stanford University and played in her first movie at age 15. She was married to actor Ryan Philippe (movie about Studio 54). Her daughter Ava, named after Sinatra's wife Ava Gardner was born 9/9/1999.

She was part of the Harvey Weinstein media ritual, revealing she was sexually abused at age 16 by a director (70's Roman Polanski case).

She is now married to Jim Toth of Creative Artist Agency (Michael Ovitz CFR Disney). She had a talkshow Shine On with Reese (Resh the Sun) with guests like Dolly Parton.

Astrological chart

born 3/22/1976, date Lena Olin, Joker Matthew Modine, William Shatner, day of start filming Star Wars in Death Valley, nr of Skull and Bones, year 7 the Chariot, year of Taxi Driver, 16 days after To the Devil a Daughter with Natassja Kinski.

Asc: Leo, mc: Taurus. Dom: Aries (the Emperor), Pisces, Leo - Jupiter (like William, Catherine), Uranus, Sun (letter Resh).

Houses 9, 8, 5. 9: Sun and Jupiter in Aries, 8: Venus, Mercury and Lilith in Pisces, 5: Neptune in Sagittarius. 3: Pluto in Libra, 4: Uranus in Scorpio, 11: Mars in Cancer, 12: Saturn in Cancer.


1991 The Man In The Moon (MNM, mm=33) Vesica Pisces like Crowley's Moonchild fan of Elvis Presley

1991 Wildflower Patricia Arquette as Alice (Alice in Wonderland) directed by Diane Keaton
1993 A Far Off Place (Jupiter: long distance travel) Disney Jack Thompson Maximilian Shell (Judgement At Nuremberg with Judy Garland)
1993 Jack the Bear Danny DeVito (Man on the Moon) Robert Steinmuller as Jack Leary (born 7/29 date wedding Charles and Diana with Robert Kennedy as priest) Julia Louis-Dreyfus, 4/2 (42 nr of rainbows, rabbit hole)
1994 S.F.W. (So Fucking What) Stephen Dorff (also born 7/29, vampire in Blade) Jake Busey
1994 Friends sister of Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green Central Park like Dakota in Rosemary's Baby
1996 Freeway (pink sky dissociation, Jupiter: long distance travel) as Vanessa Lutz victim of violent child pornography Kiefer Sutherland Brooke Shields Dan Hedaya Amanda Plummer Guillermo Diaz (gay agenda, also 3/22) Brittany Murphy (Jennifer Aniston played Beth Murphy in year of her death)
1996 Fear James Foley as daughter of William Peersen Mark Wahlberg Alysso Milano
1998 Twilight Paul Newman as Harry Ross Susan Sarandon (with Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby) as Catherine Gene Hackman Stockard Channing (Grease) John Spencer (name father Diana Spencer)
1998 Overnight Delivery (Jupiter: long distance travel) as stripclub dancy Ivy Miller Paul Rudd
1998 Pleasantville (pink sky: dissociation) as Jennifer (Sharon Tate as jennifer in Valley of the Dolls) Tobey Maguire Jeff Daniels (Purple rose of Cairo with Mia Farrow) William H Macy Paul Walker (movie becoming real, 10/23 date War is Hell movie Harvey Lee was watching in the JFK ritual) rainbow Wizard of Oz programming

1999 Cruel Intentions (pink: Alice in Wonderland) Ryan Philippe Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kathryn Selma Blair Louise Fletcher, based on Les Liasons Dangereuses (also movie with John Malkovich, Glenn Close, Michelle Pfeiffer and Uma Thurman)
1999 Election Matthew Broderick (mouth Daath) student at jesuit Georgetown University
1999 Best Laid Plans as Lissa pretending to be Kathy (Neptune in Sagittarius) Josh Brolin (Men in Black=Johnny Cash)

