Red hair

Red hair is a feature of the Aryans who migrated from Atlantis and became the Irish elite families, the so-called Cro-Magnons, Basques, the Tribe of Dan with serpent symbol, as descendants of the fair haired Fallen Angels-Nephilim Lucifer. Even before the Orion Wars and the Draco-Orion alliance, red haired peopled were offered as sacrifice to Draco reptilians who have a preference for them because they are genetically linked (blue blood: higher percentage of copper). The druids sacrificed during Samhain-Halloween (the ember months after orange amber). Egypt was divided into nomes or hares (=rabbits). They associated red hair with Set (depicted as aardvark, pig of earth) and sacrificed red haired people during the Dog Days of Sirius.  The sacrificial lamb in Gnosticism and the Eucharist ritual represents blood sacrifice of the 'holy' bloodline on spring equinox of Aries.   

50.000 bc so-called 'Aurignician culture'.

Africans colored their hair with urine of cows (phosphor of cow goddess Hathor) to look like the 'gods'.

5050 bc redhaired Chinchurro mummies in Andes mountains.

Aryan Irish god Arya-Hary becomes Hor.
The Phoenicians worship Hathor and used the phoenix symbol born out of his ashes (rebirth through blood sacrifice).

1650 bc the Hyksos kings invade Egypt.
Tyet knot of Isis= blood sacrifice to appease the Eye of Ra, a manifestation of Ra's feminine counterpart Hathor. Priests wrap mummies with blood soaked bandages.

1479 bc reign of Hatshepsut, wife of Thutmose II (child of Thoth, cult of mercury). 

1427 bc Amenhotep II.

1390 Tiye, daughter of blonde haired Yuya (yah: moon) and Thuja as wife of Amenhotep III (cult of bread with monoatomic gold) gives birth to Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten).

After Ramesses II and Seti I expells Akhenaten's followers, the Levites and Atenists demonize Set as Sheitan the opposer, Satan.

The Babylonian jews wrote the Bible (Phoenician city Gebal/Byblos) with Abraham's son Isaac (nearly sacrificed as lamb) and his two sons, Jacob and red haired Esau (moon and sun, druid god Esus), king David (Star of David=division of blue and red), Phoenician princess Jezebel (introduced cult of Baal). ADM red Adam means of earth, kings of Edom= the qlippoth

The Mayans sacrificed redheads in volcano's. Norse god Thor as red haired.

54 Nero burned the first Christians, seen as Antichrist figure. New Testament Jesus Christ's wife Mary Magdalene and betrayer Judas Iscariot as red haired. blood offerings by the Vestal Virgins.

400 the Tochorians. red haired Papoua in New Guinea.

950 viking explorer Erik the Red.

973 Otto II the Red.

1087 William Rufus king of England.

1154 Henry II.

1155 Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa (redbeard) Hohenstaufen.

1189 Richard the Lionheart (lion king symbolism).

red haired Guinevere (Jennifer) in the  King Arthur mythology (Holy Grail bloodline) with the Pendragon (Draco's who like their blood).

1349 red haired dolphin emblem of the French Dauphin (Neptune, god of Atlantis).

The Cathars (Hathor, Basque bloodline of South France) worship Mary Magdalene.

1469 Isabella I marries Ferdinand II of Aragon.

House of Aragon sends red haired Christopher Columbus (dove) to America to conquer the New World.

1486 Elizabeth (born of lizard) of York, end of War of the Roses.

1509 Catherine of Aragon, wife of Henry VIII (founder of Protestant Church).

1520 Ottoman emperor Suleiman (Solomon) the Magnificent married to Roxeiana.

1558 Elizabeth I controlled by the Cecils and Protestant Church. Rosicrucian John Dee saw himself as Merlin and Elizabeth as King Ar(k)thur. She was educated in the New Learning method (Hermeticism of the Medici's).

1603 She is succeeded by James (Jacob) Stuart (Holy Grail bloodline of Knights Templar and Scottish Rite masonry).

1688 House of Orange (masonic code orange=33=sodomy) takes the throne of England.

Anthony Frederick Sandys painted Eleanor of Aquitane as redhead.

1780s French Revolution Marquis de Sade.

