Randy Cramer

Randy Cramer  is a disinfo agent used to spread disinfo on extraterrestrials, secret space programs and other government projects. He  claimed he was a soldier on Mars for 17 years and had his memory wiped/suppressed and consciousness transferred to a younger clone. He is promoted by Michael Salla, Gaia, Project Camelot, Andrew Basiago, Eve Lorgen (Nexus, MUFON), History Channel, Alfred Webre, Veritas Radio, Suzanne Ross, Coast to Coast AM (interviewed by Jimmy Church) and participated in conferences with JZ Knight and Laura Eisenhower and Roundtable Chat with Simon Parkes.

He was interviewed on Gaia for the Cosmic Disclosure show (David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Jay Weidner, Dan Winter) by Emery Smith (Kirtland Air Force Base of Manhattan Project, CSETI, Sirius with Steven Greer of Disclosure Project, Beyond Belief with jesuit George Noory of Coast to Coast AM).

He appeared in Hangar I The UFO Files with Jimmy Church, Ben Moss (MUFON), Richard Dolan and Grant Cameron, Deep Space with Regina Meredith, Daniel Sheehan, Michael Salla,  Mike Bara, Steven Greer, David Icke, David Wilcock, Nassim Haramein, Erich von Daniken, David Childress, Beyond Belief. Eve Lorgen worked with Barbara Bartholic and Karla Turner.

He claimed he was part of Project Moon Shadow (part of Project Mannequin invented by Project Camelot disinfo agent James Casbolt), that a device was planted in his brain allowing electronic telepathy and that he worked for Earth Defense Force, a US Marine Corps branch founded by Dwight Eisenhower (Majestic 12 mythology) at Forward Station Zebra, fighting reptilians and insectoids. Ice Station Zebra is a movie with Patrick McGoohan (The Prisoner, episode about consciousness transfer) used in the programming of Howard Hughes.

Randy Cramer, Kerry Cassidy, Carol Rosin and Steven Greer all warned for a fake alien invasion.