Ra (Re) is an Egyptian god that represents the radiating sun, a star that radiates light because it fuses hydrogen into helium, is the life giving force for life on earth. It originated in the Aryan worship of Arya and the new born sun Harya, risen of the horizon. The sun rules Leo (the lion was always considered as a symbol of male, dominant force). In Egypt Harya became Hor. The Egyptians worshiped the sun as Ra or Re (Khepri as rising and midday sun and Atum as setting sun), called themselves pha-ra-o's and built py-ra-mids.

origin of words: music note Re, rabbit, ra-in, rainbow, radius of a circle, radiation, radio, radar, radium, rage, ram, rap, rape, ratio, ray, cob-ra, st-arfi-re,  reach, react, read, realize, reality, realm, reaper, reason, rebel, rebirth, reckless, record, red, redemption, reflect, regulate, regulus, reich, reign, reject, relation, religion, represent, reptiles, republic, reputation, requiem, rescue, research, reserve, return, revelation, revenge, retribution, revolve, rex, c-re-ate, tet-ra, st-re-ngth, romance, rose, rotate,.. R= 18th letter, 180° is a half circle.

Ra was worshipped in temples without roof and in the form of obelisks. Horus and Set represented the sun during its rise and setting (fall). Falcon and eagle headed gods and priest were copied from Sumeria as a representation of the half-reptilian Anunaki elite (falcons are related to reptilian dinosaurs) who tried to cut off humans from the sun and the earth.

He created himself from the waters of Nun (chaos, opposite of the son=no, nothing) and was swallowed every night by Nu(i)t.

The feminine counterpart of Ra, Eye of Ra represented the right eye (vision of the sun) and the Eye of Horus was the left eye, the  pineal gland the phony eye. It was combined with the Kundalini serpent as the winged sun disk. Hathor, the mother of Horus and Ra acted as the Eye of Ra as vengeance against the enemies of Ra. She was depicted as a cow (female bull) or an uterus womb and worshiped in temples in Dendera. She represented re-sonance (of fi quartz crystal).

The cult of Ra merged with the cult of Atum and Amun (hidden one).

The sun (Tarot card 19 the Sun) stands for the will to live, male, electric, phallic, creative life force (in contrast with the moon, female, passive, reflective), the soul that breathes life into the ego-mind-personality, the adult that censors our inner child, hides the spiritual sun Sirius. The sun is the redeemer Horus, Apollo, Mithras, Jesus Christ, the Fool (Jack), the Son of God (in kabbalism, Tiferet, Beauty, the Heart), Superman, the truth, the light, the present, here and now in contrast with the moon (past and subconscious).

The contrast with its opposite El (Saturn) led to words: real, royal, Raphael, Rachel, ..

The moon was brought into orbit of the earth so the female menstruation cycle was no longer timed to the sun but to the moon.

The contrast with its counterpart Yah (moon) led to words: year, yearn, jar, mythical kings Jeroboam and Rehoboam.

In alchemy the sun was associated with gold. Mercury was used to conquer the human soul. Freemasons use orange=33=sodomy symbolism.

In the bible Ab-raham is the sun Ra reborn in Aries the high ram. Isaac's wife is Re-becca, parents of Jacob and Jacob's wife is Ra-chel (ewe, sheep of Aries). The sun boat of Ra, the barque traveling through the underworld (lower part of the zodiac) was adapted into the ark of Noah (the one) and the Ark of the Covenant. The jews founded Israel (Isis-Ra-El).

On (City of the Sun, Heliopolis) became Cairo.

Apollo was associated with wolves (Sirius the dog or wolf star). Mithras was worshiped in the Roman Empire as Sol Invictus.

MIT (Mithras) investigated radiation with Raytheon.

In Thelema the sun  is Horus (Harpocrates, the Higher Self) and Ra Hoor Khuit, depicted on the Aeon card.

Rastafari's worship the star Ra in Reggae. Yah: the moon.

Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert channeled the Ra material by an entity claiming to have built the pyramids (promoted by David Wilcock). JZ Knight channeled entity Ra-ma. Jaye Davidson played Ra in Roland Emmerich's Stargate.

Ray Kurzweil predicted the Singularity (the son=the one).