1789 George Washington as first US president.

1845 killing of Andrew Jackson (Jacob).

1847 Brigham Young as president of the Mormon Church of Joseph Smith (=Tubalcain)

1848 Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Dante Gabriel Rosetti Elizabeth Sidal.

1861 American Civil War (blue vs red) jesuit William Sherman.

1871 Unification of Germany, Frederick Barbarossa as national symbol.

1880s paintings of Vincent Van Gogh (famous for cutting off his ear and wearing bloody bandage).

Brothers Grimm fairy tale of the Gingerbread Man.

1889 Mark Twain A Connecticut Yankee in the Court of King Arthur.

1897 Bram Stoker (Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn= Aurora, red dawn) vampire novel Dracula (Vlad Dracula ancestor of king Charles).

1904 Crowley as prophet of the Aeon of Horus, concept of the Scarlett Woman, providing her blood to the Beast. Lam= the sacrificial Lamb-ram of Aries.

1907 Gustav Klimt Danaë.

1909 William Howard Taft (S&B) as US president. abortion-eugenics agenda of Margaret Sanger.

1910 Alfa Romeo (sacrificial ram-lamb) logo with red cross and serpent eating a red man.

1913 Crowley's Book of Lies with Mass of the Phoenix.

1918 Alexei Romanov's hemophilia treated by Grigori Rasputin.

1922 DH Lawrence Aaron's Rod.

1923 Calvin Coolidge.

1930 nazi doctrine of Aryans with blonde hair and blue eyes. druid Winston Churchill-Spencer, Ellen Wilkinson (Red Ellen) and red communists-socialists (Fabian George Bernard Shaw) as antagonist of Antichrist Adolf Hitler. Fascist Ezra Pound.

1932 The Red Haired Woman Jean Harlow (the harlot). Ginger Rogers.

1938 Superman Lex Luthor as red haired villain.

1941 Operation Barbarossa invasion of Germany.

1946 Babalon Workings of Jack Parsons and Ron Hubbard, Marjorie Cameron as Babalon consort of Antichrist Jack Parsons (OTO)

1948 The Red Shoes (ruby slippers Wizard of Oz) Moira Shearer.

1952 Elizabeth II as the new dragon queen.

1964 The Mask of the Red Death Roger Corman Vincent Price Paul McCartney's girlfriend Jane Asher (ash=fire sacrifice)

1965 assassination of Malcolm X of Scottish descent, friend of Redd Foxx.

1967 The Fearless Vampire Killers Sharon Tate as redhead, scene in bath like Jane Asher Roman Polanski Jack McGowran.

Tom Wolfe, affiliated with Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters. David Bowie (king David) persona Ziggy Stardust.

1969  the 911 Sharon Tate ritual, Piggies written with blood by Manson Family with Lynette Fromme.

1972 Way of the Dragon Chuck Norris.

1975 Willie Nelson The Red Headed Stranger.

1976 Carrie Sissy Spacek pig blood scene Brian De Palma (born 9/11).

1979 Margaret Thatcher as pm of UK.

1982 Annie

1983 Megadeath with Dave (David) Mustaine.

1984 Red Dawn Lea Thompson (Back to the Future). Dune David Lynch (king David) Alicia Witt Sting as red haired antagonist of Kyle MacLachlan, Virginia Madsen desert like Babalon Workings. Diana presents Harry Battenberg (Batt= Hathor) in red dress like Rosemary's Baby (rumors of James=Jack Hewitt). birth Mark Zuckerberg (Mars the red planet Horus).

1985 Back to the Future red fox symbolism. Manchester band Simply Red.

1986 prince Andrew of York marries Sarah Ferguson.

1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit redhead Jessica Rabbit (=Jezebel, rabbit hole Alice in Wonderland) Robert Zemeckis Christopher Lloyd. Elvira Mistress of the Dark Cassandra Gay Peterson.

1991 Thelma (Thelema) and Louise Susan Sarandon.

1992 Melrose Place Marcia (Rose-Mary) Cross. Radiohead (Ra) Thom Yorke (York Rite). Guns 'n' Roses November Rain Axl Rose Stephanie Seymour wedding of Polanski and Tate announcing death of Diana.

