Rebel News

Rebel News is a Canadian propaganda tool of the Right Wing Church, used to spread disinfo in the Conspiracy Church. It praises jesuit Donald Trump as saviour and uses George Soros as villain.

It is funded by the Shillman Foundation of Robert Shillman (David Horowitz Freedom Center), who also funds Geert Wilders (Gatestone Institute) and Robert Mercer, who also funds Breitbart News (daughter member of Gatestone Institute).

Faith Goldy attended the Unite the Right rally of Richard Spencer in Charlottesville in august 2017 with David Duke (KKK), Henrik Palmgren (Red Ice), Nick Fuentes (Groypers) and Baked Alaska (2021 Capitol attack farce).

Eric Duhaime and Jack Posobiec played a role in a media ritual with jesuit Emmanuel Macron.

It supported Jordan Peterson after the Bill C-16 publicity stunt to push the transgender agenda.

They played the role of controlled opposition during the Covid19-ritual, as antithesis for Justin Trudeau (son of jesuit Pierre Trudeau).


- Avi Yemini
- Brian Lilly (Sun News Network)
- Claire Lehman (The Guardian, ABC News, Quilette)
- Eric Duhaime (gay agenda, Conservative Party of Quebec)
- Ezra Levant (Sun News Network, Infowars of Alex Jones)
- Faith Goldy (Sun News Network, Unite the Right rally, The Daily Stormer)
- Gavin McKinnes (Vice of Hearst, Proud Boys, Unite the Right rally, Infowars of Alex Jones, Capitol attack 2021)
- Jack Buckby (For Britain Movement, Anne Marie Waters of Pegida UK)
- Jack Posobiec (Infowars of Alex Jones, David Horowitz Freedom Center, Pizzagate psyop, Donald Trump campaign, Human Events with Sean Hannity of Fox News)
- Janice Atkins (UKIP, Russia Today)
- Katie Hopkins (BBC show The Apprentice, UKIP, David Horowitz Freedom Center)
- Laura Loomer (Shillman fellow, Infowars of Alex Jones, Veritas Project funded by Nina Rosenwald of CFR Gatestone Institute)
- Lauren Southern (Sky News Australia, tour with Stefan Molyneux, worked with Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart News)
- Mark Latham (Australian Labor Party)
- Pamela Geller (book with Richard Spencer, Breitbart News of jesuit Steve Bannon)
- Patrick Moore (president of Greenpeace)
- Sebastian Gorka (assistant of Donald Trump, team of Jared Kushner, advisor of Viktor Orban, Fox News, Breitbart News, jesuit school Georgetown)
- Tommy Robinson (English Defence League, Pegida UK, UKIP, Infowars of Alex Jones, endorsed Boris Johnson)

the Right Wing Church

Richard Nixon