RKO  Pictures

RKO Pictures (Radio Keith Orpheum) was a  Hollywood film studio founded in 1929 by David Sarnoff (Rockefeller Foundation, Council on Foreign relations, Congregation Emanu-El of NY), and  Knight of Malta Joe Kennedy (father of JFK and RFK), later sold to Floyd Odlum (married to pilot Jackie Cochran) and in 1948 to Howard Hughes as the archetype of Horus like Jack Parsons. Like all other Hollywood studio's it was under control of jewish masons. David Sarnoff was the father of Robert Sarnoff, married to Felicia Warburg.

In the late 1920's films with sound were introduced. It used a studio in San Fernando Valley (later Porn Valley).

RKO films

1929 Street Girl Wesley Ruggles (Rank Organisation)

1929 Half Marriage Hedda Hopper

1929 Rio Rita (Lust, Whore of Babylon) Bebe Daniels (short film Wizard of Oz, Rainbow Island, married to Ben Lyon, jewish) music by Max Steiner.

1931 Cimmaron Edna Ferber (Pullitzer Prize) Irene Dunne. The Big Shot Maureen O' Sullivan (married to John Farrow)

1932 Girl of the Rio Dolores del Rio. The Lost Squadron Mary Astor (Theosophical Society) Erich von Stroheim Herman Mankiewicz (American Red Cross, Algonquin Round Table) music by Max Steiner. Thirteen Women Myrna Loy. A Bill of Divorcement George Cukor (The Blue Bird) John Barrymore Katherine Hepburn

Tarzan the Ape Man Johnny Weismuller Maureen O' Sullivan (mother of Mia Farrow) as Jane

1933 King Kong (the Beast) Merion C Cooper Edgar Wallace (Marriott) Fay Wray Robert Anderson Bruce Cabot music by Max Steiner. Sweepings Gloria Stuart.

1934 Of Human Bondage Bette Davis. Bachelor Bait Landers Stevens (father of George Stevens). Kentucky Kernels George Stevens.

1935 Top Hat Fred Astaire (Austerlitz, jewish) Ginger Rogers (Girl Crazy of the Gershwin brothers) choreography of Hermes Pan (cult of Hermes-mercury). Laddie Gloria Stuart. Annie Oakley Barbara Stanwyck. I Dream Too Much Lucille Ball. Sylvia Scarlett (Scarlett Woman) Katherine Hepburn George Cukor.

1936 Swing Time Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers George Stevens Dorothy Fields (jewish).

1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (distribution) Disney.

1938 The Saint of NY (George Kaufman)

1939 The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Victor Hugo) Maureen O'Hara George Tobias (Bewitched)

1940 Vigil in the Night Carol Lombard Peter Cushing. Pinocchio (distribution)

1941 The Gay Falcon George Sanders. Mr and Mrs Smith Carole Lombard Robert Montgomery Alfred Hitchcock

1941 Citizen Kane Orson Welles (Mercury Theater) Agnes Moorehead Herman Mankiewicz about Scottish rite freemason and Knight of Malta William Hearst.

1942 Cat People (kitten programming) Simone Simon Mark Robson

1943 Journey Into Fear Dolores Del Rio (kitten programming) Agnes Moorehead  Norman Foster. Tarzan Triumphs Johnny Weismuller Frances Gifford. Tarzan's Desert Mystery (Lust) Nancy Kelly.

The Outlaw (Charles V outlawed Martin Luther, Crowley's Do What Thou Willt shall be the Whole of the Law) Howard Hughes  Jack Beutel (=Parsons) and Jane Russell as the Whore of Babylon, born 6/21 like William V, died in 2011, year of wedding William and Catherine

1944 Casanova Brown Gary Cooper Frank Morgan.

1945 Isle of the Dead Boris Karloff

1946 Notorious Ingrid Bergman Cary Grant Bea Benederet (jewish) Moroni Olsen Alfred Hitchcock about IG Farben and nazi conspiracy. The Stranger Orson Welles. Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (kitten programming)

1947 Crossfire (film noir) Robert Mitchum

1948 Howard Hughes (programmed with OCD) as public face of RKO. Joan of Arc Ingrid Bergman. A Song Is Born (distribution) Howard Hawks Billy Wilder Virginia Mayo. Rachel and the Stranger.

1949 My Foolish Heart (based on JD Salinger's short story) Dana Andrews Susan Hayward (I Married a Witch, inspiration for Bewitched) Mark Robson (Bright Victory filmed at Valley Forge Hospital of Project Bluebird)

1949 Mighty Joe Young (Lust)

1950 Treasure Island (distribution) Bobby Driscoll Robert Stephenson. Vendetta Faith Domergue (selected by Hughes as underage girl)

1951 Alice in Wonderland (distribution). Day of the Fight Stanley Kubrick

1952 Macao Robert Mitchum Jane Russell. The Las Vegas Story Jane Russell Victor Mature Vincent Price.

1953 Peter Pan Bobby Driscoll Kathryn Beaumont Disney-RKO.

1954 Cattle Queen of Montana Barbara Stanwyck Ronald Reagan

1956 The Conqueror John Wayne as Djenghis Khan directed by Dick Powell (also in the Tall Target that announced the JFK ritual). Slightly Scarlet Rhonda Fleming. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Sidney Blackmer.

1957 Jet Pilot John Wayne

1958 Stage Struck Susan Strasberg

1959 RKO is dissolved.

1985 The Purple Rose of Cairo Mia Farrow Jeff Daniels Woody Allen.

1987 Hamburger Hill (Vietnam War) Don Cheadle music by Philip Glass

1987 Hot Pursuit Jerry Stiller Ben Stiller

1990 Ted Hartley (married to Dina Merrill) founds RKO Pictures LLC with lightning logo

2004 The Aviator Leonardo di Caprio as Hughes.

Howard Hughes