1993 Late Night With Conan O'Brien (moon symbolism). Last Action Hero Angie Everhart Charles Dance.

1994 Pulp Fiction Uma Thurman revived by Eric Stolz. Seamus wrestler of WWE (McMahons). Dumb and Dumber Lauren Holly as Mary Swanson (mysterious suitcase like Pulp Fiction=Holy Grail Cup).

1995 death Marjorie Cameron on 6/24 day of John the Baptist. Braveheart Brendan Gleeson. After death of Kurt Cobain, Butch Vig works with Shirley Manson.

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond in Dr Who (BBC).

1997 Boogie Nights Julianne Moore Heather/Hathor Graham. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Seth Green.

1998 sacrifice of Diana and Dodi Fayed in Paris.  Corey Taylor masked singer of Slipknot (Tiyet knot of Isis). That 70s Show Scientologist Laura Prepon Topher Grace. The Big Lebowski Julianne Moore making a child with Jeff Bridges.

1999 True Crime (true blood) Scientologist Marissa Ribisi (twin sister of Giovanni Ribisi). Eyes Wide Shut Nicole Kidman (nick the devil, kid: goat).

2001 Six Feet Under Laura Ambrose (Ambrosia: food of the gods).  Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (monoatomic gold) Rupert Grint (prince harry) Order of the Phoenix.

2004 The Catherine Tate Show.

2005 The Da Vinci Code about Holy Grail bloodline. David Caruso (King David). Ed Sheeran (campaign with Harry) as world's biggest pop star.

2008 Chemical Wedding as Crowley redhead as Scarlett Woman. Prince Harry's Invictus Games (Mithra Sol Invictus). The Dark Knight Aaron Eckhart (brother of Moses) as Harvey (harry) speech Dawn is coming Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel.

Stewart Sverdlov (Montauk Project) Blue Blood True Blood.

2009 The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus Lily (Lilith) Cole. Inglorious Basterds Michael Fassbender (both announcing the Aurora ritual). Terminator Salvation Bryce Dallas Howard (daughter of Ron Howard). Angels and Demons Ewan McGregor (like HOGD member Samuel McGregor). Castle Molly Quinn. Carlo Gugino in Watchmen as Christ at Last Supper.

Rammstein Liebe Ist für Alle Da sacrifice of red haired woman. M.I.A. Romain Gavras (ram) Born Free sacrifice of gingers. South Park episode  sacrifice of gingers. Elizabeth I played by Cate Blanchett.

2012 the James Holmes Phoenix ritual at Aurora (red dawn) with orange haired James Holmes and red head Jessica Ghawi (=Jezebel) announced in Gangster Squad with Emma Stone (the philosopher's stone, monoatomic gold, born in Phoenix Arizona), Olympics Danny Boyle (Tribe of Dan) Lilly Cole Catherine Middleton as new Diana. remake of Red Dawn Chris Hemsworth.

2013 William and Catherine's child prince George on 7/22 (day of Mary Magdalene).

2014 Interstellar Matthew McConaughey Claire Foy Jessica Chastain Topher Grace. Louis CK media ritual (William and Catherine's child Louis). Jessebelle Sara Ruth Snook Lionsgate. Ex Machina Domhnall Gleeson.

2015 The Martian Kate Mara Jessica Chastain.

2016 Pete's Dragon Bryce Dallas Howard.

2017 Stranger Things Sadie Sink (played young Elizabeth II)  disappearance of Will (Noah Schnapp=ark symbolism). Game of Thrones Charles Dance (king Charles). Jessica Chastain marries Venetian Gian Luca die Prepuloso.

Donald Trump as orange tanned clown.

fake Parsons Green bombing (headline Mother of Satan, Antichrist Jack Parsons died in explosion) on 9/15 (Harry's 33d birthday) red haired actress Nora Kirkpatrick (Jennifer-Guinevere Falls) as Scarlett Woman Marjorie Cameron, eyewitness Lauren Hubbard like Ron Hubbard.

2019 wedding Harry and Meghan Rachel Markle (House of Bruce). King Krule (BRIT School, Archie like Harry's child). Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Damian Lewis.

2022 Miss England Jessica Gagen.