2000 Little Nicky angel Holly (Temperance, Sagittarius the rainbow bridge) mother of Antichrist Nicky Adam Sandler uniting the opposites Twin Towers Jack Roy as Lucifer Patricia Arquette Laura Harring (3/3 like Trevor Reese-Jones) Harvey Keitel as the Devil Christopher Carroll as Adolf Hitler cameo of Quentin Tarantino Ozzy Ozbourne
2000 American Psycho (year 8 Adjustment Libra Queen of Swords) as Evelyn Williams Christian Bale Joker Jared Leto Willem Dafoe Josh Lucas Samantha Mathis (movie with River Phoenix) Justin Theroux (Jennifer Aniston)
2000 Friends 2 episodes Jennifer Aniston
2001 The Trumpet of the Swan (pink sky) Mary Steenburgen
2001 Legally Blonde (the Fool) as Elle Woods Harvard Law School (Jupiter: teaching, justice) pink like Jackie Kennedy (Melania Trump), Luke Wilson Selma Blair Jennifer Coolidge (American Pie) Raquel Welch bunny outfit (Alice in Wonderland programming) Alana Ubach (in Wasabi Tuna with Anna Nicole Smith)
2002 The Importance of Being Earnest (play of Oscar Wilde) Colin Firth Judi Dench Frances O'Connor (6/12 date Rosemary's Baby) Tom Wilkinson, mixed identities Neptune in Sagittarius
2002 Sweet Home Alabama Disney as Melanie Smooter (Dakota Fanning as young Melanie, name hotel Rosemary's Baby) Josh Lucas (as candidate US president=Melania Trump) Candice Bergen (house Sharon Tate)
2003 Legally Blonde 2 Capitol (Jupiter the head Resh) Jackie Kennedy in pink (Venus in Pisces, ruled by Jupiter)

2004 Vanity Fair (V sign William V) remake of movie with Myrna Loy (Manhattan Melodrama movie of John Dillinger ritual) Gabriel Byrne Bob Hoskins
2005 Walk the Line (follow the Yellow Brick Road of the handler) Folsom prison concert in 1968, year of Rosemary's Baby, Joker Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash (=John Cassavetes, dark version of John Kennedy) twins John and Jack, tour (Jupiter: long distance travel) with Elvis Presley, June Carter Cash (6/23 St John's eve like father Sharon Tate and Catherine Middleton, date death mother Mia Farrow, died 5/15/2003 day of Matrix Reloaded with Keanu Reeves as Man in Black) Robert Patrick (Terminator 2 son of Kyle Reese) alchemical marriage on stage (George Walker Bush uniting the Twin Towers in one).
2005 Just Like Heaven Mark Ruffalo (11/22 date JFK ritual)
2006 Penelope Christina Ricci as girl with pig nose (Pisces animal side, John Lennon song Piggies, used in ritual at Sharon Tate house) James McAvoy as John Martin Catherine O'Hara Russell Brand (Katy Perry)
2007 Rendition Jake Gyllenhaal Meryl Streep Peter Sarsgaard (RFK in Jackie) Bob Gunton
2008 Four Christmases (Jupiter: big-small) as Kate (Catherine) Vince Vaugn (V the Hierophant) Mary Steenburgen Robert Duvall Sissy Spacek
2009 Monsters vs Aliens as Susan Murphy Seth Rogen Hugh Laurie Kiefer Sutherland
2010 How Do You Know Paul Rudd as George Owen Wilson Joker Jack Nicholson as Charles Madison produced by Paula Weinstein (married to Mark Rosenberg)
2011 Water for Elephants (the Hierophant) Robert Pattinson (related to Charles Mountbatten) Christoph Waltz
2012 This Means War Chris Pine Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises), William and Harry, secretly dating same woman Neptune in Sagittarius
2012 Mud Matthew McConaughey Michael Shannon
2013 Devil's Knot West Memphis Three (media ritual with Johnny Depp) Colin Firth

Michael Bublé cover of Nancy and Frank Sinatra (husband of Mia Farrow at the Truman Capote ball) 'Somethin' Stupid'.
2014 Gone Girl (producer) Ben Affleck
2014 Wild (the Fool, Jupiter: long distance travel) Laura Dern Mojave desert of Jack Parsons' Babalon Workings.

2014 The Good Lie set in Kenya (William and Catherine)
2014 Inherent Vice (rainbow Wizard of Oz, Christian Bale in Vice) Joker Joaquin Phoenix Josh Brolin Owen Wilson Katherine Waterston Jena Malone Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight)
2015 Hot Pursuit as Rose Cooper Sophia Vergara John Carroll Lynch
2016 Sing as a pig (Pisces) Matthew McConaughey Scarlett Johansson John C Reilly jesuit Nick Kroll
2017 Big Little Lies Nicole Kidman (Truman Capote ball in Eyes Wide Shut) Laura Dern Meryl Streep
2017 Home Again (Mars in Cancer home) as Alice (Alice in Wonderland) Candice Bergen characters Harry and George
2018 A Wrinkle In Time (Uriel in The Tempest) Disney Oprah Winfrey
2019 Lucy in the Sky Natalie Portman Ellen Burstyn (producer)
2020 Little Fires Everywhere Kerry Washington


Mind control