Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams is a Canadian mind controlled actress, used in the Hollywood film industry to play the Rachel (Diana-Meghan Rachel Markle archetype). She was programmed by Disney from age 7 and educated at York University in Toronto. She dated Ryan Gosling and Michael Sheen and married screenwriter Jamie Linden, who worked as assistent of Sydney Pollack. She participated in the fake Occupy movement.

Astrological chart

11/17/1978, date of Theosophical Society, Martin Scorcese, Danny DeVito, Jeff Buckley, scorpio ruled by mars/pluto.

Asc: Scorpio, mc: Leo. Dom: Scorpio (Death), Leo, Sagittarius- Jupiter, Pluto, Venus.

Houses 1, 2, 10. 1: Venus, Sun, Uranus in Scorpio, 2: Mars, Neptune conj Mercury in Sagittarius, 10: Jupiter, Lilith in Leo.


2001 Shotgun Love Dolls MTV
2002 My Name is Tanino Sally Garfield
2002 Perfect Pie Patsy Grady (age 15)
2002 The Hot Chick Jessica Spencer / Clive Maxtone (twin alters) Rob Schneider Anna Faris Angie Stone
2004 Mean Girls Regina George Lindsay Lohan (Disney) Tina Fey jesuit Amy Poehler Amanda Seyfried Lizzy Caplan Daniel Franzese (gay agenda)
2004 The Notebook Allison "Allie" Hamilton Ryan Gosling (Disney) Nick Cassavetes (son of John Cassavetes) Gena Rowlands James Marsden Kevin Connelly
2005 Wedding Crashers Claire Cleary Owen Wilson Vince Vaughn Christopher Walken Isla Fisher Will Ferrell
2005 Red Eye (Antichrist movie The Omen) Lisa Reisert Cillian Murphy Brian Cox Wes Craven

2005 The Family Stone Amy Stone Diane Keaton Dermot Mulroney Luke Wilson Sarah Jessica Parker Clare Danes 20th Century Fox
2007 Married Life jesuit Patricia Clarkson Pierce Brosnan Chris Cooper
2008 The Lucky Ones Tim Robbins Michael Pena
2009 State of Play Russell Crowe Ben Affleck Helen Mirren Robin Wright Jason Bateman Jeff Daniels David Harbour
2009 The Time Traveler's Wife Clare Abshire (diamond ring) Eric Bana Ron Livingston
2009 Sherlock Holmes Irene Adler (eagle of scorpio, novel of jesuit AC Doyle) hired by Jared Harris (Harry and Rachel) Robert Downey Jr Jude Law Mark Strong Guy Ritchie
2010 Morning Glory Becky Fuller Diane Keaton Harrison Ford remake of movie released in 1933 on birthday Roman Polanski, with Katharine Hepburn.
2011 Midnight in Paris Woody Allen Owen Wilson Kathy Bates Adrien Brody as Salvador Dali Michael Sheen Marion Cotillard (Dark Knight Rises) Carla Bruni (wife of Nicolas Sarkozy) Tom Hiddleston
2011 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Irene Adler Robert Downey Jr Jude Law Noomi Rapace
2012 The Vow Paige Collins Channing Tatum Sam Neill Jessica Lange
2012 Passion Christine Stanford Noomi Rapace Brian De Palma
2012 To the Wonder Jane Terrence Mallick Ben Affleck Javier Bardem
2013 About Time Mary Domhnall Gleeson Margot Robbie
2014 A Most Wanted Man Philip Seymour Hoffman Willem Dafoe Daniel Brühl Martin Wuttke
2015 Every Thing Will Be Fine Sara
2015 The Little Prince The Mother Voice Jeff Bridges James Franco Paul Rudd Marion Cotillard Ricky Gervais Benicio del Toro Paul Giamatti Mackenzie Foy Albert Brooks
2015 Aloha Bill Murray Emma Stone jesuit Bradley Cooper Danny McBride Alec Baldwin
2015 Southpaw Maureen Hope Jake Gyllenhaal Forest Whitaker 50 Cent Rita Ora
2015 Spotlight Sacha Pfeiffer (pedophilia of the Catholic Church) Mark Ruffalo Michael Keaton Stanley Tucci Liev Schreiber Billy Crudup
2016 Doctor Strange Christine Palmer Benedict Cumberbatch (also played Sherlock Holmes) Tilda Swinton
2017 Disobedience (gay agenda) Esti Kuperman Rachel Weisz
2018 Game Night Jason Bateman
2020 Eurovision Song Contest Will Ferrell (played Sherlock Holmes) Graham Norton Demi Lovato Conchita Wurst
2022 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Sam Raimi Benedict Cumberbatch


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